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  1. Just wanna say this & have been since the beginning of you Christian & Royal, you both been droppin' some really really straight forward & ideal Guides & just wanna keep saying to you boys that the work, the effort you all boys do, I can't put words together. Keep the Guides & information coming, great works guys. Can I get a hooiiiyahhh?
  2. To be honest this update has been very gracious for everyone. Bringing in more content to grind out has been so good & rewarding. Those that got stuck being old accounts on the killcount bug I hope shortly get fixed, so that they all can get ahead. Overall this update is really good!
  3. Royal, just wanna say your guide is absolutely 100% made me lost for words. You put a lot of effort into it, gotta say I wanna give you 10/10 man. Really, really like it. Will share to new members as much as I can, if that's okay with you~

    1. Royalred56


      Thank you I really appreciate it!  Of course you can share it with everyone if you want I'm glad it came out as well as it did

  4. I really really like this guide. I will share your guide around to new people in the near future. The amount of detail you put into this is literally the definition of perfection man. Really well thought out & well put into prospective. I will give this thread out to those new members wanting a bit to understand~
  5. Just wanted to say; keep up the good work fam!

    1. Bernie


      Thanks mate appreciate it

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