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  1. Hello and welcome to our latest update thread! Thanksgiving Event! This event is nice & simple, To fight the turkey mass boss you will need to go to the following location ::turkey, Here you will see the mass boss once it has spawned. Here is the drop table for the Turkey mass boss The turkey outfit is a cosmetic set & the turkey pet will give you 25% drop rate. You can feed the Pet Turkey the Pumpkin Pies to add 10% drop rate similar to how the Human Pet, and it's DR crystals function. Solo Pest Control NPC's! These new NPC's can be found at the very top of the teleports interface Shifter Defiler Brawler Here is the drop table for all 3 NPCs! These tokens can be spent at the new shop added at ::shops. You can also dismantle the tokens into Point Gamble Tickets, which give a random amount of Pest Control Points (0-200). Nomad Mass PC Boss We decided to give Nomad a whole new rework! This mass boss will spawn every 2 hours, You can get there by typing ::nomadboss Here is a look at his whole new drop table! Solo Ironman Bosses are now HERE! After listening to players feedback about how the Salvation & Absolution Ironman boss is hard to kill on your own. we decided to add something a little bit different to help those ironman who like to grind these solo. Now you can grind them without a team! The new portals are found at ::ironzone across from the other (blue portal) Solo Salvation Boss! Solo Absolution Boss! ( Will Require 200 Solo Salvation Kills ) Solo Supreme Boss Credits to Delicious, Vape, & Rebel for the Thread.
  2. Hello, Somehow our discord server was wiped and all members were banned. The staff team is currently trying to figure out what happened along with setting up an entirely new server. I apologize for the lack of information atm, I will keep everyone updated on this thread. The new discord will be posted in here once it's ready.
  3. Hello and welcome to our latest update thread! This update has a lot in store for you guys! We have been working hard to give the players what they want! In this update we're introducing the first of the 7 Deadly Sins bosses! Fairy King Harlequin, and we're excited to share what we've been working on. We've also done a little bit of changes to the Vorkath Hard Mode. To unlock this boss will require you to obtain Scroll fragments that drops only from Vorkath (Hard). This will be the teleport needed to take on KING! Here are the forges for each part! Sin of Sloth Part 1 (Forge in Misc - 2x Vorkath Helm + Scroll Fragment) Sin of Sloth Part 2 (Forge in Misc - 2x Vorkath Body + Scroll Fragment) Sin of Sloth Part 3 (Forge in Misc - 2x Vorkath Legs + Scroll Fragment) Sin of Sloth Scroll To make the scroll for the unlock you need to forge all the 3 pieces together Fairy King Harlequin There are 2 difficulties to this solo only boss fight. Easy Mode, and Hard Mode. Fairy King Harlequin Easy Mode Mechanics First third of HP: Must attack with ranged Second third of HP: Must attack with melee Last third of HP: Must attack with magic King Easy Mode has 6M hp Dodge a 3x3 block of plants that spawn under you. King will throw a green projectile to indicate this attack. Chance to drop your prayers Spawns roots randomly on the ground, you can move to a tile where there are no roots to avoid taking damage. Drop Table For Easy Fairy King Harlequin Fairy King Harlequin Hard mode Mechanics King Attacks (Hard): - Same attacks as Easy but deals more damage + more HP. Hard mode King has 9M hp. When King gets to half HP, he will spawn some Fairy Minions that must be killed before you can damage King again, they will also periodically heal king. Hard Mode Drop table Armor Set And Stats The (Trace) King armor, that is dropped from King Easy Mode, can be made into (Broken) King armor by using a the same Vorkath item, +250 King Insignia, and 250 Fairy Dust. You are then able to forge the broken armor into the fixed equivalent in the forge. Changes To Vorkath Easy Drop Table Changes To Vorkath Hard Along with the changes to the drop table Vorkath's fireball special attack will now hit from 50-161 on Hard Mode, and 10-90 on Easy Mode. This means that it is recommended that you have to move to dodge getting 1 hit. Changes To The Interface Menu We have updated the interface located in the quest tab to be much more user friendly! Delicious Custom Added "Delizard Cbow" QOL And Miscellaneous Updates - Fixed a bug allowing you to carry streaks over when swapping slayer masters - Claim-All option added to bonds - Added Vulcan Slayer Helm and essences to Coll log - Can't combine 5% + 10% into a 15% superior slayer gem if you already have one - Renamed Crystal Armor to Vorkath Armor - Toggled off H'ween Raids Credits to Dalerith, Lind, and Rebel for the post
  4. Hello and welcome to our newest update thread! This update has a lot in store for you! We have Decided to rework the Halloween Raids Armor as we have previously announced, and discussed in Q&As. We also have added dyes to make a cosmetic change to your late game gear. As always, we also have some QOL updates, and a new Seasonal Box too! Read on to get all of the details! Halloween Armor changes The Halloween Armors have been changed. You will be able to receive a slightly nerfed version of the Tricky and H'ween Armors as a reward from raids. The H'ween will drop as a Vindictive equivalent and the Tricky Set will drop being slightly stronger than the Angelic elite set. Instead, you are able to break down both the H'ween, and Tricky armor pieces. You will get Small Halloween Tokens (by dismantling Tricky) and Large Halloween Tokens (by dismantling H'ween or Omni tier Tricky Armor). There has been an Event section added to the forge at ::upgrade. You will be able to take the Large, and Small Tokens into Vind/Omni equivalents of the armors depending on the tokens used. *Tokens received per dismantle* -Tricky Cleaver 2 Small Tokens -Tricky Ring 1 Small Token -Tricky Neck 1 Small Token -Tricky Icon 1 Small Token -Tricky Boots 1 Small Token -Tricky Gloves 1 Small Token -Tricky legs 1 Small Token -Tricky body 1 Small Token -Tricky helm 1 Small Token -Tricky Bulwark 2 Small Tokens -H’ween Icon 4 Large Tokens -H’ween Ring 2 Large Tokens -H’ween Necklace 2 Large Tokens -H’ween Boots 3 Large Tokens -H’ween Gloves 3 Large Tokens -H’ween Legs 3 Large Tokens -H’ween Plate 3 Large Tokens -H’wee Helm 3 Large Large Tokens -H’ween Axe 5 Large Tokens Halloween Dyes Halloween Dye is a cosmetic override you can use on all Vulcan items (Including Slayer Helm and Vulcan O) to give them a Halloween color scheme. You will only be able to remove the override by using a Cleaning Cloth on the dyed items. The dyes can be forged by either using Small or Large Halloween Tokens. *Using Dyes* *Using Cleaning Cloth* *H'ween Vulcan Set* Olympus AFK Fishing You can now afk fish for Olympus food which is stackable and will overheal you, this will be useful in areas soulsplit isn't allowed. The requirement to fish in each pool is to have atleast that olympus rank and have the correct equipment. Athenian Spot Equipment: Harpoon or Athenian Harpoon Athenian Swordfish (Heals 24, overheals to 135) Rare chance at finding an Athenian Harpoon and an Olympian Fishing Rod Olympian Spot Equipment: Olympian Fishing Rod 20k Athenian Swordfish Caught Olympian Manta Ray (Heals 31, overheals to 146) Rare chance at finding a Titan Fishing Rod Titan Spot Equipment: Titan Fishing Rod 20k Olympian Manta Rays Caught Titan Shark (Heals 32, overheals to 146) Rare chance at finding a Primordial Harpoon Primordial Spot Equipment: Primordial Harpoon 20k Titan Sharks Caught - Primordial Rocktail (Heals 42, overheals to 161) Rare chance at finding a Primordial Harpoon ::afkfish (this area is temporary, we will have a custom map for it soon) Athenian Harpoon - Chance at catching 2 fish at once Olympian Fishing Rod - Chance at catching 2 fish at once Titan Fishing Rod - Chance at catching 2 fish at once Primordial Harpoon - Chance at catching 2 fish at once Cooking You can cook the olympus fish at the range in the skilling hut, the burn rate is extremely high so make sure you gather enough raw fish first! 300% Drop Rate Scroll The next step in the progression of permanent drop rate scrolls has arrived, the 300% Drop Rate Scroll! You will be able to obtain this item by forging together a 50%, 100%, and 200% Drop Rate Scroll. Brand New Winter Themed Customs We have added a total of 5 new Winter themed customs, four of which are 7ds equivalents, and one has $2.5K stats. All of these Winter themed weapons are 1 of a kind, once someone obtains them no one else can. Snowflake Axe ($2.5K custom stats) Snowflake Spear (Spirit Spear Chastifol Equivalent) Snowflake Staff (Holy Staff Courechouse equivalent) Snowflake Sword (Demon Sword Lostvayne equivalent) Snowflake Maul (War Hammer Gideon equivalent) Winter Seasonal Box (2021) The Winter Seasonal Box is a temporary box that will cost 5$ per box, but give absolutely amazing rewards such as the Winter themed customs above! The seasonal box is guaranteed to give you one 10$ bond and one other item from its possible loot. There is even more loot than can be displayed here including: ALL 50/50 gambles (including 7ds, raids owner pass, and more) Full Telos tier weapons (netherstrand, mirage, and Cometfall) Full 7ds weapons (lostvayne, Spirit spear, and others) And even more! QOL And Miscellaneous Updates - Fix Opening Boxes in raid - Fix for Human Pet pet ignoring damage caps - Fix for Human Pet not giving correct base DR - Fix for Safe death at H'ween raids - Fix for Opening Boxes in raids - Added saved logins to client
  5. Hello, Supreme Ironman is just around the corner. In fact, it will be our very next update! For those of you who are unfamiliar with supreme ironman, a detailed explanation of the game mode and it's mechanics will be given later in this thread. In order to better prepare for a smooth and bug-free launch for Supreme Ironman, we're deciding to host an open beta. The Beta Client is available now on Discord! #client-download Please read the entire thread before playing the open beta!! The beta will stay online until we feel we've gathered enough testing and feedback. The update will be launched shortly after that. Click Here To Learn More About The $15k+ Competition! What is Supreme Ironman? Supreme Ironman is a new ironman game mode that we've been developing on and off for the past couple of months. Most of you have a general idea of how the game mode works. However, we've made many changes so the sections below are important for everyone to understand before testing. Supreme Ironman game mode comes with a drop rate and damage boost. Supreme Ironman Death Supreme Ironman is similar to Hardcore Ironman in the sense that there is a punishment for dying. However, we've given players the option to choose the punishment they will face. Once you die as a supreme ironman you will be teleported to a black void. In order to leave you must talk to Death. When you interact with death you will be given the opportunity to choose between three punishments. Regardless of which punishment is chosen, a death count will be added to your account. Your death count will impact your ranking on the supreme ironman leaderboard. Your insurance progress will be cleared after death. Meaning you must re-insure every item that you previously had insured. Regardless of which punishment is chosen. To learn more about insurance, scroll down to the next section (sections are orange text). Punishment #1: Kill Death-wings ("free" death) Players will be teleported to a location where they must kill 1000 death-wings with whatever gear they died in. This will allow players to earn their way back into the game without having to face the two more severe punishments. This punishment is only available for a player's first death. In other words, once a supreme ironman has died and chosen this option, they can no longer choose this option again. Punishment #2: De-Rank to Regular Ironman As the title states, this punishment will result in the player being de-ranked from Supreme Ironman to regular Ironman. You will lose your drop rate and damage boost in the process. A notable difference is that as a de-ranked supreme you will never be able to de-iron. So your rank will permanently remain ironman even if you wish to be de-ironed. You will NOT lose any items with this option Punishment #3: Lose all Un-insured Items This option will wipe your account of all items that have not been insured. You will keep your supreme ironman rank and all your supreme ironman progress. Tip: Re-insure all your important items right away in order to prepare for your next potential death Although your deaths will impact your ranking in the leaderboard, they will not impact the competition. The competition is solely based on first players to complete x amount of tasks. Item Insurance This feature allows supreme ironmen to insure an item in the unfortunate event that they die and decide to keep their rank. This means that if you die with an item that is insured, you will not lose it as long as you have the item on your account. It’s very important to note that after every death, your insured items list will be cleared meaning that you must re-insure your items. How to insure items? In order to insure an item you must kill the Supreme Ironman Boss which has a chance at dropping both heart crystals and heart fragments. Using a heart crystal on any item will add the item to your insured-items list. The heart crystal will disappear and you will not lose the item. Heart fragments work similarly except they can only be used for certain items such as ammo or food. You can access the Supreme Ironman Boss through the portal at the ironman zone. Tasks, Tiers, & Leaderboard The Supreme Ironman leaderboard will be split into 5 tiers. In order to level up into a new tier you must obtain a certain amount of points by completing tasks. The tasks/tier system may be a bit more complex than what you’re used to so please read carefully. Tasks Each Tier will have a set of tasks that come with it. Each task will reward you with points. Obtaining a certain amount of points will allow you to level up your tier. So with that being said, not every task must be completed in order to tier up. However, in order to win the main competition, you must complete ALL available tasks for every tier. A tier 2 task can not be progressed until the tier 1 version/equivalent of that task is complete, and so on. Leaderboard Ranking There are two separate brackets for supreme ironman. The P2W and the F2P bracket. Players can filter which they prefer to view. The rankings within each tier will first be based on points and second the amount of deaths you have. Testing Instructions The Public Beta category on discord will have all the necessary channels you'll need for testing. The Open Beta will require you to create a brand new account. The progress on there will not impact the live game and any items you obtain on there will not be kept. When making a new account, you will only be allowed to select Supreme Ironman. Make sure you've read all the topics above so that you know how the game mode works and what to expect. You can use the Supreme Book that you receive in your starter kit to open all the necessary interfaces for the game mode. Or you can type ::supremecommands Because this is an open beta, your starter kit will be massively enhanced. Once again, nothing you have on the beta will be on your live account. What should I look for? The first thing you should be looking for is making sure all things mentioned in this post work as intended. After you've done that, please try your best to think out side of the box and do risky things. Don't just go through the motions and play around with items. Everything you do should be specific to supreme ironman unless asked otherwise. Most Important things to test: - Insuring items - Punishments/Dying - Completing Tasks & Tiering up - Supreme Ironman Boss & Obtaining Heart Crystals Bugs & Suggestions Look for #beta-bug-reports and #beta-suggestions in the discord (under the Public Beta category). Try to be very descriptive about the bug and how to replicate it. It would also help a ton if you provide media. As for suggestions, try your best to explain why it would benefit the server. Do not spam these channels with conversations! Any dupes or serious exploitable bugs should be reported directly to Gareth or Escanor over discord. We may reward you depending on the severity of the bug. ~~~Testing Rewards ~~~ Once the open beta is over, the staff team will decide on 3-5 players who have contributed the most during the open beta. Contributing means you should be actively testing and reporting useful bugs/suggestions. These 3-5 players will be rewarded handsomely on the live server!!! _____________________ NOTE: No media has been provided on purpose. If you want to check out the game mode you must login the beta and see for yourself. If you've read over this post word for word, congratulations you're now ready to start testing! We can't wait to get your feedback. Kind Regards, Athens Staff Team
  6. STATUS: Supreme Ironman has not released yet. The competition will begin after the update. Any account that has donated on their supreme ironman account will automatically be placed in a separate bracket for the competition. This means that there will be two sets of rewards/winners (F2P and a P2P bracket). Competition #1: The goal of the competition is to complete ALL the supreme ironman tasks. The first players to do so will be declared the winners. F2P Rewards: 1st - $5,000 2nd - $3,000 3rd - $2,000 P2P Rewards: 1st - $4,000 2nd - $2,000 3rd - $1,000 Competition #2: We've decided to add a secondary competition for those who do not wish to or unable to compete in the long-term one above. The goal for this competition is to complete ALL tasks in the first 3 Tiers The first players to do so will be declared the winners. F2P Rewards: 1st - $1500 2nd - $1000 3rd - $500 P2P Rewards: 1st - $1000 2nd - $500 3rd - $250 Winnings will be in in-game credit only and can be used on any desired account
  7. Hello and welcome to our latest update on Athens! We have a large update for you guys today so get ready! Among a whole host of quality of life changes, we're also adding 7 new Prestige NPCs, a new game mode, tons of new items, and much more! We know everyone was looking forward to Supreme Ironman, however we feel the mode is still not in a state that is ready to be released, but we still wanted to get some awesome new content and features to you guys. Thank you for understanding! Account linking for afk You can now ::linkacc a fresh account if you want to use ::afk but also play on your main, your linked account will act as if it has the donor rank/afk reqs as your main account as long as it is online, to get the bonuses from the afk scrolls they will need to be in your main accounts inv/scroll bag while your linked account is at afk If you link an account they will be swapped in how they act at afk, if you link a fresh account and put afk scrolls in your main the fresh account will use them from afk zone, basically it will act the same as it would if you didn't link accounts the only difference is another account is doing it for you there is no bonus points to doing this your main account will have the same affect and afk will act as though you are using the fresh account to afk New Prestige Slayer NPCs As we talked about in the Q&A, we have added 7 new Prestige Slayer NPCs! With the addition of these new bosses, we have also increased the block amount for prestige from 3 to 5. Cobalt Spider Requirements: 100 Lucid Warriors kills AND 2 prestige level Blood Spider Requirements: 200 Cobalt Spider kills AND 4 prestige level Edimmu Requirements: 250 Yklagor kills AND 80 prestige Soulgazer Requirements: 250 Edimmu kills AND 110 prestige Cobalt Elemental Requirements: 250 Soulgazer kills AND 150 prestige Blood Gulega Requirements: 250 Ice Elemental kills AND 200 prestige KalGer Requirements: 250 Blood Gulega kills AND 250 prestige New Minigame: Last Man Standing! Staff will now be able to start a new mass mini-game called Last Man Standing. In order to join, you will have to dismiss your pet and bank everything in your inventory and equipped items as well. Rewards are set by staff similar to the rewards from Chestrush. Keep an eye out for LMS events! New Feature: Raid Hi scores! We have added a command (::raidhi) to open a new interface to see the fastest speeds people have completed each raid. Try and see if you can beat our scores! New item: Taskmaster Booklet! This item will automatically collect and hold your new task scrolls! You can obtain this item through ::afk (or any variant) with 100M afk points. New items: 10% Owner item gambles We have added a new item called Owner Gamble Fragment that drop from certain bosses, be on the lookout for where these drop! Combining 10 of these fragments will give you a random 10% owner item gamble token: Each of these tokens has a 10% chance to give you the item, try some out! Miscellaneous - Added a right-click "Detach" option to all Slayer boots and gloves (cost 250T for gloves and 500T for boots) - You can now use an item on a banker to either note or unnote an item - Added command linkacc (name) on your main with to link with your alt. This will give your alt the same donor ranks as your main for the purpose of ::afk - You can also type ::aafk oafk tafk or pafk on the account you used ::linkacc on - Fixed vote scroll open all not giving points -Adjusted spawn chance of superiors for all slayer levels, it is now easier to get superiors on average - Re-added the Slayer helm (advanced) back to regular slayer boxes - Added Donator zone command to VIP rank (::vipzone) - Added new Prestige Zone teleports to all donator zones (Legendary+) -Abyss Superiors now spawn on kill, instead of on death - Personal POS history has been added - Olympus Slayer extend scrolls will now also apply to your duo partner - Fixed bug where using ESC key with a menu open would sometimes re-open the menu - Changed Easy Task scrolls from 2 tasks to 1 task to complete - Changed Medium Task scrolls from 4 tasks to 2 task to complete - Changed Hard Task scrolls from 7 tasks to 3 task to complete - Changed Elite Task scrolls from 12 tasks to 4 task to complete - Added AFK and Iron AFK points to Player Panel - Added Lessers to Titan Zone 2 - Small fix to Olympus Task skip scrolls and blocking bug issues - Lowered the timer on the Pest Control boat to 15 seconds - Added confirmation to the ::empty command - Added some clipping fixes - Slayer Task streaks now stack up to 20! -Changed Rmg price in afk shop, as well as upgrade price on corrupted upgrader Item Changes Bastion Kiteshield has been buffed Custom Items Zoot's Zooty Booty Wand Zac's Zengetsu Goat Blade Blueberry's Precious Power's Ebonchill Imhehexd's Custom Chakram's
  8. Hello Athens! To show appreciation for our wonderful community, the staff team at Athens have decided to bring back another massive day of events. This time will be even larger than the last! DATE: Sunday, August 1st The day will feature: - Massive Drop party at 2PM EST (Ironmen will get a separate drop party) - PvM events throughout the entire day - Chest Rush events throughout the entire day Little teaser of what you can expect to see at the drop party! There will be various Olympus Bonds, multiple Owner items, Omni weaponry, a 7DS weapon, and so much more! Now on to the Events, they will be scheduled as such, so everyone will be able to get in on the action. Chest rush will be held throughout the entire day with amazing prizes that EVERYONE can win. All you need to do is ::enterchestrush when you see the notification saying the event has started! 1st Chest Rush - 15 Minutes the prize will be 40 Owner Boxes! - 05:00 Server Time 2nd Chest Rush - 15 Minutes the prize will be 40 Fourth of July Boxes! - 11:00 Server Time 3rd Chest Rush - 15 Minutes the prize will be 40 Telos Boxes! - 17:00 Server Time 4th Chest Rush - 15 Minutes the prize will be 50 Owner Boxes! - 11:00 Server Time Remember These Prizes Will Keep Going Until The Event Has Ended! As we continue to celebrate America Day, there will also be spawns of Murica throughout the day as well to ensure everyone has a shot at joining in the fun! 1st Murica Spawn - 15 Murica bosses will be spawned! - 06:00 Server Time 2nd Murica Spawn - 15 Murica bosses will be spawned! - 12:00 Server Time 3rd Murica Spawn - 15 Murica bosses will be spawned! - 18:00 Server Time 4th Murica Spawn - 15 Murica bosses will be spawned! - 22:00 Server Time Throughout the entire day a Staff Member will start some PVM events featuring certain NPCs and Prizes! All NPCs will be low levels giving EVERYONE a chance to win something! 1st PVM event - 4 NPCs, Prizes will be $50 Goodiebag for EACH NPC! - 07:00 Server Time 2nd PVM Event - 4 NPCs, Prizes will be 1 Store Box for EACH NPC! - 13:00 Server Time 3rd PVM Event - 4 NPCs, Prizes will be $50 Goodiebag for EACH NPC! - 19:00 Server Time We will also be doing Mass Bosses (Tect, Just, and Inc boss), Mass Donator Bosses (Uber, Deluxe, Vip, Titan, and Prim), and Youtube Mass Boss events through the day as well! We have a stacked lineup planned for everyone. 1st Mass Boss Event (Tect, Just, and Inc boss) - 5 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 08:00 Server Time 2nd Mass Boss Event (Tect, Just, and Inc boss) - 5 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 14:00 Server Time 3rd Mass Boss Event (Tect, Just, and Inc boss) - 5 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 20:00 Server Time 1st Mass Donator Event (Uber, Deluxe, Vip, Titan, & Prim) - 3 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 09:00 Server Time 1st Mass Donator Event (Uber, Deluxe, Vip, Titan, & Prim) - 5 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 15:00 Server Time 1st Mass Donator Event (Uber, Deluxe, Vip, Titan, &Prim) - 5 of EACH boss will be spawned! - 21:00 Server Time 1st Youtube Mass Boss Event - 15 Total Youtube bosses will be spawned! - 09:00 Server Time 2nd Youtube Mass Boss Event - 15 Total Youtube bosses will be spawned! - 15:00 Server Time 3rd Youtube Mass Boss Event - 15 Total Youtube bosses will be spawned! - 21:00 Server Time We Hope To See You All There! GOOD LUCK ATHENS FROM THE ATHENS STAFF TEAM! And again we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, all of you were able to make this happen, making us one of if not THE biggest Custom server out there, with the best community out there! There will be miscellaneous other events that will be done just stay tuned for more! Make sure you spread the word to all your friends!
  9. Hello and welcome to the latest update! First and foremost I'd like to apologize for the absence of Supreme Ironman in this update. We really want to make it as great as possible and we felt that a delay was necessary for that. However, don't let that spoil the rest of this update. There's some great new content for you guys to try out! 🎆4th of July Event🎆 Uncle Sam Solo Boss - In order to fight Uncle Sam players must have a Declaration of Independence teleport - Clicking on a Declaration of Independence will teleport you to Uncle Sam - You can obtain them from the following: 1. killing Murican Goblins at ::murica or ::murica2 2. Participating in the Murican Mage mass boss event - 4th of July boxes can be bought from the store for $1 each. Contact Beans or Smash first to see if there are any special deals available. *The boxes and Uncle Sam equipment are limited and will be discontinued after this event* Uncle Sam Murican Goblins Uncle Sam Set + Staff Uncle Sam Set + Maul Uncle Sam Set + Blowpipe Telos Raids Changes - Added Easy, Medium, & Hard difficulty - HP will scale based on difficulty - You will get 1 key on Easy, 2 keys on Medium, and 3 keys on Hard -We have also added telos multipliers for events this will give a percentage at an extra key ie. 1.4=40% -x2 Telos raid keys, this is for sale for $1600 -Telos Multiplier scroll gives you a guaranteed second key, yes this does stack potential total is 10 keys $800 Corrupted Upgrader - A new and optional way of upgrading items at a higher price with a 100% chance. - However, this process will take much longer than the traditional upgrade Combat Urns - Urns can be created by mining Urn ore south-west of home and then upgrading them into a random urn - Having an urn in your inventory during a slayer task will start to fill up the urn based on damage you deal to the npc - Urns will only fill up if you're dealing damage with the corresponding attack style - Only one urn can be filled at a time and smaller urns will take priority - There is a cap on how much damage an urn will consider (ex. If you hit 5k, the urn might only take in 1k from that) - Once an urn is filled up, you will be given a reward based on the size of the urn Examine Pets - You're now able to examine all pets for their respective secondary abilities Custom Items Heythere's Custom Vinny's Custom Lindgren's Custom Duck's Custom Pyrall's Custom Echoe's Custom Bee's Modified Custom Ogre's Modified Custom Mage's Modified Custom Miscellaneous - Increased upgrade/forge costs of many items by no more than 3% (sorry if prices aren't aesthetically pleasing) - Reworked Referral System (should be no more problems) - Fixed Hitsplats - Fixed Slayer bug with lesser monsters - Rewrote the rank system because the code was a mess
  10. Hello and welcome to our latest update on Athens! We have another huge update for all of you. Firstly, this update contains some pretty large and hefty back-end changes. Most notably, we've reworked the entire cache system and we now have a proper launcher. We have added new Omni Boss accessories, Omni Accessories, and Vulcan Accessories, added set bonuses to multiple different end game armor sets. The heavily requested ability to note items is now here, and so much more! If you have any issues with the launcher please make a ticket in our discord! Download the launcher Omni Boss + Accessories As mentioned above we have added Boots, Gloves, Ring, Necklace, and Capes to Omni boss armor sets and up, this includes Vorkath, Zamorak, K'ril, Omni,Vulcan, and Vulcan (O) which is Owner and Vulcan combined together. Zamorak Accessories Can be obtained as a drop from Zamorak K'ril Accessories Can be obtained as a drop from Greater K'ril Vorkath Accessories Can be obtained as a drop from Vorkath Omni Accessories Can be obtained by forging all three Omni Boss Accessories together Vulcan Accessories Can be obtained by forging Omni Accessories with Vulcan Crystal Vulcan (O) Accessories Can be obtained by combining Vulcan Accessories with Owner Accessories *These items count as owner items in raids* Accessory Set Bonuses Vulcan Accessories - (Only works with 3+) - 10% DR per piece + 2.5% all damage per piece Vulcan (O) Accessories - (Only works with 3+) - 20% DR per piece + 5% Damage per piece Hard mode Omni bosses Greater K'ril, Zamorak, and Vorkath have had a hard mode added. You will be prompted to chose from easy mode or hard mode when you teleport into the instance. Hard mode has had a sizeable buff to their hp, but drop non broken armor and weapons. Hard Vorkath drop table Hard Zamorak drop table Hard Greater K'ril drop table Top Donator/Top Votes We have decided to show our appreciation for all of the support you guys and girls have given us. In the form of buffs and a new rank override, for an entire month, if you become either the Top Donator/Voter! Top Donator 1 - Hybrid Damage + 15% Boss Points + 15% Slayer Points + 15% Top Donator 2 - Hybrid Damage + 10% Boss Points + 10% Slayer Points + 10% Top Donator 3 - Hybrid Damage + 5% Boss Points + 5% Slayer Points + 5% Top Voter 1 - Hybrid Damage + 15% Boss Points + 15% Slayer Points + 15% Top Voter 2 - Hybrid Damage + 10% Boss Points + 10% Slayer Points + 10% Top Voter 3 - Hybrid Damage + 5% Boss Points + 5% Slayer Points + 5% Donation Well rework The donation well has been reworked to give temporary server wide buffs. The amount that you need to contribute to activate the buffs is cumulative. Lottery We have also added a lottery system into the game, you can access it by typing ::lotto. You will receive 70% of the total amount contributed in the lottery, if you are to win. Noted Items/Junk Tokens and Junk Boss Players can now note most items. This will specifically be beneficial for junk items which can now be noted and sold for junk tokens, which can be used in the reworked Well Of Goodwill and Junk Boss also. IMPORTANT: If you want to sell items to the 1b shop for 1b tickets, DO NOT sell them noted. If you sell them noted you will ONLY receive junk tokens. Junk Token Uses: - Pay Upgrading/Forging costs - Junk boss - Well of goodwill - More to come! You will be able to upgrade noted items now. You will also be able to upgrade/forge items at a 25% increase in cost over 1b tickets (for example 100 1b tickets for an upgrade would be 125 junk tokens Junk Boss You will be able to donate towards the Junk Event in the Well Of Goodwill. Once the 3.75q mark has been hit you will receive a notification that the Junk Boss has spawned. Important: Junk boss is not meant to be attacked the traditional way Once you have entered the Junk Boss room you will be greeted with the boss itself and 4 chests. To damage the boss you will have to open the chests and search them, it will take junk tokens each search. There is a chance that the boss will close the chest you are using, you will have to run to another chest and use that one instead. Junk Boss will share the drop table of Chestrush, staff will have the ability to add an extra reward on top of the base loots similarly to Chestrush. GIM Armor Set The armor set for the winners of the previous and future GIM events has been completed! The armor set will be equivalent to Vindictive Miscellaneous Updates/Changes -Owner Ring, Necklace, and Cape have had their cost increased in the Donator Shop. -Forgotten Abyss Lever and AFK time mechanics have been fixed/added back in. -Supreme Boxes have had the open all option added to them. -Added restart button to raids so you no longer have to leave the portal at the end to start a new raid - Fixed some issues with daily tasks New Customs Rebel's Bloodvenom Staff Sogn's Molten Cape Sogn's Molten Santa Sogn's Molten Spear
  11. Hello, Recently there's been a lot of confusion regarding the new Olympus Donator ranks. I will try my best to explain the situation in this update. Athenian Donator ($50) Olympian Donator ($250) Titan Donator ($1000) Primordial Donator ($2500) Standard Donator Ranks v. Olympus Donator Ranks Players have the option to progress through two separate type of ranks, each has it's own set of benefits and icons. All players will have a standard donation total and an Olympus donation total. The current benefits for the Olympus Ranks are listed below: Other Olympus rank benefits (damage boosts stack) Athenian- +2% damage Olympian- +3% damage Titan- +5% damage Primordial +10% damage The goal is to ultimately have a wider variety of benefits for the Olympus ranks. So make sure you stay tuned for future updates! Olympus Bonds In order to progress through your Olympia Donator rank, you need to claim Olympus bonds. As of now, Olympus bonds are much harder to obtain compared to Standard bonds. This is because they give X2 in donator points. For example, a $10 Olympus bond will reward you with 20 donation points. How can I obtain Olympus Bonds? The only ways to obtain Olympus Bonds in-game without donating is through: - Hope Raids - Blood Raids -Telos Raids - Upgrading Standard Bonds through the Upgrade Statue 🔥 Hot Tip 🔥 If you would like to switch your donator icon display between your Olympus rank and your Standard rank, you can type the command ::switchicons.
  12. Hello, We're aware of the growing concern that Athens may be taking a turn for the worst. As you've all seen, the player count has declined significantly over the past month. And as unfortunate as it may seem, this has given us time to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses. We've been live for about eight months now and throughout that time we've done many good things but we've also made poor decisions that ultimately led us to this point. Over the past two weeks the staff team and I have had the chance to come up with a proper strategy that'll allow us to not only correct what went wrong but give us the opportunity to prosper more than we ever have before. With that said, I present Athens 2.0! What Is Athens 2.0? Athens 2.0 is a huge update that is already under development. The update will focus on revitalizing the game with fresh new enjoyable features as well as reworking obsolete content. But most importantly, this "new" Athens is going to be a way for us to revive our player base with a massive marketing campaign. However, there's a catch. We've decided that while we prepare the update it'd be best that we keep the server offline until then. We've thought long and hard about this and we believe that this would give us the space to turn Athens around, rework and refine from the ground back up. In order to serve you, the player, right. Of course there will be risks with this plan but we're fully prepared to take on whatever comes our way. I know it's not ideal but we ask you to please keep an open mind and understand we only want what's best for Athens. Will There Be A Reset? Accounts/items/banks will NOT be reset or rolled back. However, we may tweak certain points because some shops will be getting reworked (Donator points will NOT be reset or changed). As of now we're not certain which points will get reset or modified so I highly suggest spending them now before we take the server offline. When Will The Server Go Offline? Athens will go offline within the next 2-3 days. We will make an announcement before it does. When Is Athens 2.0 Coming Out? We're aiming to have the launch within the next 4-6 weeks. We'll announce a date about a week before. What Content Do We Have Planned? We'll be reworking a lot of existing content and fixing various bugs. But regarding brand new content, what's listed below is only a fraction of what's to come. - Group Ironman - Custom Last Man Standing - Daily Tasks - & Much More! Of course we do plan to keep some things a surprise! How Can I keep Up With Progress? The best way to keep up with progress is to make sure you're in our Discord. We'll be posting plenty of sneak-peeks in there! Weekly Giveaways? Yes, that's right! We'll be hosting a big giveaway in our Discord every Friday from now until the server is back online. We'll be rotating every week between the following giveaways: 150m OSRS gp (1st = 100m, 2nd = 25m, 3rd = 25m) Athens item giveaway (up to 10 winners) In-game rewards will be distributed once we're back online and osrs gp will be given ASAP. How Can I Help? Spread the news that Athens will be back on top very soon! But most importantly, we ask that you maintain a level of trust and patience with the team. Understand that we're doing our absolute best to bring Athens back to the top. I know many of you may have doubts about our plans and that's understandable. Nevertheless I plead with you to be patient and trust that we're doing what we think is best for Athens. We are not just doing this because player count dropped, but also because we have listened to the community and countless feedback from you guys. We agree, and we want to do things right, not only for ourselves but for you too. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave smash, a staff member, or myself a private message on discord and we'll have a constructive conversation. What I don't recommend is raging or spamming the discord. Nobody benefits from that. Thank you, Athens Team
  13. New items New player starter set New players will now get the starter set when they join Athens Added new weapon 'Cometfall Mace' This can be obtained through forging (scroll down) Added new weapon 'Mirage Staff' This can be obtained through forging (scroll down) Added new weapon 'Netherstrand Bow' This can be obtained through forging (scroll down) Added new raids owner orb Use the orb on 1 owner item to make it a raids owner item The orb will be available through donations with @Smash on discord New Telos boss Requirements for this boss 500 kills on Vorkath 500 kills on Zamorak 500 kills on Greater K'ril Tsutsaroth 250 prestige level The Boss spawns every 7 minutes To get to the boss use the telos portal north of ::home After killing the boss you get a Telos reward key which you can use on the chest in the instance Added Telos boxes Telos boxes will be available through donations with @Smash on discord Added 2 new pets Pet Telos The pet Telos has a drop rate boost of 80% This pet can be obtained by opening Telos boxes and Telos reward chest Pet Telos (superior) The pet Telos (superior) has a drop rate boost of 160% The pet can be forged at the pet fuser for 3 Telos pets Telos event First announced drop from telos - 100 telos boxes Corrupted Orb drop - Seismic maul prize Pure Orb drop - Seismic bow prize Volcanic Orb drop - Seismic wand prize Infused Shard (melee) drop and forge melee prayer scroll - 2q cash Infused Shard (range) drop and forge range prayer scroll - 2q cash Infused Shard (magic) drop and forge mage prayer scroll - 2q cash 3 Telos pet drops and forge telos pet (superior) - Owner boot/glove (winners choice) Donated items do not count! Donator bosses Added new Uber boss This boss spawns every 6 hours at ::uberboss Added new Deluxe boss This boss spawns every 5 hours at ::delboss Added new Vip boss This boss spawns every 4 hours at ::vipboss Changes to Omni bosses The Omni Bosses are now following the correct combat Triangle. Vorkath is damageable only by Melee. Zammy is damageable only by Range. K'ril is damageable only by Magic. New YouTube boss Added new PrincesPeach boss New forges 2x 99 lamps The lamps can be forged by combining 25 dragonkin lamps 10 prestige lamp (99 lamps) This lamp can be forged by combining 200 99 lamps Unlimited prayer scroll (range) This scroll can be forged by combining the following items Infused shard (range) (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Unlimited prayer scroll Unlimited prayer scroll (magic) This scroll can be forged by combining the following items Infused shard (mage) (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Unlimited prayer scroll Unlimited prayer scroll (melee) This scroll can be forged by combining the following items Infused shard (melee) (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Unlimited prayer scroll Raids owner items are NOT tradeable but they can be gambled! Raids owner cape The cape can be forged by combining 3 owner capes Raids owner ring The ring can be forged by combining 3 owner rings Raids owner necklace The necklace can be forged by combining 3 owner necklaces Raids owner boots The boots can be forged by combining 3 owner boots Raids owner gloves The gloves can be forged by combining 3 owner gloves Cometfall Mace This mace can be forged by combining the following items Corrupted orb (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Seismic maul (u) Mirage Staff This staff can be forged by combining the following items Volcanic orb (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Seismic wand (u) Netherstrand Bow This bow can be forged by combining the following items Pure orb (Telos boxes or Telos reward chest) Seismic bow (u) Fixes and changes Ironman and Ultimate ironman now have their own 1b ticket shop at ::iron You can now buy and sell here The normal 1b ticket shop won't work for Ironman or Ultimate ironman Fixed looting bag announcements! They will announce now when they go into the bag The Unlimited prayer scroll (melee) is now buffed up to 25%! Halloween owner cape is now limited from raids! You cannot use them in raids anymore Changed Pest control shop prices! The armour and the crystals are now a little bit cheaper Player customs Jeezy set Satanic Staff
  14. Halloween set Halloween Helmet (50% dr) Halloween Plate (75% dr) Halloween Platelegs (75% dr) Halloween Ownercape (100% dr) Halloween Gloves (30% dr) Halloween Boots (30% dr) Halloween Scythe (30% dr) Halloween Shield (25% dr) Flying Pumpkin Pet (75% dr) Halloween Set Halloween Set with pet The Set will be available through killing the Halloween boss, Halloween boxes and donation with @Smash Spooky set Spooky Helmet (30% dr) Spooky Plate (50% dr) Spooky Platelegs (50% dr) Halloween Darklord Cape (85% dr) Spooky Gloves (20% dr) Spooky Boots (45% dr) Spooky Scythe (15% dr) Flying Eyeball Pet (55% dr) Spooky Set Spooky Set with pet Added Halloween box Halloween boxes will be available through donations with @Smash on discord The Halloween Store The Halloween store will be just outside the ::ckey building by trading the Grim Reaper You can get Halloween tokens through killing all bosses in Athens. Added Fischturd boss Fischturd has landed in Athens! Added Human pet (Superior) We now added human pet (superior) the pet itself will give 150% dr You can also add 10 human pet crystals (10% dr) to make it 250% dr New Upgrade Infinite Overload Potion (I) into Infinite Overload Potion (I+) The Infinite Overload Potion (I+) will still auto-sip to get the combat stats to 125 and also will give an extra damage boost of 5% New Forge Unlimited Prayer Scroll (Omni) This scroll can be forged by combining the following items; Unlimited Prayer Scroll (Range) Unlimited Prayer Scroll (Magic) Unlimited Prayer Scroll (Melee) Added Unlimited Prayer scroll (melee) The scroll will give a 15% melee boost The scroll will be obtainable through donations with @Smash Added Looting Bag Ultimate ironmans will now get a looting bag to have some extra space in their inventory! The looting bag will also have an additional of 28 slots Added Scroll Bag Players can now store their drop rate scrolls and potions in 1 single bag to keep the inventory clean! Pest Control Points We have increased the points you will get from doing Pest control! Higher donator rank = more points Other Changes We have also changed the Spirit Spear Chastiefol Old stats New stats Player customs InFamous Tri weapon Infernal Rhitta Kudisai Katana
  15. K'rill Melee boss K'ril pet has 60% drop rate K'ril Melee weapons K'ril Melee boxes These can be purchased in our online store only Corporeal Beast Corp has been reworked, it'll now be less afk and the shield have now been split. Ugly Antman Antman now drops Hellfire Shadow Sword, as well as Texturized Sigil Hellfire Wizards Now drop Hellfire Sigil Exclusive Seven Deadly Sins Weapons These weapons are very exclusive and limited. Contact Smash to purchase these. Divine Axe Rhitta it has 200% drop rate and insane stats Twin Bow Harritt has 200% drop rate and insane stats Morning Star Aldan has 200% drop rate and insane stats Electric Wizards Electric Wizards will be in the Deluxe/Vip zones, as well as ability to upgrade Hellfire Scroll into Electric Wizard scroll Upgraded Seismic Weapons You can combine Seismic with the respective K'ril/Vorkath items + 600T this allows the Seismic to have Drop Rate Maul and Scythe forge Staff and Wand Forge Bow Forge New Salvation Weapons New Forges You can now use Crystals on x2 slayer point rings Can now combine Elite ROD with Elite Slayer Ring Omni Slayer helm Hellfire Shadow sword now upgrades into Hope sword Electric Staff upgrades into Hope Stick Custom Scythe of Vitur now upgrades into K'ril Scythe Custom Ghrazi Rapier now upgrades into K'ril Sword
  16. Hello, sorry for the long awaited update. There were some bumps in the road, but alas here we are. This is the most content packed update that we've done on Athens thus far. We apologize sincerely for the delay, and things are now back to normal. We will be providing weekly/b-weekly updates from here on out. A HUGE shout out goes to Mycenatch, he put in a heavy amount of effort editing models, doing custom items, and a lot of various other things. We're so grateful and thankful for the dedication he has shown in this update. Vote Mass Boss & Vote Packages Every 15 votes players will be rewarded a vote package Whenever the server wide vote total reaches 40, the Muttadile will appear Vote packages give the following rewards: 1B Tickets 3 from a selection below: Owner Boxes Survivor Boxes Minigun Boxes Seismic Boxes New Pets Darklord: 25% DR Boost Lucid Warrior Pet: 30% DR Boost Oreo Pet: 35% DR Boost Angelic Pet: 40% DR Boost Zami Pet: 60%DR Boost YouTube bosses YouTube bosses have all been increased in size to be larger than normal players. This will allow them to be more distinguishable during events. Lowered damage requirement for all bosses from 10K to 1K New Zilla boss New Frimb Boss New Mickey Boss Zamorak (K'ril Magic) boss K'ril Magic Staff has 25% drop rate! New Slayer Helms Zammy Slayer Helm Vorkath Slayer Helm New Upgrades/Forges Custom Blood Tbow to Vorkath bow Athens Supreme Crossbow to Vorkath Crossbow Custom Sang to K'ril's Magic Staff Player Owned Shop Rework The Player Owned Shops has gone through an entire rework! Not only did we change the interface to allow for better searching, we've improved it's performance significantly. Beforehand, the POS was a huge contributing factor when it came to lag spikes on the server. Vorkath Changes Vorkath killcount requirements have been nerfed Vorkath attack damage has been nerfed Added Vorkath arrows and bolts as possible drops to Vorkath New Boxes Vorkath Box Kril's magic box Ironman AFKing All players now have the ability to AFK on two accounts under the same IP Address! With a normal account at the AFK zone and an ironman woodcutting at the Ironman Zone. The Ironman AFK shop is a great way for ironmen to progress on Athens. Kickstarter Box All players receive a kickstarter box when first joining. In order to open the box players must have at least one hour of play time. Contains: Login Security Pins All accounts are now required to create a login pin Pins will be prompted when logging in to a new IP Address To change your pin type ::changepin Webstore Rework The webstore has been completely reworked to look more appealing and customize-able. Slot Boxes Uber Donators+ now have the choice to get slot boxes instead of waiting hours on the slot machine. Slot boxes give the same rewards but have the ability to be opened all at once to save lots of time! In order to open a Slot Box, you'll need to spend 150b New Scrolls & Perks Added to the store 100% raid DR bonus raid scroll x2 raid bonus scroll owner item usable at raids scroll 10 prestige Lamp x2 boss points when inventory AthensPS Wiki Page Shoutout to @Blitz @Nate and the rest of the WIki teamfor putting this together! You can now type ::wiki in-game to visit the wiki for some very useful information. Other changes Reduced Client and server lag significantly. We're not at a perfect state but still doing far better than we were before. Fixed random model triangles floating around Fixed issue with referral codes not working for new players Edited Game Reminder messages Fixed various issues with FFA Made Survivor Raids slightly more difficult. Players are now used to switch attack styles. Made Vorago Raids slightly less difficult adjusted success rate of upgrading dragonkin lamps Removed Sagittare Instances and added it to a dungeon with many others Oreo Torva item drop rate has been changed to 1/5,000 a piece Owner items now have 30% Magic damage Seismic wand was buffed Seismic Bow was buffed Infernal Minigun was added (obtained via infernal beast/minigun boxs) Fixed colors on "Murica Spirit Shield" Fixed a lot of misc models and issues they had Custom items Infamouspkz customs Godzilla's Cape Sanido's Ectocape/Scythe Wolf's Custom sang Interesting's Judgement Wand Munjeezy's Shiva's Destroyer Cap's Blood Scythe
  17. Hello, nice to meet you! 😄
  18. Yes, this is finally happening! I know you've all been itching to get your hands on this juicy new content. This update has been pushed back to the point that we're releasing our 4th of July event two days after 4th of July 😂 I had thought about removing the event from this update but fuck it, you guys wanted it and at the end of the day content is content! Now that's out the way, lets dive right into today's update. Lets start by showing off our brand new login screen, isn't it amazing? Vorkath This boss requires 500 Oreo kills as well as 500 Shaman Defenders. Vorkath has a couple similar attacks to the OSRS version of the boss. However, we've left some out to keep things a little less intensive. Drop table The Mimic & Cluescroll Rework To get to the mimic you need a mimic token, as well as 5 of 3 unique clue scrolls Drop table: Mimic pet has 150% drop rate! Reworked Cluescroll loot: New Ironman mass Boss: To get to the new Ironman boss, you must use the portal in the bank of the ironman zone The rewards as well as the boss itself are exclusive to ironmen only The boss has three different attacks: Attack #1: The boss will teleport a random player right under him and then jump. To avoid taking damage from this attack, run far from the boss as fast as you can Attack #2: The boss will follow and simply kick his target Attack #3: The boss will spawn lightning that will spawn under you. To avoid taking damage run around, away from your previous location. Drop table: New Survivor Raids Bows: Owner boots and gloves are now in the donation store! New Boxes! Seismic boxes, Owner boxes, and Survivor boxes could land you some of the juiciest loot for only $1! ** The ONLY way to get these boxes is through the store** Fourth of July- Murica Mage Boss You can get to this boss by typing ::murica, This boss spawns hourly. Everything that comes with this update is limited and will be removed the server in about 1 week!!! Drop table: The Murica Spirit Shield is the best in slot magic shield! (attack speed is displayed incorrectly in the image above) Murica mage can also be purchased with a murica themed ownercape! Other & Miscellaneous: Increased prices of items in ckey shop Buffed seismic wand Fixed abusable issue with slayer tasks Nerfed arane stream necklace Added darklord shop to darklords Darklord tokens are now stackable Players streaks will be reset when switching bravek difficulty Created a command to view the server ::faq Corp now requires only 100k damage to receive a drop Potentially fixed running through water in survivor raids Removed shopkeeper from the game & Many more minor fixes (I may have missed a lot in this post, if you notice any let us know) Custom donations Custom donations can be purchased through Smash if you're interested. P.S. This update post was rushed. I apologies for the lack of detail and I may have left some things out. I'll try to edit this post with more detail some time during the week;
  19. Hello, I've been working on some very interesting content and I hope to edit/make a post on my development blog within the next couple of days. With this update, comes some very necessary changes. We've noticed that our donation store was very outdated and did not reflect the conditions of our economy. Which is why we've decided to not only rework prices but add new items. The rest of this update mainly consists of small bug fixes/changes. Some of which took a lot of time to rewrite existing code in the server. Donator Store Rework highlights: Replaced Incursio with Elite Incursio to the online store Replaced Justiciar with Elite Justiciar to the online store Added Elite Tectonic to the online store Scaled/re-evaluated prices for most items accordingly to the current economy Removed various items that were pointless to keep in the store Many more minor changes and adjustments were made. To see them for yourself, either visit our online store at https://athensps.org/store/ or checkout the in-game store Misc: Removed NPC requirements to kill Vorago Players will now need three power crystals instead of one in order to upgrade certain items (rod, angelic, etc) Potentially fixed issue with certain players being unable to login Slayer boxes are now only dropped when on a Bravek task Slayer boxes given from streaks now vary based on difficulty Fixed bug with duo slayer allowing players to get more slayer points than they should Lowered the price for upgrading power crystals to 10T Fixed issue with Survivor and Vorago raids failing players that die after completing the raid Fixed multiple back-end issues with both Vorago and survivor raids Vote boxes now cost 150 vote points instead of 200 American pernix peices in the vote shop now costs 30 points each Golden minigun in the vote shop now costs 100 points Fixed the models for roseblood gloves Thank you all for your patience and continued support in Athens!
  20. Hello, once again we're sorry for the huge delay on this update. I am the sole developer on Athens and when things come up IRL for me, development comes to a complete stop. Additionally, we have yet to setup a proper beta testing server which means just like development, I am the only person testing my changes. It is a very poor choice and I've already started taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen next update. I'll also be making an effort to start posting development blogs as opposed to giving you guys ETA's. Without further ado, lets take a look at what's taken so long! Vorago Raids Due to Vorago being near dead content due to his poor/irritating mechanics and overall lack of fun we've decided to spice things up! Vorago Raids differs from both Solo and Survivor in the fact that there is only one difficulty level (hard) and there are less restrictions. You can bring your own food to Vorago Raids Yes, that means owner cape is allowed! Vorago Raids is composed of THREE waves. Two waves consisting of Living Rock Creatures and then the final boss fight, Vorago himself. The first two waves are very basic and don't require much knowledge to complete. The amount of Rock Creatures that spawn and their HP scales based on your party size. Vorago Fight All of Vorago's attacks are aimed at everyone in the party. There is no "tank" or any way to avoid being targeted. Please be warned... getting too close to Vorago will be unwise for both you and your team. Vorago does two main attacks that he randomly picks between Rock Projectile Vorago will throw a rock that players must dodge Magic This is a normal magic attack (can be deflected with protect magic) Vorago has two special attacks that rotate every six normal attacks he does Seismic Rock Fall Half the players in the raid will be targeted with falling rocks (the next time this attack is carried out it'll be the other half). The longer a player stays in one place, the higher damage he'll take. By moving around, whatever damage has been accumulated, will begin to decrease. Seismic Beam Blue beams will spout from the ground all over the room. Move out of the way to avoid taking massive damage. Rewards The box amounts are randomly generated. They will not always be the same as displayed in the interface below. The Book of Omens (last drop in the image displayed) is the drop you're all looking for. Opening this book will grant you one of the Seismic weapons. However, on top of the book you'll also need a total of 4 upgrade stones. Raids changes and fixes Decreased price to enter solo raids Significantly decreased solo raids requirements Buffed Solo Raids loot Fixed Survivor Raids not deleting food/box when leaving You can now right-click invite other players to your team If the party leader leaves the team, the next player takes over as the new leader and the raid can continue Rewards This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids The reward system for both Survivor and Vorago Raids have been reworked. They now allow for higher drop rate and a new feature called streaks. Drop rate item boosts in raids will be divided by 10 from their original rate. Raids streaks allow players to get higher drop rate. And to top it off, having a party of multiple members has a slight boost in drop rate. Administrators can now hold larger raiding parties of up to 10 players and they can also boost the drop rate server wide. These will be used for events and to increase community interaction. Streaks This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids A streak is the consecutive amount of raids a team can successfully complete. The actions below will reset a teams streak: Adding another player - so be sure to have the team you want before starting your streak Everyone dying Everyone leaving the party - this includes leaving the lobby area Upgrade Stones & Upgrade changes This update introduces a new item, Upgrade Stones. These are only obtained from upgrading power crystals, Solo raids, and vorago raids. Upgrade Stones will have many purposes in the future but at the moment they are currently used to open a Book of Omens and forge Raids weapons into their upgraded counter parts at a 100% success rate Decreased the chance to upgrade Solo Raids weapons by 5% Added more upgradeable items: Power Crystals -> Upgrade Stone Animal Bow ->Athens Supreme Bow Cash Caskets Cash Caskets now have a new look! Additionally, two more versions have been added to the game. The larger the casket, the more cash it gives. Crystal Key Shop You can now put your crystal keys to good use by visiting the crystal key shop! To open the shop click on the crystal key chest at home. Vote Rework Vote scrolls have been given a significant buff. They give a larger range of 1b tickets : We've also added more rewards to the vote box: The amount of vote points given from scrolls have been increased If you haven't already seen, we're also hosting monthly voting competitions to win a Voting hat and Discord Nitro's. Read HERE Below is the Voting hat stats: Corp Drop Table Changes Many useless drops have been removed The following drops have been added: Slayer Shop Changes Removed Sliske set and Athens set Defender Sword now costs 1k slayer points Demonic Sword now costs 750 Abyssal set pieces now cost 3k slayer points ea Lit Sword now costs 10k Hellfire Sword now costs 20k slayer points Antman Scroll now costs 15k slayer points Crimson pieces now cost 500 slayer points ea Dragon Minigun now costs 1k slayer points Infernal Virtus now costs 4k slayer points ea Custom Requests Miscellaneous The new slayer helms are now tradeable Nerfed chance of getting strange fiber from woodcutting FFA is now single combat Slightly nerfed the chance of receiving bonds from spins Removed x2 DR scrolls and 100% scrolls (2hr) from certain drops Add global mod rank (purple crown) Temporarily removed Particles from the server (causing too many FPS issues) Fixed an issue causing huge FPS drops Fixed buttons making certain interfaces overlap one another Removed requirement to fight vetion, bloodhounds, and skotizo Decreased chances of getting a $5 bond from super box Fixed multiple issues with duo slayer Fixed Human Pet not doing enough damage with Custom Raids weapons Added various new commands for staff. Please contact a moderator for account related issues before contacting an owner There may be more Misc. changes I have missed. Please let me know if there are any.
  21. Thanks for your input. I will consult with the staff team and see what we can do to make it more enjoyable.
  22. Hello, Finally this update is here! It's taken a lot longer than expected due to a hectic week and a half of finals. Fortunately, my spring semester has finally ended and hopefully we'll be having far more frequent updates. A couple things such as Player Owned Shops rework and Collector's Necklace Blacklisting were unfortunately not included in today's update. Slayer Update New Slayer Interface Blocking Tasks - Players can now block undesired slayer tasks with a cost (scales based on Donator Rank) Base cost - 100 Slayer points and scales downwards depending on Donator Rank Skipping Tasks - Players can use the Slayer Interface to skip/cancel tasks. Base cost - 25 Slayer points and scales downwards depending on Donator Rank New Slayer Tasks Hulk Oreo Skyrocket Angelic warriors Slayer Box Changes Slayer Helm (Advanced) has been added as a rare drop from Slayer Boxes Provides much higher stats than a normal slayer helm with 1.15x melee damage boost when on task Power crystals have been added as a rare drop from Slayer Boxes Bloodshot Slayer Helm Various low-tier bosses now have a chance at dropingp monster blood. There are a total of 19 different types of blood. Using all 19 variations on the Slayer Helm (Advanced) will create the Bloodshot Slayer helmet The Bloodshot Slayer helm provides even higher stats than the Slayer Helm (Advanced) with a 1.3x melee damage boost when on task. Additionally, the bloodshot slayer helmet provides a 40% Drop rate boost when killing your slayer task. This makes it the best choice helmet when on a slayer task. (The 20% drop rate in the images below is due to my Donator Rank) Elite Angelic Players can now forge all versions of Angelic power crystal pieces to upgrade to the elite version Elite Angelic is a hybrid set combining all the stats Each piece of the Angelic set provides a 40% Drop rate bonus Survivor Raids Due to the massive introduction of raids weapons into the economy (many due to bug abuse) we believe it was highly necessary for us to make some adjustments for the future of our economy. Quality of Life/Bug fixes Players can no longer invite alt accounts to the same party Leaving a raid will no longer reset your party Requirements: Players must complete at least 10 beginner Solo raids to enter a beginner Survivor Raid Players must complete at least 20 medium Solo raids to enter a medium Survivor Raid Players must complete at least 30 hard Solo raids to enter a hard Survivor Raid All raids weapons have been Nerfed. However, with that we've added upgrade-able versions that are better than they were previously Upgraded Raids Weapons (20% drop rate bonus is due to Donator Rank) Corporeal Beast buff Corporeal Beast has been given a huge buff and is now a mass boss. Cash Caskets All monsters now drop Cash Caskets. The chance of receiving one depends on the NPC's hp and if you're on a slayer task. Caskets are extremely common within a players first couple minutes of playing. Cash Caskets have a very rare chance at giving 100T New maps & more spawns Created new maps and more spawns for the following: Blood Hounds Undead Hounds Crimson Rangers Darklord Darkblue wizards Darth Ranger Abaddon Created new maps for the following: Groudon Blackstone warmonger Shaman defenders Minor POS QOL Yes, we are currently working on a POS rework. However, this is not included in today's update. Today's update includes some much needed QOL updates for the POS. When searching for items in POS, the result will not be reset after visiting a shop POS now displays items in order based on price (Top-Bottom) Miscellaneous Collectors necklace now auo-blacklists all bone drops Collectors necklace will no longer display message about sending items to your bank Ring of Wealth has been removed from mystery boxes fixed ::updates and ::rules commands Buffed HP for lower level bosses 25% Drop rate ring can now be upgraded to a Ring of Devotion Competitions Bloodshot Slayer Helmet 1st player to receive a bloodshot slayer helmet will receive: $50 bond Elite Angelic 1st player to receive full Elite Angelic will receive: $50 bond To claim your reward you must be the first player to send @Smash proof What's next?
  23. This has been done for the upcoming update
  24. Hey all, I just wanted to make a quick announcement to let everyone know what's going on with myself and behind the scenes. As many of you can relate, I've been extremely overwhelmed with university since the end of the semester is coming up. I've been occupied with finishing up projects and preparing for final exams. This is a major reason why the update has been delayed for as long as it has. I heavily apologies for this because I know many of you were expecting an update during the weekend. As for when the update will happen, I don't want to make any promises. However, because you've all been so patient, here are some things to expect once it is ready: Slayer interface with the ability to block tasks New Slayer helms A new forgeable elite set New weapon upgrades Reworked maps for multiple bosses bug fixes & QoL updates Additionally, a POS rework, Daily Tasks, and a new minigame are being planned for a future update. I can't give any ETA's on when they'll be ready but they more than likely won't be coming out with this next update. Once again, i'm deeply sorry for the delay and the inactivity on my part. I know @Smash has been doing a tremendous job picking up the slack. Please thank him for me if you haven't already, he's been doing a hell of a job. It's great to see everyone enjoying the server and keeping it active!
  25. I'll bring this up with the staff team
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