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  1. Staff Updates 4/4/21 @👑Echoes👑 & @👑BACON👑 Have Passed Trial Server Support. @👑RoyalRed56👑 & @👑Represent | Brandon👑 Have Been Promoted To Trial Moderator. @👑Ziossa👑 Has Passed His Trial Moderator. @👑Hob👑 Has Been Promoted To Trial Global Moderator. @🐈Cat-Bee🐈 Has Been Promoted To Trial Administrator. @👑Chadsta👑 Has Been Promoted To Forums Manager.
  2. Very interesting idea will be sure to bring it up
  3. Will be sure to bring that up but I believe it’s where it’s suppose to be in the progression of weapons
  4. Like this idea will be sure to bring it up in the next suggestion meeting
  5. I’ll mention it in the next suggestion meeting thanks for the feedback
  6. Glad to hear he’s doing his job thanks for the feedback
  7. Not a bad idea but we are already working on some new early game content and have discussed scaling tier items
  8. chadsta


    Thanks buddy glad to have you
  9. Little late but glad to have you seen you very active in game
  10. I agree with this idea it will be shared with the rest of the suggestions team thank you
  11. Glad to have you pm me in game if you need any help
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