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    Just wanted to add a few of my suggestions as ive been grinding the server for a few weeks and have noticed some things id like improved / added to the game 1) Bravek tasks - I would like to suggest the addition of ::setelite tasks to Bravek. Basically this just extends your tasks even more as towards end game gear you can smash out tasks pretty quick, and the extra grind for the extra rewards would be lovely. This could be capped by saying maybe you need a set amount of tasks completed to access. For example you must have completed 200 Bravek tasks etc. - Timed slayer tasks - Just a concept, but maybe adding a feature where by completing tasks without a specific time limit gives you an extra reward such as bonus slayer points. Subsequently if you failed to finish the task in time you would lose that task and have to start again with a new one. - Slayer Milestone - Similar to how the slayer streak bonuses work. Would be nice to have other reasons to grind slayer. For example on completion of your 100th Bravek task you get bonus points / boxes / other cosmetic rewards / a title. 2) Pest Control - The mini game itself is great right now, and some of the rewards on offer are really nice. However its currently quite a stress playing the mini game as the 1 minute wait period between games is really dragging. If there was a way for this to be reduced I'm sure the game would be packed. Also, although the points required for items aren't too bad, maybe an added donator benefit would be slightly increased pest control points with each rank. 3) Staff Led events - As we are aware the staff do a huge amount on this server at every level. However an idea to bring the community and especially the new players together would be maybe weekly or bi-weekly staff headed events, where participants are rewarded at end for attending / key players rewarded for helping out etc. So for example a staff member hosting a PC event on one day, for maybe an hour or even less, where everyone who participates is rewarded at the end with some didy/eggy kills or some bonus points / boxes. Would also be some nice video content and could use discord etc to chill during these times. Just a rough idea of course. 4) Video Rewards - As I'm sure the main content creators on the server are rewarded as they deserve, i think some advertisement to the general player base about video making and the rewards they can gain would be great. I find 90% of my servers through youtube, and giving people the added incentive to even start a channel around it i feel could improve the player base greatly. A player with minimal following making a video could earn themselves a 5-10 bond for example, that had to be claimed not sold. And as they progress with their channel / streams / content, these could increase and eventually earn their own content creator ranks etc. Monthly video competitions etc could come into this. 5) Vote Rewards - Although they can be useful, the voting rewards aren't exactly the most glamorous thing on the server. I vote most days just for the growth of the server, but i don't actually have a material incentive to do so, and i feel after a few days most new players give up with voting. Obviously voting is a huge part of advertisement so hopefully something can be added to make it more worthwhile. - E.G More chances for random rewards from claiming votes, Weekly vote competitors, Better vote point store. Just a rough idea 6) Fun item idea - I feel this idea is fairly unique and i haven't seen it around before so ill take credit as it goes ;). So just for a fun idea how about something like Egg drops. These could be dropped from whatever you desire, or could be an extremest rare world drop / from a mass boss. Basically you could get say a Didy Egg, n Eggy Egg (i know), or a Warmonger Egg, a Murica Egg, the list goes on. Basic idea is that if you get one of these eggs you can spawn a normal or higher hp version of the boss / npc for anyone to kill, so people can be generous with them etc. The bosses can have the same standard drop rates / slightly boosted depending on how the system works, but would just be some added content and fun for the players. (side note to avoid clutter maybe could have a basic zone called egg zone or whatever to spawn the NPCs in. 7) Donator benefits) Im sure you've had this a million times but just think as a donator myself, the ranks could use a few more benefits / have some of the current ones touched on. Quick hit list just to go off imo - PC Points - Changing the spin benefit because it becomes a chore to sit and spin 500 odd times haha - I think its in the works but the D / E zone could do with some work as they're a bit unappealing to the eye / useless at times. Maybe some donator exclusive shops that sell ovls or whatever. Maybe A donator fountain thats close proximity to the tele spot for quick rejuvenation. - I cant think of a lot right now but i think donators should be rewarded slightly more. 8 ) Main Activity areas - So basically the game to a mid tier player is broken down into a few areas of actual progress. You can farm bravek slayer, farm some sort of boss, or do raids. Recently clues have been added into that which is a new area of activity but i cant help but feel we need something else to do every time we log onto the game. Some sort of daily tasks for rewards would give people another reason to grind the game. 9) Gear Gap - Just to finish off, i just feel like there's slightly too big of a gear gap between sort of starter tier, mid tier and end game gear. Hopefully at some point we'll be seeing some new gear being added into the game. All i have for now, i had more planned in my head but i've forgotten them at this moment. Sorry for all the reading and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
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    Yes, this is finally happening! I know you've all been itching to get your hands on this juicy new content. This update has been pushed back to the point that we're releasing our 4th of July event two days after 4th of July πŸ˜‚ I had thought about removing the event from this update but fuck it, you guys wanted it and at the end of the day content is content! Now that's out the way, lets dive right into today's update. Lets start by showing off our brand new login screen, isn't it amazing? Vorkath This boss requires 500 Oreo kills as well as 500 Shaman Defenders. Vorkath has a couple similar attacks to the OSRS version of the boss. However, we've left some out to keep things a little less intensive. Drop table The Mimic & Cluescroll Rework To get to the mimic you need a mimic token, as well as 5 of 3 unique clue scrolls Drop table: Mimic pet has 150% drop rate! Reworked Cluescroll loot: New Ironman mass Boss: To get to the new Ironman boss, you must use the portal in the bank of the ironman zone The rewards as well as the boss itself are exclusive to ironmen only The boss has three different attacks: Attack #1: The boss will teleport a random player right under him and then jump. To avoid taking damage from this attack, run far from the boss as fast as you can Attack #2: The boss will follow and simply kick his target Attack #3: The boss will spawn lightning that will spawn under you. To avoid taking damage run around, away from your previous location. Drop table: New Survivor Raids Bows: Owner boots and gloves are now in the donation store! New Boxes! Seismic boxes, Owner boxes, and Survivor boxes could land you some of the juiciest loot for only $1! ** The ONLY way to get these boxes is through the store** Fourth of July- Murica Mage Boss You can get to this boss by typing ::murica, This boss spawns hourly. Everything that comes with this update is limited and will be removed the server in about 1 week!!! Drop table: The Murica Spirit Shield is the best in slot magic shield! (attack speed is displayed incorrectly in the image above) Murica mage can also be purchased with a murica themed ownercape! Other & Miscellaneous: Increased prices of items in ckey shop Buffed seismic wand Fixed abusable issue with slayer tasks Nerfed arane stream necklace Added darklord shop to darklords Darklord tokens are now stackable Players streaks will be reset when switching bravek difficulty Created a command to view the server ::faq Corp now requires only 100k damage to receive a drop Potentially fixed running through water in survivor raids Removed shopkeeper from the game & Many more minor fixes (I may have missed a lot in this post, if you notice any let us know) Custom donations Custom donations can be purchased through Smash if you're interested. P.S. This update post was rushed. I apologies for the lack of detail and I may have left some things out. I'll try to edit this post with more detail some time during the week;
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    Farming $10 bonds By Admin Tyler Everyone wants bonds, bonds bring wealth & higher donator status in game. Lets discuss the quickest way to earn $10 bonds πŸ˜› Items needed: 2x drop scroll/100% dr scroll ( PC is 3 to 4t per scroll ) Access to Ganodermic Warlocks or bloodhounds (::dzone or ::lzoneold locations preferably) Note: 2x drop scroll grants double drops ( EX. 2 ultra boxes per drop ) & 100% dr scroll raises your drop rate by 100% - Both scrolls last for 2 hours in game only. To get $10 bonds, we are gonna be farming ultra boxes from Ganodermic Warlocks. As everyone may already know, ultras boxes have a chance at giving limey bows. With a bit of luck that limey bow can turn into a $10 bond, the real prize! Lets get started! I will be doing one hour of Ganodermic Warlocks! Loot Below: ( Average ultra boxes per hour is 40-80 depending on drop rate ) Outcome: ( No bonds sadly ) My luck wasn't the greatest but some players can earn 10+ limeys a hour with this method & at least 2 to 4 bonds in the process! Good luck with farming & i look forward to seeing that VIP status!
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    Trial Server support Born2PVM Really nice guy; I have grinded some raids and slayer with this guy πŸ™‚ deserves support πŸ˜› Server Support mradolf Good job hehe nothing to complain about Yeehaw n/a Roocer noob. jk funny guy banter with him alot. Good staff helps alot people even me πŸ˜› Big Shmeat n/a Ultra Monk ehh Moderator Citrinite n/a Interesting insanely lucky guy nothing else to say. InfamousPkz helpful, and not shit πŸ™‚ Global Moderator Sanido n/a Cap n/a New Player n/a Admin Wolf I heard he does alot of work πŸ™‚ Godzilla best youtuber out there ! TylerMT n/a Global Admin Draoder big dady Blackheartdb n/a Owners Smash okey so I have been playing rsps for along time now and this server must be the best I have ever played πŸ™‚ The community is the best, and I like that the custom items are sooo clean! I have been playing for like 2-3 months now. Nothing else to say, but good job. This goes for escanor and you πŸ™‚ Keep it up! Escanor
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    Trial Server support Born2PVM - Whenever this guy is online, there is always yelling over the help chat to remind players that if they need help, feel free to ask. Very active player on my behalf, whenever I am in then he is in too. I think I've talked with the guy a few times, therefore I am not sure. Well deserved support! Server Support mradolf - To be honest I have nothing good or bad to say except the thing that I see him in the game often. Yeehaw - Same as adolf. Roocer - Pretty much does the same thing like Born2PVM, very helpful staff member. Big Shmeat - No interactions with this guy but nonetheless, is still a active player. Ultra Monk - Three words for this guy - cheerful, funny and helpful! Moderator Citrinite - In all honest, not a very active player on my perspective but I might be wrong. Nothing good or bad from me. Interesting - Very nice guy, had a few chats with this guy. Fast replies and carries out his role perfectly. InfamousPkz - I don't know why but this guy is similar to Interesting, or vice versa. Nice guy overall. Global Moderator Sanido - I've asked lots of questions from this guy, so far the he has not failed to answer any of them. Fast replies and well deserved! Cap - Had no interactions with this guy, I think. Still seems to be a great character and also active. New Player - Same as Cap, I have literally nothing more to add. Admin Wolf - Very nice member of the staff team although I've had no interactions with this guy at all but by the way he talks in help chat, I can tell that he is nothing but a positive vibe! Possibility of becoming a global admin. Godzilla - Pretty much same as Wolf, these two are like a dream team πŸ˜„ Very active player, also started making videos for the server which is a big +1 from me. Well deserved! Possibility of becoming a global admin. TylerMT - Nothing good or bad from me. But hey, if you climb the rank ladder up to Admin then I think it's well deserved. Global Admin Draoder - One of my main guys to go to. Fulfills his duty perfectly. I think there is no other explanation needed. Definitely will stay as global admin. Blackheartdb - Seems to me that players respect the guy although I don't see him playing that much. Owners Smash - One thing that is worth mentioning is that this guy has flatness and humor. These two traits make a perfect combo. Will call you a noob and offer great donation deals! πŸ˜„ Escanor - Positive vibe only although is not as active as Smash but to be honest, there is no need. Probably busy developing! It's hard to say who deserves a staff of the month, I think everyone are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up!
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    Name: Jeremiah In-Game Username: Jeremiah Age: 21 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): USA, CST Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? 5-10 hours depending on work. All week, all day on Sunday & Monday. What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? I was once a SS on a server a few years ago(Still active, so pm for any specifics) & I was lead wiki dev on another(Same case, pm for more info) Why do you want to be a Athens staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I do believe that I'd be a good candidate for the position, I devote my time into learning things and helping people when I can. (Either financially or with some wisdom) I'd love to join the team, to be a part of a vital part of the server and to help it, in its endeavor to become even better. πŸ˜ƒ What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athens staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? Respectful, Mindful (Everyone comes from different backgrounds), Stern, Helpful, and Friendliness. I have not been infracted, only Uim'd a few times. (Thanks @Wolf ) If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: N/A If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? Of course, I love playing Athens. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): I work with phones constantly, always have technology at my fingertips. I love helping people with any issues they may have, its just part of what I like to do! I am a big movie buff, mostly mainstream movies.
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    Introduction Hi everyone, first of all a big Thank you to all the staff members who have helped me create this post! This is a FAQ for AthensPS where we aim to answer the most commonly asked questions in a clear fashion to help you get started and well introduced to the game. This will probably be an ever-growing post, so if you feel you have something to add to this topic please PM me or any of our staff with your idea/question to get it added! I advise to use (CTRL + F) to search for a keyword to easily find your answer. Note: Remember that if you have any questions you can always pm a member of our staff team or ask your question in the help CC! There will also be a few useful links listed at the bottom of this post. Let's start off with some humble beginnings (If this is the first post you check on our forums and you are new, be sure to check out our comprehensive starter guide! Credits to: Draoder. And be sure to have joined our ::discord for giveaways and much more! Note: If you are wondering how I got all the NPC names to show in the client, this can be done by enabling "Show entity names" Where can I find the teleports? In AthensPS the teleport are located under your minimap, you are looking for the blue "T": What ammo do I use for miniguns/Where can I get Ava's/Does it work? For miniguns you will be looking for either Handcannon shots, Atrox shots, or Atrox shots (e). Handcannon shots and Ava's can be obtained from the range store at ::shops, and yes it works! Atrox shots and Atrox shots (e) are obtainable from Ammo Boxes which can be obtained from Mystery Boxes Where can you buy your first tools? (Mainly to start AFK mining, after you have created an alt!) Your tools can be bought from Bob, which can be found at ::shops as seen below, to the bottom right: How do I make money? The top ways of making money are (In order) at this time: Slayer Solo raids Survivor raids Once DropRate has gotten above ~500, hellfire wizards(Great with 2x/100% drop scrolls active!) Where can you start slayer? (One of the best money makers in the game!) You can start slayer off by pressing on the slayer skill, a menu will popup in your chat where you can TP to your slayer master of choice. -> Select -Teleport to slayer master- Once you have managed to get 99 slayer make sure to execute the command "::Changebravek" Once you have done "::Changebravek" Please make sure to set your difficulty using one of the below: ::SetEasy ::SetMedium ::SetHard Note: At this time changing the difficulty only impacts the amount of NPCs you get assigned per task and the amount of slayer boxes rewarded upon reaching a 10 streak. The more NPC requirements you unlock, the more slayer tasks you will unlock. How do I find my slayer task? After you have gotten your task, speak to the slayer master again and he should tell you the location of your task after asking what your current slayer task is. Another option is to buy a Ring of slaying(8) for 5 slayer points. This holds 8 charges for you to teleport to your tasks location right away! This can be found in any of the slayer masters "Rewards > Items section" How to do duo slayer/Where do I get the slayer gem/How to disband my duo slayer? How to do duo slayer? Well, in order to do duo slayer you need the slayer gem. Where do I get the slayer gem? The slayer gem can be acquired from 'Vannaka', which is the 1st slayer master. If you have this slayer master set you can click on the slayer skill to and select 'teleport to master' Otherwise, teleport to ::edge and walk north, go down into the tunnel and walk North+onwards (OSRS location) Open it's store (Trade) to find the slayer gem. Once acquired, use the slayer gem on your soon-to-be slayer partner and it will send out an invite, once accepted you are good to get a task from your designated slayer master! What does the Hellfire Scroll do? The Hellfire Scroll teleports you to an island where the befamed Hellfire Wizards are located, these are known for their cash drops and the hellfire battlestaves. What are the raid requirements? Solo raids: Beginner: None Intermediate: 25 Beginner raids - 1 Prestige level Advanced: 50 Intermediate raids - 3 Prestige levels Survivor raids: Beginner: 5 Beginner solo raids Intermediate: 50 Beginner survivor raids + 5 intermediate solo raids Advanced: 75 Intermediate survivor raids + 5 Advanced solo raids Vorago raids: There is only 1 difficulty: 20 Advanced Survivor raids Gambling The current gambling that is allowed/possible is using the gambler @::gkey, this has a 40% chance of doubling your item where you have to roll above a 60 to win. As of 6/23/2020 there is a poll active in our ::discord to discuss whether or not further gambling will be allowed/introduced. As of 6/23/2020 there is no flower poker/dice games or such. My votes are not working? Help! Make sure you have joined our ::discord , there will be a channel #Votesupport where you can post 3 screenshots(Proof) that you have voted, including the current time(Bottom right of desktop) Please make sure to include your in-game name and a Moderator/Administrator will help you out! Are there Player Owned Shops? Yes, there are Player Owned Shops! These can be found at ::shops, near the entrance. How do I make a Collector's Necklace (i) or Coll (i)? You can make the Collector's Necklace (i) by having the following 3 items: You have to use the sinew on the Ring Of Devotion (With the 3 items listed below in your inventory) Collector's Necklace Ring Of Devotion Sinew The Collector's Necklace can be obtained from Ultra boxes, Supreme boxes or bought from players in the Player Owned Shops(POS), found at ::shops The Ring Of Devotion can be obtained as a drop from Tokash or from the loyalty shop for 125k loyalty points, or bought from players in the POS The Sinew can be obtained by woodcutting magic trees or buying from players in the POS Note: There is a slight chance of failing this 'upgrade' which would make you lose the sinew. What can we do with Crystal keys (Ckeys) and Golden keys (Gkeys)? Crystal keys can be used at the crystal chest (Found at ::ckey), clicking on this chest will open a store where you can spend your hard earned ckeys! Golden keys can be used at the burnt chest (Right next to the crystal chest, Found at ::gkey) Where do I sell most of my junk/useless items? Most of your items will be sold to the '1b ticket shop' which can be found right accross from either the ::ckey or ::gkey command as seen below. Where do I get a max cape? A max cape can be obtained from the Veteran just south @ ::home Why can I not get the max cape? I have all 99 stats/ I am maxed! This might be because you have not gotten the 'Maxed' title yet, which has to be obtained first from King Lathas @ ::shops.> Right click > Loyalty titles. Where can I buy potions/food? Potions and food can be bought from the healer at ::home Are cosmetics worth anything? (Party hats/Phats Hallowheen masks etc.) No, cosmetics have no real value in AthensPS. Where can I upgrade my items? Items can be upgraded at the "Item Manager", located at ::Shops Is skilling worth doing? You do not make any real money from skilling, and it is commonly seen that non-combat skills are maxed out with XP lamps. Can I spin on an alt account? No, you cannot spin on an alt account, unless that alt account is an ironman. Where are slots/Where is the slot machine? You can play slots at the gambler, which can be found in 1 of 2 places: ::Gamble ::Gkey What is the best combat style? We recommend: For the early game: Ranged (Minigun, up to dragon/rainbow+ Ranged armour) For the mid game: Magic (Hellfire battlestaff) Ranged (Animal bow) Melee (Hellfire Shadow Sword) For the late game: Most commonly seen is Melee, since it profits the most from the owner (bis) items. What loot can I get from (Mystery/Super/Ultra etc.) boxes or raids? The loot that you can get can be found by going to the quest tab > pressing the little cog icon in the top right, and pressing on "Possible loot". Useful links: AthensPS Rules Drop Rate % on Items guide by Smash Armour guide by Draoder What items do drop scrolls work on? By Draoder Weapon Progression guide By TylerMT Price Guide by Draoder
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    Hello, once again we're sorry for the huge delay on this update. I am the sole developer on Athens and when things come up IRL for me, development comes to a complete stop. Additionally, we have yet to setup a proper beta testing server which means just like development, I am the only person testing my changes. It is a very poor choice and I've already started taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen next update. I'll also be making an effort to start posting development blogs as opposed to giving you guys ETA's. Without further ado, lets take a look at what's taken so long! Vorago Raids Due to Vorago being near dead content due to his poor/irritating mechanics and overall lack of fun we've decided to spice things up! Vorago Raids differs from both Solo and Survivor in the fact that there is only one difficulty level (hard) and there are less restrictions. You can bring your own food to Vorago Raids Yes, that means owner cape is allowed! Vorago Raids is composed of THREE waves. Two waves consisting of Living Rock Creatures and then the final boss fight, Vorago himself. The first two waves are very basic and don't require much knowledge to complete. The amount of Rock Creatures that spawn and their HP scales based on your party size. Vorago Fight All of Vorago's attacks are aimed at everyone in the party. There is no "tank" or any way to avoid being targeted. Please be warned... getting too close to Vorago will be unwise for both you and your team. Vorago does two main attacks that he randomly picks between Rock Projectile Vorago will throw a rock that players must dodge Magic This is a normal magic attack (can be deflected with protect magic) Vorago has two special attacks that rotate every six normal attacks he does Seismic Rock Fall Half the players in the raid will be targeted with falling rocks (the next time this attack is carried out it'll be the other half). The longer a player stays in one place, the higher damage he'll take. By moving around, whatever damage has been accumulated, will begin to decrease. Seismic Beam Blue beams will spout from the ground all over the room. Move out of the way to avoid taking massive damage. Rewards The box amounts are randomly generated. They will not always be the same as displayed in the interface below. The Book of Omens (last drop in the image displayed) is the drop you're all looking for. Opening this book will grant you one of the Seismic weapons. However, on top of the book you'll also need a total of 4 upgrade stones. Raids changes and fixes Decreased price to enter solo raids Significantly decreased solo raids requirements Buffed Solo Raids loot Fixed Survivor Raids not deleting food/box when leaving You can now right-click invite other players to your team If the party leader leaves the team, the next player takes over as the new leader and the raid can continue Rewards This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids The reward system for both Survivor and Vorago Raids have been reworked. They now allow for higher drop rate and a new feature called streaks. Drop rate item boosts in raids will be divided by 10 from their original rate. Raids streaks allow players to get higher drop rate. And to top it off, having a party of multiple members has a slight boost in drop rate. Administrators can now hold larger raiding parties of up to 10 players and they can also boost the drop rate server wide. These will be used for events and to increase community interaction. Streaks This applies for both Survivor and Vorago Raids A streak is the consecutive amount of raids a team can successfully complete. The actions below will reset a teams streak: Adding another player - so be sure to have the team you want before starting your streak Everyone dying Everyone leaving the party - this includes leaving the lobby area Upgrade Stones & Upgrade changes This update introduces a new item, Upgrade Stones. These are only obtained from upgrading power crystals, Solo raids, and vorago raids. Upgrade Stones will have many purposes in the future but at the moment they are currently used to open a Book of Omens and forge Raids weapons into their upgraded counter parts at a 100% success rate Decreased the chance to upgrade Solo Raids weapons by 5% Added more upgradeable items: Power Crystals -> Upgrade Stone Animal Bow ->Athens Supreme Bow Cash Caskets Cash Caskets now have a new look! Additionally, two more versions have been added to the game. The larger the casket, the more cash it gives. Crystal Key Shop You can now put your crystal keys to good use by visiting the crystal key shop! To open the shop click on the crystal key chest at home. Vote Rework Vote scrolls have been given a significant buff. They give a larger range of 1b tickets : We've also added more rewards to the vote box: The amount of vote points given from scrolls have been increased If you haven't already seen, we're also hosting monthly voting competitions to win a Voting hat and Discord Nitro's. Read HERE Below is the Voting hat stats: Corp Drop Table Changes Many useless drops have been removed The following drops have been added: Slayer Shop Changes Removed Sliske set and Athens set Defender Sword now costs 1k slayer points Demonic Sword now costs 750 Abyssal set pieces now cost 3k slayer points ea Lit Sword now costs 10k Hellfire Sword now costs 20k slayer points Antman Scroll now costs 15k slayer points Crimson pieces now cost 500 slayer points ea Dragon Minigun now costs 1k slayer points Infernal Virtus now costs 4k slayer points ea Custom Requests Miscellaneous The new slayer helms are now tradeable Nerfed chance of getting strange fiber from woodcutting FFA is now single combat Slightly nerfed the chance of receiving bonds from spins Removed x2 DR scrolls and 100% scrolls (2hr) from certain drops Add global mod rank (purple crown) Temporarily removed Particles from the server (causing too many FPS issues) Fixed an issue causing huge FPS drops Fixed buttons making certain interfaces overlap one another Removed requirement to fight vetion, bloodhounds, and skotizo Decreased chances of getting a $5 bond from super box Fixed multiple issues with duo slayer Fixed Human Pet not doing enough damage with Custom Raids weapons Added various new commands for staff. Please contact a moderator for account related issues before contacting an owner There may be more Misc. changes I have missed. Please let me know if there are any.
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    Good work Escanor, thank you and everyone that helped. Much love!
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    Name: In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone (Include GMT):Hello, My ingame username is KingTobias! I'm from Downundaaaa (AUSTRALIA) My timezone is AEST. 12 midnight AEST would be around 2pm GMT and id mostly be on during australian afternoon hours between 12-12 depending on the day. Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? I usually play whenever I am free or after work I prefer to stay home and save my money so I really put alot of hours in. I'm available to play most of the week but depending on how free i am probably like 4-7 days of the week ill usually be online. What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community?I actually have zero experience and i'm not going to sit and pretend like i'm some expert if you don't try you'll never know for sure! Why do you want to be a Athen staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I really have no agenda with becoming a staff member. I asked and Sanido told me to go apply and try become one! I usually go out of my way to help new players and i'm very active and friendly in the support clan chat. I enjoy the server and support it wholeheartedly. I'm looking to take on more responsibility and contribute more to the server I enjoy. I'm not looking to win a popularity contest or gain some ideological form of respect just going for what I feel i want and would suit my personality and character as a person. What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athen staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? I think a staff member requires more than just 5 qualities. Staying collected would be one because some people may provoke you to lose your cool but you have to remain an adult at all times. Discernment. Watching and regulating while not Judging and Executing. Friendly, Considerate, Polite. Complaisant. I think mainly what it comes down to is respect for others and yourself also because who you are in real life and your morals may reflect your actions as a staff member. STAY KIND! and HELL NO! If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason:NOPE! If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? I play out of enjoyment and that should reflect on how good of a server this really is and I spend most of my free time within this community. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): I'm a fun and outgoing person who is really charismatic and always has something to say. I take life as a big joke cause you may not wake up tomorrow! I'm actually part conservative! #trump2020 ??? I'm an electrician by trade, but in my spare time i'm either gaming or working on my OLD NISSAN *winkwink* and honestly I can't wait for AC Valhalla! POG!!
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    Name: In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Mradolf Canada 28 mountain daylight time umt-7 Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play? I play 7-8 hours a day every day off setting weekend I go out of town What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? I was a mod on a different osps for all most a year before I had a kid getting back in to osps with this server I don't play any other servers Why do you want to be a Athen staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I would like the become an Athens staff member because I fell like I have alot to offer to the sever and new players and old. I am helpful and have a good grasp on early gear progression and end game content I am on alot of the time and am all whys informing new players on ways to progress. I am friendly and understanding but know when it's time to make the rules know and to inform players what there are doing breaks rules. I really enjoy the server and have a lot of interest in continuing to play as a staff member or not. Staff members are not only players they have to be more then that. Helping other players over grinding my self would become a top priority. Alot of the time I see 2-3 staff online with people asking for help as of right now I am not obligated to help players but I do every time I see some one asking for help with the promotion to sfatt member I wouldn't think twice about helping out. What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athen staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? I have never been muted jailed or banned on any server before I follow the rules and play the game how it is supposed to be played. 5 qualitys I feel every staff member and player should have are integrity, helpful,supportive, kind, and proactive Integrity. This is a big one because your online user name holds the weight of how people see you. If they see your name and are happy and trust that you will be there for them is big Helpful. Helping new players is huge for osps the first few days is where players get hooked and having some one there to help them with early game progression is huge. Supportive. Being helpful with things not just game related is also big even though this may just be a game it's so much more people come to this as an escape from real life and the problems that may happen there I would like to be know as some one who can be there to support people in any need whether its to talk or just to have a laugh. Kind. Being kind and understanding goes along way some times people just need to be understood when they may be acting out. Proactive. When people are fighting or something is going on in there server it's good to get after it right away not waiting around and seeing if some one else deals with it. Help g out and deecalating situations in a timely manner is the only way to respond If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? I devote alot of time all ready to playing but I would for sure make an effort to make my play time more constant. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc):I am a father of 1 I have been playing Runescape since it first came out been playing osps for over 8 years have a near maxed osrs account and streamed for over 2 year amassing over 300 followers (that's behind me now) I love sports and being at the lake I am kind friendly and run my own small business I keep active with my little girl and try my best to be as helpful as I can.
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    Can we look into giving it a drop that it can constantly drop cause i've gone like 8 kills dry of even a simple casket or cash casket it's got 750k hp lol i know it's supposed to be massed but ya boy needs some of them crystals, but i feel like getting nothing from it for nearly half the kills is no fun. Currently 183 dry 😬
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    Very much agree with this. First question coming from new players is almost always related to minigun ammo.
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    It would seem that a lot of new players in game always are wondering about ammo for miniguns etc. My suggestion is to include in the starter spawn kit 50/100 ammo boxes which will get them set up without having to sit at ::Afk. due to the value of the boxes and ammo being virtually 0 i can see no negative side effects to doing this. thank you
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    great work per usual. Thank you for everything that you do
  16. 1 point
    Great job!! A delayed update that is this good, is better than a on time update that is broken!! Bug shout out to all the team that made this possible!
  17. 1 point
    Looks incredible brother, excellent job πŸ™‚
  18. 1 point
    Welcome back to AthensPS monthly staff feedback thread! (July) We want to hear your feedback & opinions on our current staff team. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or any in game experiences with said staff member. Help us improve! If you have nothing positive to say about a staff member.. please just put N/A. Be sure to include every staff member within your post. Please. Every person who replies with feedback will receive one $5 bond! You must properly fill out feedback to get reward. Do not just put N/A for everyone! We will be having monthly feedback threads to make sure we continue serving the community in a positive way! You may copy & paste the format below: Trial Server support Born2PVM Server Support mradolf Yeehaw Roocer Big Shmeat Ultra Monk Moderator Citrinite Interesting InfamousPkz Global Moderator Sanido Cap New Player Admin Wolf Godzilla TylerMT Global Admin Draoder Blackheartdb Owners Smash Escanor At the end of your feedback, please leave your opinion on who deserves, "staff of the month"
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    Trial Server support Born2PVM cool dude πŸ™‚ Server Support mradolf friendly good support Yeehaw my fav support my boi Roocer good support Big Shmeat dont know him Ultra Monk dont know him Moderator Citrinite n/a Interesting n/a InfamousPkz n/a Global Moderator Sanido cool Cap very good mod New Player dunno Admin Wolf very good admin helper and my friend Godzilla good admin friendly TylerMT good admin Global Admin Draoder very helpful Blackheartdb dunno Owners Smash ily Escanor dunno Staff of the month is wolf forsure πŸ™‚
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    Name: In-Game Username: Age: Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Steve – SaintJimmy 25 years old Indonesia (English born) GMT+7 Average time played per day? What days of the week are you available to play Due to the nature of my current job, I play on average 10 hours per day Monday to Friday. Starting this weekend I will also have weekend time available to me. The last month has been taken up by moving and settling to my new place. What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? As far as RSPS online communities go, I have never formally been a staff member, however I have always tried my best to be a helpful contributing member of the community. My current irl job involves managing a medium sized website development team, and interacting with our clients, which has been vital to our company’s success. Why do you want to be a Athens staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I always try my best to help out in the help cc, I want people to feel welcomed, I want to people who come to the server to really feel like it’s a place that they can stay, and feel part of a growing community. Currently i do my best to answer as many questions as I can, and continue to grow my server knowledge, so that I can be of assistance to people. To answer the second part of the question, as to why I feel I deserve a rank, it is a difficult question to answer, currently I have only just begun on my journey to helping people out, however given time im sure that I will prove myself to be a useful and helpful member of the team. What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athens staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? -respectful -patient -helpful -Friendly/sociable -Ability to make hard decisions in a way that is fair to all As it stands, and will stay I have not had an infraction placed onto my account. The only time I have had an issue, was a small misunderstanding of the rules, which was cleared up and I accepted the outcome,. (oc from slots which zilla sorted it out) If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play?. Absolutely, I currently play a minimum of 8-10 hours per day on the server (thanks to my job) however I would be more than happy to attend events and such that are being hosted, to be more involved with the community, and show my support for the server. Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): I currently am the manager of a small/mid-sized website creation/development team working within a larger company. I spend my free time constantly trying to learn new things, and how things work. Im full of random knowledge on random subjects (im great in a pub quiz btw). I have been an avid gamer my whole life, used to play rugby until I almost broke my back. Love to be helpful, which some people would say is a weakness, I always do my best to please people, personally I think it’s a great trait to have. But that sums up the basics really, am more than happy to have a chat with people who want to know more.
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    rial Server support Born2PVM - never interacted with Server Support mradolf - never interacted with Yeehaw - really chill guy, will help whenever help is needed Roocer - always answering questions when needed, also really interactive with the players. Big Shmeat - never interacted with Ultra Monk -never interacted with Moderator Citrinite - never interacted with Interesting - mostly in the help cc, always fast when someone has a problem/question InfamousPkz - never interacted with Global Moderator Sanido - never interacted with Cap - never interacted with New Player - never interacted with Admin Wolf and Godzilla, from all interactions with theese admins i have really felt wanted on the server, and they will do anything to keep the players coming back. great staff TylerMT - never interacted with Global Admin Draoder - never interacted with Blackheartdb - never interacted with Owners Smash - all of my interactions with smash has been great, allways helped me out, for example when i cant load or fix my client he will guide me through it,. also seems really chill Escanor - never interacted with
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    You're banned from receiving more drops at any boss/raid. Jeezzz
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    Raid drop event. Event date :21/6 /2020 - 28/6 /2020 2 pm UTC +2 This event is all about the solo raid! Every week a new item will be posted in which you must obtain via a drop from raids or Npc’s. Once you have obtained it, you post a screenshot of the announcement of the item and the time/date in which you received it and the number you want to pick. I will be able to look back through to confirm if you received the drop at that time or NOT! There will be a list with 20 numbers that will be put into the thread and every time someone receives a drop, their name will be added to the list. Once the list hits 20, or the end of the week is up, a Random Number Generated pick will choose the winners! There is also a static prize of 10 Ultra boxes so if you make the list, you win either way! Please read the rules and follow them! Rules: 1. You must provide both the server announcement and time/date obtained to enter. 2. You are allowed to be on the list more than once. Each entry must be a different drop and time/date. 3. You may use whatever gear you would like. 4. You must comment your entry below. Pm's in-game or discord do not count. 5. You may only receive the required item from the raid that drops it. NO OTHER WAY COUNTS. ITEMS TO GET IS: Hope parts and Hope gear. Potential Winners: 1. Coveplays (Paid) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Rewards: First place: 1 store box. Second place: $30 in bonds. Third place:$15 in bonds. Static prize:10 Ultra boxes. I will announce the winners in 1 week from today or when the list is full, Good luck everyone and thank you for participating.
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    Hello, I've been working on some very interesting content and I hope to edit/make a post on my development blog within the next couple of days. With this update, comes some very necessary changes. We've noticed that our donation store was very outdated and did not reflect the conditions of our economy. Which is why we've decided to not only rework prices but add new items. The rest of this update mainly consists of small bug fixes/changes. Some of which took a lot of time to rewrite existing code in the server. Donator Store Rework highlights: Replaced Incursio with Elite Incursio to the online store Replaced Justiciar with Elite Justiciar to the online store Added Elite Tectonic to the online store Scaled/re-evaluated prices for most items accordingly to the current economy Removed various items that were pointless to keep in the store Many more minor changes and adjustments were made. To see them for yourself, either visit our online store at https://athensps.org/store/ or checkout the in-game store Misc: Removed NPC requirements to kill Vorago Players will now need three power crystals instead of one in order to upgrade certain items (rod, angelic, etc) Potentially fixed issue with certain players being unable to login Slayer boxes are now only dropped when on a Bravek task Slayer boxes given from streaks now vary based on difficulty Fixed bug with duo slayer allowing players to get more slayer points than they should Lowered the price for upgrading power crystals to 10T Fixed issue with Survivor and Vorago raids failing players that die after completing the raid Fixed multiple back-end issues with both Vorago and survivor raids Vote boxes now cost 150 vote points instead of 200 American pernix peices in the vote shop now costs 30 points each Golden minigun in the vote shop now costs 100 points Fixed the models for roseblood gloves Thank you all for your patience and continued support in Athens!
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    We are looking at changing the crystal requirements back to what it was before for iron men, stay tuned.
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    Currently at task 5 and 10 you get extra points. But on x2 slay point day and also with the x2 slay point ring you still get the same amount as you normally would. Would love to see the task streaks to extend further than 10 like on osrs. Every 50/100/250 tasks you get a significant amount of more slay points.
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    As of now the 3 drop rate amulets are completely dead content strictly because of the collectors necklace. Either an upgrade or a forge all 3 or even use them to upgrade to the collectors (mage/range/melee) form? Just would like to see them implemented into the game a little more.
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    Trial Server support Godzilla - Really rich and friendly guy πŸ˜„β€οΈ Noobwon - Who is he? never heard of him. (really good guy, helps allot, but need to be more active in cc) Server Support Zyxen - N/A (because demoted/banned/resigned) Cap - N/A (because demoted/banned/resigned) Moderator Citrinite - N/A Kallavan - N/A Never seen online Sanido - Sanido, Wolf, Draoder are almost same, both helpful, friendly, understandable, funny and etc. Max - N/A (cant remember anything soz) Global Moderator Killakilla99 - N/A N/A (because demoted/banned/resigned) TylerMT - Determined and good mod πŸ™‚ Wolf - Sanido, Wolf, Draoder are almost same, both helpful, friendly, understandable, funny and etc. Admin New Player - He havent been on in a week or two, only today and i cant remember how he was, so today: He was funny, kind. Jack - helpful, funny. Global Admin Draoder - Sanido, Wolf, Draoder are almost same, both helpful, friendly, understandable, funny and etc. Blackheartdb - N/A because never seen him doing anything and in the time i played seen him online less then 10 times, maybe timezone, but even if i stay and play for 24hours dont see him. Owners Smash - HULK SMASH! (really disciplined, funny) Escanor - Didnt have many encounters, but hes determined and fair. Staff of the month should go to: Wolf
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    Loot for 25 Bravek tasks ( Hard ) I will be working on completing a total of 50 hard Bravek tasks throughout the week. I will be only be posting rare loot & slayer boxes in the loot section from each task, along with the time to complete each task. Note: All tasks will be done with 500% drop rate & I will not include caskets in loot. All common loot will be sold and added into total profit. Total Slayer box Count so far: 208 Tasks Completed: 25 (Will include juicy slayer box loot upon task 25 completion) Task 1: 62 Abaddons Loot: Abaddon shield ( 2 ), Slayer box (30) - 25 from being 10th task Profit: 252B Time: 17 minutes Task 2: 76 Angelic Warriors Loot: Slayer box (12) Profit: 0 ( RIP ) Time: 34 minutes Task 3: 63 Darkblue wizards Loot: Slayer box (7), Darkblue bottoms (1) Profit: 2T Time: 13 minutes 14 seconds Task 4: 65 Shaman defenders Loot: Infernal box (3), Shaman defender pet (1), Slayer box (3) Profit: 1.1t Time: 10 minutes Task 5: 63 Lucid warriors Loot: Special regain potion (1), Infernal Pickaxe (2), Slayer box (8) Profit: 3t Time: 22 minutes/gl Task 6: 67 Shaman defenders Loot: Defender cape (1), Infernal box (2), Shaman defender pet (1), Slayer box (1) Profit:1.15t Time: 14 minutes 22 seconds Task 7: 71 Lucid warriors Loot: Special Regain potion (3) 25% dr ring (1) Infernal pickaxe (3) Slayer box (6) Profit: 7t Time: 27 minutes 36 seconds Task 8: 54 rainbow rex Loot: Custom Texturized cape (1), Slayer box (5) Profit: 824b Time: 18 minutes Task 9: 63 vetions Loot: Nothing ( rip ) Profit: 10b Time: 6 min 45 seconds Task 10: 72 Ganodermic Warlocks Loot: Ultra box (1) Super Box (1) Ganodermic Visor (1) Profit: 69B Time: 5 minutes 26 seconds Task 11: 73 Shaman Defender Loot: Defenders shield (1), Defenders platebody (1) Infernal box (3), Slayer box (28) ( 25 from 10th task ) Profit: 300b Time: 13 minutes 26 seconds Task 12: 60 lucid warriors Loot: Special regain potion (3), Slayer box (9) Profit: 3t Time: 21 minutes 24 seconds Task 13: 58 Angry rex Loot: Rex platebody (1), Rex helmet (1) Slayer box (1) Profit: 1.2t Time: 7 minutes Task 14: 67 Darklords Loot: Darklord token (2), armadyl machine (1), Slayer Box (4) Profit: 6t Time: 12 minutes 30 seconds Task 15: 74 Hulks Loot: Slayer box (4) Profit: 200b Time: 13 minutes 44 seconds Task 16: 56 Angry Rex Loot: Rex platebody (1), Slayer box (3) Profit: 300b Time: 7 minutes 42 seconds Task 17: 74 Darth Rangers Loot: Darth maul gloves (1), Darth maul wings (1), Slayer box (7) Profit: 4t Time: 28 minutes Task 18: 55 Lucid warriors Loot: Special regain potion (1), Slayer box (10) Profit: 1t Time: 18 minutes 28 seconds Task 19: 72 Shaman defenders Loot: Infernal kiteshield (1), Defender helmet (1), Defender legs (1), Infernal box (3), Slayer box (7) Profit: 322B Time: 10 minutes 41 seconds Task 20: 73 Darklords Loot: Darklord token (1), armadyl machine (1), ultra box (1), Slayer box (3) Profit: 3t Time: 14 minutes Task 21: 55 Hulk Loot: Slayer box (27) - 25 from 10th task Profit: 115B Time: 10 minutes Task 22: 63 Tokash Loot: Slayer box (1) Profit: Nothing (rip) Time: 8 minutes Task 23: 77 oreo warriors Loot: Slayer box (13) Profit: 2t Time: 28 minutes Task 24: 80 Angelic warriors Loot: Slayer box (14) Profit: Nothing (rip) Time: 35 minutes Task 25: 57 Darklords Loot: Darklord token (1), Slayer box (6) Profit: 3t Time: 10 minutes Cutting this post to 25 tasks instead of 50 due to my job picking up and losing time to be online, Sorry bois. Slayer box loot as promised ( 260 boxes ) :
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    Yogi, Thank you for your suggestion. I will bring this up to the staff team as well as conduct further testing at a later time. I like the idea of extending past 10 in regards to streaks. Therefore, I will bring up the other half of your post to the team to see what we can do. Wolf
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    Yogi, Thanks for posting your suggestion. I agree with your post, I will bring it up with the rest of the staff team at the next meeting. I look forward to keeping you updated. Thank you for using our forums! Wolf
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    Trial Server support Godzilla Seen zilla a couple times in chat never realy talkt to him Noobwon Dont be fooled by his name ! Hes far from a noob :P Coolest noob ive everseen. Server Support Zyxen Helpt me a couple times at the very beginning of athens Cap your a cool dude ! Moderator Citrinite Seen you grinding Angelic warriors a few weeks ago πŸ˜„ Kallavan Dont know mutch about you dude, Different timezones i ques. Sanido A great help! Lets get that Corp monsterblood homie !! Max Seen you in chat alot never actualy talkt to u. Global Moderator Killakilla99 Killlaaaa !! The man who lets it rain Ring of devotions :O TylerMT TylerMT The man! my opinion on of the friendlyest persons on the game, also makes me leaugh your awesome! Wolf Dont be affraid of the big bad wolf, Jk! your a cool dude. Admin New Player seen u alot, keep up the good work. Jack Did not talkt to him yet, Global Admin Draoder You helpt me out a lot with a little invinsebility glitch, it was all veryconfusing, your a Great person!! Blackheartdb Seen you a couple times never talked to u to, Owners Smash 3 words for smash.. tOUGH. Fair, and i bet he is a great Father ! Escanor a real hard worker, always great content hosting #1 Rsps
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    Trial Server support Godzilla - Very active in both discord and in game, always friendly and has good banter. A modest 10/10 Noobwon - Funniest fucker in discord but more professional since he became trial SS πŸ˜‰ Good. banter and helpful in cc Server Support Zyxen - No longer applicable Cap - Nice guy, no complaints, very down to earth and often active and helpful. Moderator Citrinite - Rarely on and not as helpful as the SS/trial ss members Kallavan - N/A - never met Sanido - N/A Fairly active recently, but dont have too many interactions to go based on. Max - N/A Global Moderator Killakilla99 - N/A (havent seen much of him or heard him lately) TylerMT - Very good staff member again, like cap, very helpful in cc and good chat/banter with players. Wolf - Very helpful in CC, a great guy and is often around and easy to contact/talk to. Admin New Player - Very good staff member again, had personal help over pm and information at times too. Solid staff member. Jack - N/A (not seen around for a fair bit of time. Has been very active and helpful in cc before though. Global Admin Draoder - Love this guy, always helpful and constantly causing me to grind more hellfire wizards! Blackheartdb - Very helpful and quick to respond, hope to see them around more often πŸ™‚ Also one of the only people that can help me with forum issues! Owners Smash - Not seen too much of smash lately, Sure theyve been busy on updates etc. Always both firm, fair and has a laugh though, great guy. Escanor - Great guy, Very quick to respond to bugs as of late, great job on the updates! Nice to have such an accessible and hands on developer. staff of the month: Godzilla Hard choice, but it seems somewhat wrong to suggest an owner as staff of the month (Escanor) even though i appreciate all the work. It came close between Cap and Godzilla. Ive seen both at times do the job well and enforce rules where required, have great banter and general help and conversation with players. Id vote both if i could.
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    Trial Server support Godzilla N/A Noobwon N/A Server Support Zyxen - good guy Cap - havent seen him Moderator Citrinite - good helper Kallavan - N/A Sanido N/A Max - amazing guy literally answers everything prob asked him 100 questions if not more so far xD but hes still willing to help PROMOTE HIM ! Global Moderator Killakilla99 - great guy use to be #1 donator back in the days idk if he still is TylerMT - dont know him Wolf - wolf is a OG Admin New Player - hes new player what else can i say Jack - nice guy Global Admin Draoder - good person i guessssssssssssss Blackheartdb - its lit hes cool ngl dope guy Owners Smash - me and this guy have the same birthday so that makes him a legend in my books Escanor - never spoke to him ngl overall amazing server much loveeeee
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    Currently the staff team has implemented 1b caskets to increase a steady flow of cash coming into the game. These are easily obtainable from players of all levels. We are currently discussing more methods to increase further cash flow without crashing the economy entirely. Thank you for your suggestion.
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    Amazing update!! Thanks for all the hard work and bringing us a quality update!
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