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  1. WOW well that is alot to take in for sure. The idea of creating a fresh world for 3 months that merges with the main game is a great idea, I've wanted to try starting out on a new account for sometime to experience things differently and this opens up a whole lot more then what I would expect. Can't remember much about the FFA events, could have been sometime while I wasn't too active but none the less it sounds like quite the fun event to hold. Lastly the defense buff seems absolutely great, Being in Elizabeth working towards full sara has been quite the grind alone, so getting into more nex raids etc with some more defensive ability would be lovely. I personally don't stay on a server because staff spoils me, I get free bonuses/rewards, or it's super easy to progress. I stay around because I know the people in the background care and the community is something I like to take part in time to time. So thanks for sticking around and making this one of my favorites.
  2. Yeeaaa nice QOL changes as always, Keep it coming!
  3. Yet another great update/thread, Thanks to all who made it possible 😉
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