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  1. Welcome to the forums, @PinPin!
  2. Hello Athens Community, The name is Mason (a.k.a) Crisis, I have been around the RuneScape scene for going on 11 years now, and just as of the past year have been playing tons of private servers. Throughout this time i have pretty much played every revision out there ranging from 317-907's, I have mainly enjoyed the 718's running RS3 Caches, but along with that i have found a passion for the custom servers. The uniqueness of the customs, and just overall it feels like you are playing a totally different game intrigues me to continue playing them, So.. i basically found Athens from a youtuber that i trust and have found a lot of good servers from his showcases, for the time i have been playing athens has huge potential into becoming a top RSPS in the future, as long as the updates stay consistent. Sincerely, Crisis
  3. Thanks, this will help a lot of people out!
  4. Thanks for taking the time to make this!
  5. Another great update, keep em' coming!
  6. Awesome work, hope you and athens create some work together!
  7. These look pretty good, thanks for taking the time to make them!
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  9. Thanks for taking the time to post this!
  10. Server is already off to an amazing start, can't wait to see the gradual improvement.
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