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  1. Yes, this is finally happening! I know you've all been itching to get your hands on this juicy new content. This update has been pushed back to the point that we're releasing our 4th of July event two days after 4th of July 😂 I had thought about removing the event from this update but fuck it, you guys wanted it and at the end of the day content is content! Now that's out the way, lets dive right into today's update. Lets start by showing off our brand new login screen, isn't it amazing? Vorkath This boss requires 500 Oreo kills as well as 500 Shaman Defenders. Vorkath has a couple similar attacks to the OSRS version of the boss. However, we've left some out to keep things a little less intensive. Drop table The Mimic & Cluescroll Rework To get to the mimic you need a mimic token, as well as 5 of 3 unique clue scrolls Drop table: Mimic pet has 150% drop rate! Reworked Cluescroll loot: New Ironman mass Boss: To get to the new Ironman boss, you must use the portal in the bank of the ironman zone The rewards as well as the boss itself are exclusive to ironmen only The boss has three different attacks: Attack #1: The boss will teleport a random player right under him and then jump. To avoid taking damage from this attack, run far from the boss as fast as you can Attack #2: The boss will follow and simply kick his target Attack #3: The boss will spawn lightning that will spawn under you. To avoid taking damage run around, away from your previous location. Drop table: New Survivor Raids Bows: Owner boots and gloves are now in the donation store! New Boxes! Seismic boxes, Owner boxes, and Survivor boxes could land you some of the juiciest loot for only $1! ** The ONLY way to get these boxes is through the store** Fourth of July- Murica Mage Boss You can get to this boss by typing ::murica, This boss spawns hourly. Everything that comes with this update is limited and will be removed the server in about 1 week!!! Drop table: The Murica Spirit Shield is the best in slot magic shield! (attack speed is displayed incorrectly in the image above) Murica mage can also be purchased with a murica themed ownercape! Other & Miscellaneous: Increased prices of items in ckey shop Buffed seismic wand Fixed abusable issue with slayer tasks Nerfed arane stream necklace Added darklord shop to darklords Darklord tokens are now stackable Players streaks will be reset when switching bravek difficulty Created a command to view the server ::faq Corp now requires only 100k damage to receive a drop Potentially fixed running through water in survivor raids Removed shopkeeper from the game & Many more minor fixes (I may have missed a lot in this post, if you notice any let us know) Custom donations Custom donations can be purchased through Smash if you're interested. P.S. This update post was rushed. I apologies for the lack of detail and I may have left some things out. I'll try to edit this post with more detail some time during the week;
  2. Hello, I've been working on some very interesting content and I hope to edit/make a post on my development blog within the next couple of days. With this update, comes some very necessary changes. We've noticed that our donation store was very outdated and did not reflect the conditions of our economy. Which is why we've decided to not only rework prices but add new items. The rest of this update mainly consists of small bug fixes/changes. Some of which took a lot of time to rewrite existing code in the server. Donator Store Rework highlights: Replaced Incursio with Elite Incursio to the online store Replaced Justiciar with Elite Justiciar to the online store Added Elite Tectonic to the online store Scaled/re-evaluated prices for most items accordingly to the current economy Removed various items that were pointless to keep in the store Many more minor changes and adjustments were made. To see them for yourself, either visit our online store at https://athensps.org/store/ or checkout the in-game store Misc: Removed NPC requirements to kill Vorago Players will now need three power crystals instead of one in order to upgrade certain items (rod, angelic, etc) Potentially fixed issue with certain players being unable to login Slayer boxes are now only dropped when on a Bravek task Slayer boxes given from streaks now vary based on difficulty Fixed bug with duo slayer allowing players to get more slayer points than they should Lowered the price for upgrading power crystals to 10T Fixed issue with Survivor and Vorago raids failing players that die after completing the raid Fixed multiple back-end issues with both Vorago and survivor raids Vote boxes now cost 150 vote points instead of 200 American pernix peices in the vote shop now costs 30 points each Golden minigun in the vote shop now costs 100 points Fixed the models for roseblood gloves Thank you all for your patience and continued support in Athens!
  3. Hello, once again we're sorry for the huge delay on this update. I am the sole developer on Athens and when things come up IRL for me, development comes to a complete stop. Additionally, we have yet to setup a proper beta testing server which means just like development, I am the only person testing my changes. It is a very poor choice and I've already started taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen next update. I'll also be making an effort to start posting development blogs as opposed to giving you guys ETA's. Without further ado, lets take a look at what's taken so long! Vorago Raids Due to Vorago being near dead content due to his poor/irritating mechanics and overall lack of fun we've decided to spice things up! Vorago Raids differs from both Solo and Survivor in the fact that there is only one difficulty level (hard) and there are less restrictions. You can bring your own food to Vorago Raids Yes, that means owner cape is allowed! Vorago Raids is composed of THREE waves. Two waves consisting of Living Rock Creatures and then the final boss fight, Vorago himself. The first two waves are very basic and don't require much knowledge to complete. The amount of Rock Creatures that spawn and their HP scales based on your party size. Vorago Fight All of Vorago's attacks are aimed at everyone in the party. There is no "tank" or any way to avoid being targeted. Please be warned... getting too close to Vorago will be unwise for both you and your team. Vorago does two main attacks that he randomly picks between Rock Projectile Vorago will throw a rock that players must dodge Magic This is a normal magic attack (can be deflected with protect magic) Vorago has two special attacks that rotate every six normal attacks he does Seismic Rock Fall Half the players in the raid will be targeted with falling rocks (the next time this attack is carried out it'll be the other half). The longer a player stays in one place, the higher damage he'll take. By moving around, whatever damage has been accumulated, will begin to decrease. Seismic Beam Blue beams will spout from the ground all over the room. Move out of the way to avoid taking massive damage. Rewards The box amounts are randomly generated. They will not always be the same as displayed in the interface below. The Book of Omens (last drop in the image displayed) is the drop you're all looking for. Opening this book will grant you one of the Seismic weapons. However, on top of the book you'll also need a total of 4 upgrade stones. Raids changes and fixes Decreased price to enter solo raids Significantly decreased solo raids requirements Buffed Solo Raids loot Fixed Survivor Raids not deleting food/box when leaving You can now right-click invite other players to your team If the party leader leaves the team, the next player takes over as the new leader and the raid can continue Rewards This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids The reward system for both Survivor and Vorago Raids have been reworked. They now allow for higher drop rate and a new feature called streaks. Drop rate item boosts in raids will be divided by 10 from their original rate. Raids streaks allow players to get higher drop rate. And to top it off, having a party of multiple members has a slight boost in drop rate. Administrators can now hold larger raiding parties of up to 10 players and they can also boost the drop rate server wide. These will be used for events and to increase community interaction. Streaks This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids A streak is the consecutive amount of raids a team can successfully complete. The actions below will reset a teams streak: Adding another player - so be sure to have the team you want before starting your streak Everyone dying Everyone leaving the party - this includes leaving the lobby area Upgrade Stones & Upgrade changes This update introduces a new item, Upgrade Stones. These are only obtained from upgrading power crystals, Solo raids, and vorago raids. Upgrade Stones will have many purposes in the future but at the moment they are currently used to open a Book of Omens and forge Raids weapons into their upgraded counter parts at a 100% success rate Decreased the chance to upgrade Solo Raids weapons by 5% Added more upgradeable items: Power Crystals -> Upgrade Stone Animal Bow ->Athens Supreme Bow Cash Caskets Cash Caskets now have a new look! Additionally, two more versions have been added to the game. The larger the casket, the more cash it gives. Crystal Key Shop You can now put your crystal keys to good use by visiting the crystal key shop! To open the shop click on the crystal key chest at home. Vote Rework Vote scrolls have been given a significant buff. They give a larger range of 1b tickets : We've also added more rewards to the vote box: The amount of vote points given from scrolls have been increased If you haven't already seen, we're also hosting monthly voting competitions to win a Voting hat and Discord Nitro's. Read HERE Below is the Voting hat stats: Corp Drop Table Changes Many useless drops have been removed The following drops have been added: Slayer Shop Changes Removed Sliske set and Athens set Defender Sword now costs 1k slayer points Demonic Sword now costs 750 Abyssal set pieces now cost 3k slayer points ea Lit Sword now costs 10k Hellfire Sword now costs 20k slayer points Antman Scroll now costs 15k slayer points Crimson pieces now cost 500 slayer points ea Dragon Minigun now costs 1k slayer points Infernal Virtus now costs 4k slayer points ea Custom Requests Miscellaneous The new slayer helms are now tradeable Nerfed chance of getting strange fiber from woodcutting FFA is now single combat Slightly nerfed the chance of receiving bonds from spins Removed x2 DR scrolls and 100% scrolls (2hr) from certain drops Add global mod rank (purple crown) Temporarily removed Particles from the server (causing too many FPS issues) Fixed an issue causing huge FPS drops Fixed buttons making certain interfaces overlap one another Removed requirement to fight vetion, bloodhounds, and skotizo Decreased chances of getting a $5 bond from super box Fixed multiple issues with duo slayer Fixed Human Pet not doing enough damage with Custom Raids weapons Added various new commands for staff. Please contact a moderator for account related issues before contacting an owner There may be more Misc. changes I have missed. Please let me know if there are any.
  4. Thanks for your input. I will consult with the staff team and see what we can do to make it more enjoyable.
  5. Hello, Finally this update is here! It's taken a lot longer than expected due to a hectic week and a half of finals. Fortunately, my spring semester has finally ended and hopefully we'll be having far more frequent updates. A couple things such as Player Owned Shops rework and Collector's Necklace Blacklisting were unfortunately not included in today's update. Slayer Update New Slayer Interface Blocking Tasks - Players can now block undesired slayer tasks with a cost (scales based on Donator Rank) Base cost - 100 Slayer points and scales downwards depending on Donator Rank Skipping Tasks - Players can use the Slayer Interface to skip/cancel tasks. Base cost - 25 Slayer points and scales downwards depending on Donator Rank New Slayer Tasks Hulk Oreo Skyrocket Angelic warriors Slayer Box Changes Slayer Helm (Advanced) has been added as a rare drop from Slayer Boxes Provides much higher stats than a normal slayer helm with 1.15x melee damage boost when on task Power crystals have been added as a rare drop from Slayer Boxes Bloodshot Slayer Helm Various low-tier bosses now have a chance at dropingp monster blood. There are a total of 19 different types of blood. Using all 19 variations on the Slayer Helm (Advanced) will create the Bloodshot Slayer helmet The Bloodshot Slayer helm provides even higher stats than the Slayer Helm (Advanced) with a 1.3x melee damage boost when on task. Additionally, the bloodshot slayer helmet provides a 40% Drop rate boost when killing your slayer task. This makes it the best choice helmet when on a slayer task. (The 20% drop rate in the images below is due to my Donator Rank) Elite Angelic Players can now forge all versions of Angelic power crystal pieces to upgrade to the elite version Elite Angelic is a hybrid set combining all the stats Each piece of the Angelic set provides a 40% Drop rate bonus Survivor Raids Due to the massive introduction of raids weapons into the economy (many due to bug abuse) we believe it was highly necessary for us to make some adjustments for the future of our economy. Quality of Life/Bug fixes Players can no longer invite alt accounts to the same party Leaving a raid will no longer reset your party Requirements: Players must complete at least 10 beginner Solo raids to enter a beginner Survivor Raid Players must complete at least 20 medium Solo raids to enter a medium Survivor Raid Players must complete at least 30 hard Solo raids to enter a hard Survivor Raid All raids weapons have been Nerfed. However, with that we've added upgrade-able versions that are better than they were previously Upgraded Raids Weapons (20% drop rate bonus is due to Donator Rank) Corporeal Beast buff Corporeal Beast has been given a huge buff and is now a mass boss. Cash Caskets All monsters now drop Cash Caskets. The chance of receiving one depends on the NPC's hp and if you're on a slayer task. Caskets are extremely common within a players first couple minutes of playing. Cash Caskets have a very rare chance at giving 100T New maps & more spawns Created new maps and more spawns for the following: Blood Hounds Undead Hounds Crimson Rangers Darklord Darkblue wizards Darth Ranger Abaddon Created new maps for the following: Groudon Blackstone warmonger Shaman defenders Minor POS QOL Yes, we are currently working on a POS rework. However, this is not included in today's update. Today's update includes some much needed QOL updates for the POS. When searching for items in POS, the result will not be reset after visiting a shop POS now displays items in order based on price (Top-Bottom) Miscellaneous Collectors necklace now auo-blacklists all bone drops Collectors necklace will no longer display message about sending items to your bank Ring of Wealth has been removed from mystery boxes fixed ::updates and ::rules commands Buffed HP for lower level bosses 25% Drop rate ring can now be upgraded to a Ring of Devotion Competitions Bloodshot Slayer Helmet 1st player to receive a bloodshot slayer helmet will receive: $50 bond Elite Angelic 1st player to receive full Elite Angelic will receive: $50 bond To claim your reward you must be the first player to send @Smash proof What's next?
  6. This has been done for the upcoming update
  7. Hey all, I just wanted to make a quick announcement to let everyone know what's going on with myself and behind the scenes. As many of you can relate, I've been extremely overwhelmed with university since the end of the semester is coming up. I've been occupied with finishing up projects and preparing for final exams. This is a major reason why the update has been delayed for as long as it has. I heavily apologies for this because I know many of you were expecting an update during the weekend. As for when the update will happen, I don't want to make any promises. However, because you've all been so patient, here are some things to expect once it is ready: Slayer interface with the ability to block tasks New Slayer helms A new forgeable elite set New weapon upgrades Reworked maps for multiple bosses bug fixes & QoL updates Additionally, a POS rework, Daily Tasks, and a new minigame are being planned for a future update. I can't give any ETA's on when they'll be ready but they more than likely won't be coming out with this next update. Once again, i'm deeply sorry for the delay and the inactivity on my part. I know @Smash has been doing a tremendous job picking up the slack. Please thank him for me if you haven't already, he's been doing a hell of a job. It's great to see everyone enjoying the server and keeping it active!
  8. I'm not too sure about this for now. I think we're doing pretty well without gambling as it is. We'll have to revisit this some other time or once there's a higher demand.
  9. I'll bring this up with the staff team
  10. I'll bring these up with the staff team
  11. I'm not too sure about this. I think the current afk zone has enough incentives and lots of players are already doing it.
  12. Like the others mentioned I think there should be a price for doing this. I won't be declining this but i'll be putting it on hold for now.
  13. I've accepted this suggestion. This will be added to the game soon.
  14. Hey guys, This is just a quick update with some smaller fixes and additions to the server. This is by no means the update we had planned. That is still to come later this week or weekend. Added movement delay when entering a solo raid to prevent getting stuck in walls players can no longer attack monsters in jail during survivor raids Potentially fixed problem with players being teleported into the wrong raid Added ::kc [npc name] command which allows you to showoff your killcount to others Fixed some issues with didy and eggy bosses. They can now be spawned during events Added ::toggleannounce command to disable most drop and box messages fixed issue with being able to get unlimited referral rewards Enjoy!
  15. New Donator Zones The Donator Zones have been reworked with a brand new map! We felt the other zones were all clustered and unorganized so we thought this was a much needed update. Donator-Extreme Donator all share one zone with the higher ranks having access to the monsters locked away Legendary+ Donators all share one zone with a progression of monsters that are available in the north Arena. The higher the rank = the more monsters available. The Arenas are just in the northern gate. Once you click the gate you will be entered into an instance of your respective Donator Rank. With these new Donator maps there's so much we can do and change. If you'd like to access the old donator zones, you can type ::dzoneold, etc Oreo Set Oreo warriors have been added to the game. We thought that Oreo armour needed a revamp/buff and here it is! Oreo armour is now a hybrid set with a drop rate boost for each peice: New power and Elite items (+COMPETITION) Players can now add power crystals to 50% Drop Rate boots, Roseblood gloves, and Collector's Necklace (i) These power items can be forged into an elite version. Just like Ring of Devotion. Below are the stats for each Elite piece COMPETITION **First Player to get all three Elite items will receive a total of $150 in bonds** You need to be the first to submit sufficient proof of your account having all three in order to win... Other Updates Slightly nerfed Collector's Necklace (i) and roseblood gloves DR bonus Added the ability to upgrade hellfire battlestaff to hope lightening Nerfed Siesmic Fixed being unable to vote if username is less than 3 characters Animal Bow has been buffed Easter ring drop rate bonus has been buffed to 60% Raids supply box can no longer be smuggled out Changed the tome of Chaos to 2k Pest Control Points Backend changes and improvements
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