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  1. Community Manager Draoder - I have seen this person around, but never had a moment to interact with this staff Smash - Smash would be the one I have interact with the most, very helpful with dono deals, and have great interaction with him Global Administrator Munjeezy - Always seen him active in the help cc, seems like a very chill person Nate - VERY VERY helpful in the CC, always see him answering any questions I had in the past Blitz - Always seeing him on and wish happy birthday everytime, never skip a beat Trial Global Administrator Wiki Manager Ogre - I have seen Orge around a month ago when started, have not interact with him Donation Manager Beansfham - personally seen him always do raid, very helpful with runs in game and chill staff Ding Dong Ho - always helpful in the help CC and help out new players Event Team Rebel - very friendly and helpful staff, always help me out and listen to my ::help, always appreciate his help with winning giveaway. Gareth - Very active staff that always spawn good stuffs, thank you Gim Manager Lindgren - personally have not interact with this staff since not GIM, but the events from GIM seem very active and most GIM like this staff a lot Suggestions Manager Leo - Have seen the suggestion forum in the past, seen him around in game and tune in to streams time to time. Fun staff with OP iron acc Forums Manager Artemis - Thanks for hosting monthly raffle and reply to my forum post. Very funny and helpful mate. Administrators Cashapp - I have always seen him on and opening a lot of loots, never had a chance to talk to this staff, yet. Veng - Veng on his GIM is very helpful and answer a lot of my questions when I started, he's pretty neat Trial Administrators Global Moderator Queen Bee - Bzz Bzz, very helpful Slaya - Seen this staff around for awhile, help me started with Slayer training Trial Global Moderator L V - Seen this staff around couple time, i do not have enough interaction with this staff, yet Moderator Neck - I have personally seen this staff twice, but never had a chance to interact Trial Moderator Mickey - I think i have seen mickey online for like a week straight, never had an interaction with this staff Hob - always cheerful in the help cc, never had a run in with him Ziossa - Never really talk to this staff, but seems helpful during hard time Chadsta - mr chad always on and very funny to talk to Server Support Rep - the most beloved ironman in my heart, started out as ironman together, seen him all grown up into a great support and awesome guide for ironman. Royalred56 - always on the help cc and helping out everyone Trial Server Support Gotbaconeh - Very fun and helpful to talk with in the vc in discord. Echoes - similarly to bacon, but more in the help cc "Staff of the month" I have to personally nominate Rep as this is the most interaction I have with, always helpful and very knowledgeable. He's always do be DC tho.
  2. Hello there Athens peeps, the name is Ryu or Rew, pronounce like Roo, I am making Athens like my second home that separates from work and school. I mainly play my iron acc : Ryuzen. I hope to see you around on the server 😄
  3. How did you find out about Athensps: Eggy RS What is your favourite game mode in Athensps: Ironman What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Ring of Devotion What is your favourite content in the game: easily accessible to upgrading system and self progression How much do you rate Athensps out of 10: 10/10 What number have you chosen: 4
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