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  1. Welcome back to AthensPS monthly staff feedback thread! (November) We want to hear your feedback & opinions on our current staff team. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or any in game experiences with said staff member. Help us improve!. Be sure to include every staff member within your post. Please. Top 3 people that reply with the most accurate and full feedback that matches the below requirements will receive a reward in game from Smash or Ogre. Feedback Requirements: YOU MUST properly and fully fill out feedback to be eligible for the reward. If you do not know / see a staff member simply put N/A We will have monthly feedback threads to make sure we continue serving the community in a positive way! You may copy & paste the format below: At the end of your feedback, please leave your opinion on who deserves, "Staff of the month" Head of Server/Owner Smash Community Manager Rebel Donation Manager Nate Ogre Forums Manager Pantiez Managers Munjeezy Veng Reward Global Administrator Dalerith L V Trial Global Administrator Royalred56 Administrators Trial Administrators Global Moderator Trial Global Moderator Moderator Yogi Trial Moderator Server Support Vape Bernie Kaisa Kushroller79 Kudisai Trojaneh Viniarskism Chadsta Lindgren Trial Server Support Circular 0069 Lord161956 Poseidon
  2. Owner Escanor Smash Head of Development Mycenatch(fahq) Community Manager Rebel Draoder Developer Karan Gareth Content Manager Interesting Donation Manager Nate Ogre Forums Manager Pantiez Discord Manager Blitz Managers Munjeezy Veng Reward Global Administrator Dalerith L V Trial Global Administrator Royalred56 Modelers Kallavan Administrators Trial Administrators Global Moderator Trial Global Moderator Moderator Yogi Trial Moderator Server Support Vape Bernie Kaisa Kushroller79 Kudisai Trojaneh Viniarskism Chadsta Lindgren Trial Server Support Circular 0069 Lord161956 Poseidon
  3. Hello Athens, we had another breach in our discord, we are deeply sorry for the inconveniences. We have taken steps to secure our discord from these sort of attacks, and feel confident nothing like this will happen again. Listed below is a new discord invite link to the channel again. We hope to see you there https://discord.gg/UwyydD5fCw
  4. Hey there thank you for your suggestion, but I'm not seeing the benefit/necessity of adding this feature.
  5. Hello Athens, as Escanor previously announced we are having an issue with our discord server. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime we have created a new discord, for the time being please use the link below to join the new discord. https://discord.gg/athensps
  6. Hey thank you for the suggestion. We are working to change the drop tables so all of those boxes are phased out at the moment.
  7. Thank you for your suggestion. As far as suggestion 1/3 go the intention of having it so you cannot remove/trade the items is to keep the economy stable, and sink some of those items. This also acts as a balance to their benefits. As far as suggestion 2 I will bring up your suggestion in our next staff meeting, and see what everyone else thinks.
  8. Thank you for your suggestion. I have brought up the issue with the internal pickaxe to Gareth he is looking into that. As far as the suggestion I think if the one issue that you mentioned is fixed the removing a tool from the tool belt won't be necessary.
  9. Welcome to the afk guide, in this guide we will cover how the Afk zones work, the rewards, and the benefits donor ranks give at the Afk zones. To get to AFK zone you can type ::afk Afk rock The afk rock is the first of three spots you can use to gain afk points, but is also the slowest of the three. There is no requirements to mine this rock so anyone can use it to gain afk points AFK Tree The AFK Tree is the next in the line of progression in the AFK zone. You will need to have mined 10,000 afk rocks and be legendary donator rank to use the tree. AFK Tree I The AFK Tree I is the final and best of the three resources you can mine/cut at the AFK zone. You will need to have the previous requirements done for the regular AFK Tree and cut 28,000 of the regular AFK Tree along with being at least Deluxe donator rank. AFK Tree I - Olympus zone AFK tree (i) at Olympus zones with a chance of a boost damage token. Higher the ranked zones give a higher chance of getting boosts. You can convert the boosts you receive from the AFK tree (i) at the Olympus zones into tokens. You can then forge the tokens into different boosts, depending on which style you prefer. Points awarded from each tree/rock *Note these numbers are averages and not meant to be exact numbers* AFK Rock: Reg donor rock: 7-11 on average of 5-6 seconds Super dono rock: 9-13 on average 5-6 seconds extreme dono rock: 11-15 on average 5-6 seconds legendary dono rock: 13-17 on average 5-6 seconds Uber dono rock: 15-19 on average 5-6 seconds Deluxe dono rock: 17-21 on average 5-6 seconds Vip dono rock: 19-23 on average 5-6 seconds Vip+titan dono rock: 21-25 average 5-6 seconds Vip+Primorial dono rock: 23-27 average 5-6 second AFK Afk Tree: Reg afk tree legendary donor: 10-13 in 2-4 seconds reg afk tree uber donor: 12-15 in 2-4 seconds reg afk tree deluxe donor: 14-17 in 2-4 seconds Reg afk tree vip donor:16-19 in 2-4 seconds Reg afk tree vip+titan: 18-21 in 2-4 seconds Reg afk tree vip+primorial: 20-23 in 2-4 seconds AFK Tree (I) Afk tree (I) deluxe donor: 17-20 in 2-4 seconds Afk tree (I) Vip donor: 19-22 in 2-4 seconds Afk tree (I) Vip+titan: 21-24 in 2-4 seconds Afk tree (I) Vip+primorial: 24-27 in 2-4 seconds AFK reward shop The AFK reward shop gives amazing rewards from unlimited prayer scroll to a scroll bag, that previously was only obtainable through donation! AFK Fishing AFK Fishing is the newest addition to the line of afk skills. AFK Fishing will allow you to fish buffed versions of the fish you can catch in which they overheal your HP, and stack! There are 4 AFK Fishing locations, they are all located at ::afkfish. The four spots consist of: *Note, you will also need the respective fishing equipment earned through fishing, from the Athenian spot, before moving to the next fishing spot, along with the fish caught requirements that are listed below.* Athenian Spot, you can fish Athenian Swordfish here. You need Athenian rank to fish these. These fish can overheal you to 135 HP. Next is Olympian Fishing spot, which gives Olympian Manta Rays. You are required to have Olympian donor and 20k of the previous fish caught. These can overheal you to 146 HP. Next is Titan Fishing spot, which gives Titan Sharks. You need Titan rank and 20k of each of the previous fishes caught to fish at this location. These can overheal you to 146 HP. Next is Primordial Fishing Spot, which gives Primordial Rocktails. You need Primordial rank and 20k of each of the previous fishes caught to fish at this location. These can overheal you to 161 HP. Linking Account You can now ::linkacc a fresh account if you want to use ::afk but also play on your main, your linked account will act as if it has the donor rank/afk reqs as your main account as long as it is online, to get the bonuses from the afk scrolls they will need to be in your main accounts inv/scroll bag while your linked account is at afk If you link an account they will be swapped in how they act at afk, if you link a fresh account and put afk scrolls in your main the fresh account will use them from afk zone, basically it will act the same as it would if you didn't link accounts the only difference is another account is doing it for you there is no bonus points to doing this your main account will have the same affect and afk will act as though you are using the fresh account to afk
  10. Hello and welcome to the guide! In this guide we will go over some of the changes due to the increased account limit, some of the rules related to multiple accounts, and of course how to set up these accounts to benefit you! Previously, you were allowed 3 account (a main, an afk, and an iron). Now, you can have up to five accounts of your choosing! In this guide I will be going over the benefits, and ideal potential "setup/setups" of the five accounts you are aloud to have on at once. We will be expanding on this setup guide as the setups change, and more skills are added in future updates. Rules First off lets go over the rules we have set in place for the 5 accounts. - You cannot be in combat with the same NPC at the same time - You cannot duo slayer with your account - You cannot vote on multiple accounts - You cannot claim dailies on multiple accounts - You cannot do slots on multiple accounts This means that you can be doing Olympus Slayer on one account, and Boss Slayer on another account and not be breaking any rules. You can still trade freely between any accounts that are not trade-restricted. Linking Accounts Linking your alt accounts to your mains will be very beneficial before moving on. You link your accounts by typing ::Linkacc (alts name) be sure to do this on the main you want to be linked to the alt. Two Mains, Two AFK, One Ironman This setup is a balanced setup that allows for a great balance of accounts gathering resources and actively grinding the game without too much idle time between accounts. With 2 alts, 2 mains, and 1 iron you will be able to farm a substantial amount of resources such as AFK Points, boosts, and food for Raids while doing various different content with your other accounts. Alt at ::afkfish Alt At afk tree or rock depending on donor rank. Refer to ::thread 5914 for donor benefits Your mains could be doing many different things as long as they do follow the rules stated above. You could be doing slayer forgotten abyss raids ect on your two mains at once. As far as the Iron is concerned you could be partaking in any of our various Ironman game modes such as Supreme Ironman, Group Ironman, ect... In this example I have my Ironman killing Salvation for better gear. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions related to the setup of these accounts, or the rules around multiple accounts, please reach out to a staff member and they will be able to assist you!
  11. Hello and welcome to the Donor Shop Rotation guide. As the name states I will be going over all four of the new Donor Shop rotations. Each rotation will last for one entire week.
  12. Welcome to Athens! If you’re new or even a veteran of custom private servers it can seem a little daunting to get started, so this guide will hopefully take you along your way! When you start you will be able to choose from a few different modes (Normal/iron/ultimate iron and supreme iron) Each with different perks and restrictions. This guide will focus on normal mode. ::thread 5895 Will explain more of the Supreme game mode ::thread 5925 for a detailed Ironman guide Prayer When you receive your starter gear it will give you a decent set and some bones to get started. Head to ::altars and offer your bones until you unlock the Soulsplit at 92 prayer. Making an Alt At this point it's recommended to create another account to gain afk points on so you can get an Animal Bow and have a quick weapon upgrade. On your main account you can type the command (::linkacc *Altsnamehere*) to make the points go to your main account! This will also help you get an Unlimited Prayer Scroll and Infinite Overload, which will make your journey moving forward much easier! The AFK Shop is both located at ::afk, and ::shops. AFK will also be one of the better ways to farm limey tokens for bonds. *AFK Shop locations ::shops location ::afk location Voting Every 12 hours you can vote to get 2 vote scrolls and a chance at vote packages. The vote packages can give some very good items such as store boxes and 1$ boxes! On top of that every 15 votes for a Baby Mutadile and 40 votes to get a Mutadile to spawn and give you a chance at more vote packages and much more. You can access the vote bosses by typing ::voteboss. The vote shop offers bonds owner darts and a must have early game item the Collector Necklace. Vote Shop Location Vote Shop Vote Bosses: Mutadile Mutadile Drop Table Baby Mutadile Baby Mutadile Drop Table Getting combat stats and lamps There is also a whole new look at ::train and a new beginner slayer master! These will guide you to completing starter tasks and will get you a nice $10 bond and a starter set of void to get the ball rolling. If you click on the quest tab there is a gear in the top right corner that will lead you to the tasks! Prestige You will also get quite a few mystery boxes from ::train. Mystery boxes give you dragonkin lamps which can be upgraded into 99 lamps, which allow you to get 99 in any combat 99 including summoning slayer and dungeoneering. You can get to the upgrader by typing ::upgrade. You will need to prestige to do later game content such as Vorkath, K'ril, and Zamorak. Also to unlock Prestige Slayer you will need 20 prestige. You can prestige by talking to the Prestige Master located in the ::ckey building. ::thread 5932 for upgrade/forge/corrupt upgrader guide Prestige Master Location Pest Control It’s recommended to start Pest Control as quickly as possibly by getting a set of Void and adding one Void Crystal to each armor piece. This will make it a stylized piece (Void Helm to Void Mage Helm) and all three styles can be combined into an elite version that will be your best set for a good while! ::thread 5597 for Pest Control Guide It is worth staying as you can get a void pet and add 3 of the Void Crystals to the pet to make it a stylized pet which gives a 2% damage boost to the respective combat style. You can also forge them into an elite pet at ::upgrade, that gives a 4% boost to your damage! Task Scrolls Task scrolls are obtained by killing most monsters in the game, and it is a great way to get bonds owner darts and so much more. They can be a amazing early-mid game money maker. ::thread 5652 for task scroll guide There will be two options you can choose now that you have gotten Elite Void and a Animal Bow from your progression so far. Option One Slayer Route Normal slayer including boss slayer will lead you to getting superior gems and a Slayer Helm that will increase your damage on task, and can be upgraded with monster blood you can buy from the slayer shop or receive as drop from Boss Slayer! You can select your slayer master by clicking the slayer skill, I would recommend starting out with easy or medium tasks to start. ::thread 5658 for Slayer guide Custom Slayer Store location Custom Slayer Store Using Power Crystals Power crystals are an important part of early game progression. These are available in the regular slayer shop, and give a boost to their specific damage type when used on certain gear. The most logical use for these are on the Angelic armor pieces, also available in this shop. In order to use the power crystals on armor, you need to have three of the same type of crystal. In this gif, we are using three Power Crystal (magic) to make a set of Angelic armor (magic) Your goal is to get one combat type of each piece in order to combine all three styles into the ELITE version. To do this, take all three pieces and FORGE them at the item upgrader (::upgrade or ::forge) Your goal is to get one combat type of each piece in order to combine all three styles into the ELITE version. To do this, take all three pieces and FORGE them at the item upgrader (::upgrade or ::forge) The stats on the elite armor is significantly better than the style pieces alone, and most elite sets in the game will have set bonuses too! Simply type ::sets to see the different bonuses. Other items you can make into elite items include the Collector's necklace, ring of devotion, and roseblood gloves (among others). Darklords/Darklord Cape Slayer will also help you get your kill counts out of the way a bit easier. During your Slayer grind most likely you will get many Darklord tasks, which will get you Darklord Tokens. This will give you a much needed upgrade to the cape slot You can also access the Darklord shop, located at the Darklord monster teleport, also can be accessed by typing ::darklord. This is the one of the easiest ways to get you an Infinite Overload potion, and gives you access to a new cape and an alternative option for your unlimited prayer scroll. Darklord Token Shop Location Darklord Token Shop Once you have your slayer helm and Superior Gems the increased superiors will. This will likely give you a good route to obtaining the cash needed for Elite Justiciar (Ranged), Elite Tectonic (Mage), or Elite Incursio (Melee) for armor and at least a Hope sword, Hope Staff, or Athens Supreme Bow/Hope Crossbow for weapons, or Blood Raid weapons depending on how much cash you have made, and which combat style you choose. ::thread 5870 Slayer helmet guide Option 2 Raids Hope Raids Raids are a key part of Athens. Hope raids offer a new weapon set to upgrade from your animal bow such as the Hope staff and crossbow. Hard Hope raids will give you a good opportunity for upgrades! ::thread 5657 Hope raids guide Hope Raids Hard Possible Loot Blood Raids The next step will be moving to blood raids and working on unlocking hard blood raids; these will offer you a much larger jump for your weapons and contain a decent set of range armor and melee armor as well. Blood Raids Hard Weapons from Blood Raids can be forged at ::upgrade with a 100% chance using two upgrade stones into a elite equivalent. ::thread 5656 Blood raids guide Bonds Once you've made it to this stage in the game it might be time to consider farming bonds for donator ranks. Donator ranks give many perks such as; exclusive zones, Slot Boxes at ($1,000 rank), and many more benefits! ::thread 5914 for the Donator Benefits Guide ::thread 5645 for how to farm bonds Other useful guides
  13. Welcome, This guide will show you how to use Upgrader, Forge, and Corrupt Upgrader. First all what you need to do is to type ::upgrade , and you will be teleported at Upgrade Stones, you can see them here: After that, simply right click on upgrade stone, and choose this function: Upgrader Layout: The Upgrader gives you the ability to take many armors, weapons, and even bonds! At the cost of either 1b tickets or Junk tokens. Each tab at the top has a different sub section of items you can upgrade. The hammer in the upper left allows you to switch to the Forge from inside the menu. There are three main things to pay attention to before you upgrade something. *Success chance, not every item will be a 100% guarantee you will succeed in your upgrade attempt. the success chance will tell you your chances of succeeding. *Cost of the upgrade, not every upgrade cost the same. A upgrade can range from a few 100 tickets to quads per upgrade/forge. *Item you are upgrading into, upgrades offer a wide variety of things you can upgrade your gear into. Some items such as limey tokens and Rainbow Miniguns can be upgraded into bonds! The Forge: Now its time for forging, to open Forging interface, right click on Upgrade Statuette and press on Forge Upgrade Statuette: It will opens interface like this: There is one important thing about Forging, most of the items is 100% Success Chance, but there is some items, that have lower chances like some pets/other misc items. Example listed below: A few other things you will want to pay attention to in the forge interface is the upper left again. The blue pentagon in the upper left will bring you to the boost forge section, which allows you to take broken down boost and turn them into boosts of your of the same size as the damage token. For example a Large Damage Token can be forged into a Large Damage Boost of your choosing. The wrench in the upper left hand will bring you back to the upgrader interface. Corrupt Upgrader: The Corrupt Upgrader is the newest addition to the Upgrade Stone. It gives you the ability to do bulk upgrades at a 100% success rate over an extended period of time. The Corrupt Upgrader will be the last option when you right click the Upgrade Stone. Corrupt Upgrader Interface: Things you will want to know about the Corrupt Upgrader is: *The amount of time that it will take to complete the upgrade. This will be listed under the name of each item, in the interface, and above the upgrade button. *The cost will be the upfront cost of the upgrade, you will be able to expedite the upgrading process for another large fee. *The percentage bar at the bottom right is the progress bar. It will tell you how close you are to completing your upgrade in the Corrupt Upgrader. Junk Tokens: Junk Tokens are an alternate currency that can be used, other than 1b Tickets, to upgrade and forge items. The tokens do not work on the Corrupt Upgrader. Junk Tokens can be obtained by selling noted junk items to the 1b/1t shop located in the ::ckey buildings exit/entrance.
  14. Hi thank you for your suggestion, but the human pet is in one of the rotation already.
  15. The Forgotten Abyss The Forgotten Abyss is a Minigame added as a way for players to make some very good cash. The Forgotten Abyss will be a minigame consisting of 11 floors, varying in different difficulties, the higher your floor the better the reward. Some of the floors as you progress will require you to have certain Donator Ranks, also certain Olympus Ranks will grant you double loot at certain floors. (WARNING) If you leave the forgotten abyss at any time or log out you will have to restart your progress certain donator ranks will be allowed to start at a higher floor than others so always keep in mind that if you leave you will have to restart you progress. Floor progression Everybody starts at floor 1, unless you are a spesific rank. Refer to Donator Benefits 1 = no rank *250 kc is required to proceed to the next floor *Npc: Angry Rex 2 = no rank *400 kc is required to progress to the next floor *NPC: Darklord 3 = no rank *500 kc to proceed to the next floor *NPC: Wizzard Of Trident 4= super rank *550 kc to progress to the next floor *NPC: Saggitare 5 = extreme rank *600 kc required to progress forward *NPC: Lucid Warrior *(With Athenian Donor) you will receive double loot from the keys 6 = Uber rank 700 kc required to proceed to the next floor *NPC: Darth Rangers *double loot achieved with (Olympian Donator) 7 = deluxe rank 850 kc required to progress to the next floor *NPC: Oreo Warrior *Double drops you receive with (Titan Donator) 8 = VIP rank *1000 kc required to progress to the next floor *NPC: Angelic Warrior *Double loot with (Primordial Donator) 9 = Theseus *1000 kc required to progress to the next floor *NPC: Yklagor *Note Abyss scroll does not work on floors 9-11* 10 = Achilles *1500 kc required to progress to the next floor *NPC: Blood Gulega *Note Abyss scroll does not work on floors 9-11* 11 = Perseus *NPC: Kalger *Note Abyss scroll does not work on floors 9-11* Superiors During your time in the Forgotten Abyss you will have chances to receive a superior monster that will grant you 5-10 keys for the chest theses superiors are a 1/100 chance from every monster that you end up killing granting you extra keys per floor While the superior is spawning you will not be able to attack the minions until after it has spawned it will give you the message that follows You will also be able to know if a superior is spawning when the minions make a opening in the middle of there little area they sit with a blue light above there heads indicating the spawn of a superior. Forgotten Abyss Boosts Forgotten Abyss Scroll *Only works for floors 1-8* This is a tradable item that grants an extra life in the Abyss it also allows you to bypass the donator requirements to progress between the floors. It also starts you on floor 4 and gives you 2x the kc per kill. Forgotten Abyss Scroll (+) This is a tradable item that grants x2 drops on floor 9-11 Abyss Gem The Abyss Gem can be obtained through the Chest and Souls minigame(costs 8000 souls to charge it and gives 15 charges). Once charged the gem gives you 10% superior chance when you start the Forgotten Abyss, and raises the cap to 25% superior chance. Each time you start an Abyss it will take one charge, once you use all of the charges it will disappear into nothing, you will have to get a new one.
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