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  1. How did you find out about Athensps: YouTube : vihtic What is your favourite game mode in Athensps: normal XD What is the best drop you have ever gotten: heart seeker owner cape 😉 What is your favourite content in the game: community How much do you rate Athensps out of 10: 10/10 What number have you chosen : 42
  2. Community Manager Draoder - personally never seen or heard of draoder before. Global Administrator Interesting - seen in game one time and seemed to just be about fixing any issues with the sever and informing any information needed. Munjeezy- Nate - I see nate online here and there but I always see that he is active on forums posts and updates. Event Team Rebel - this guy right here is nothing sort of a treasure to Athens , always active and willing to help anyone with legit anything. so calm and chilled and loves to even keep the sever buzzing with his sense of humour and pushing towards bring the community together with fun events. Gareth- also a very huge credit to Athens equally as good and helpful and even active as rebel. need any help? Gareth would be in your pm's helping anyway he could. Administrators Godzilla. -never seen in game but always seen commenting on anyone suggestion throughout forums. Blitz - not seen in game but im guessing this guy is a behind the scenes helping out. Cashapp - seen him in game opening boxes and talking with the community Trial Administrators Artemis - had one conversation with Artemis but he was super friendly and helpful with even the smallest question I had. very active on forums with comments and post. Ironlind - also know as Lindgren 😉 is activate in game and forums helpful and handles clan chat when online. Global Moderator Veng - seen him bouncing around time to time helping anyone that asks even down to a simple gear upgrade question. Trial Global Moderator Leo - active and helpful Ogre - Moderator Thedoncaban Harte Trial Moderator Server Support Mickey- absolute brilliant guy. really down to earth and just always happy to answer any question that comes his way. Niddy Queen bee- simply not a fault with queen what so ever. handles the clan chat with easy, has earned everyones respect and love with a calm level head on handling situations and questions that comes in game. always seeming queen running around the sever helping anyone new that comes into the game and setting them on the right path, even testing any method before suggesting it. all round keeper. going above and beyond what is needed for sever support what is amazing. Trial Server Support Slaya - not had many convos or interactions with him personally but I seem him online often and helping the community out through clan chat and yell. would be a good member of the Athens team Ding dong ho - very active helpful support. ding is just a very nice guy, so chilled and relaxed making any 'toxic' behaviour disappear. already seen ding as a server support with knowledge and help he has. for the staff of the month its a very hard decision for me (being new to the game but im very active 😄 ) because the the two staff jump out the most is 'rebel' and 'queen bee' both very active and extremely helpful 24/7 and absolutely pushing this sever through the relaunch making everyones day a joy. but rebel goes that one step more over anyone.
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