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  1. Hello and welcome to our latest update post! Vote Event After every 30 votes, the vote event will be triggered (This may change as the server grows) 1. Three random Well Bonuses will be activated for 2 hours (::customwell) 2. Three to Five Wet Wizard Bosses will spawn (::ytzone) 3. The Treasure Vault will be activated for 1 hour (::treasurevault) 3. Muttadile will spawn 5 minutes after the 30 votes are reached (::muttadile) 4 Once Muttadile is killed: - A 5 minute Chest Rush Event will begin shortly after (::enterchestrush) - One of each Dono boss will spawn 8 minutes later (gives time to do the chest rush first) Note: Unfortunately, we decided that we'll be stopping player count events. These Vote events will act as a replacement. Staff will still be holding other type of events with the community but no longer revolved around reaching a certain player count. Treasure Vault This is a brand new Minigame that will be activated for 1 hour after every 30 votes. The minigame is pretty straight forward. Simply click the active chest and obtain loot. The active chest will change every 30 seconds. ::treasurevault In order to participate, players need to acquire minutes. 1. Every $25 Donated = +5 minutes - Only in increments of $25, $40 will still give 5 minutes. $20 will give 0 minutes. - Any donation throughout the day will count towards this - Not Including Donations prior to this update 2. Voting = +30 seconds What's so special about the Treasure Vault? Apart from the consistent/free loot you get from opening the chests... it's the only possible way of obtaining Tier 16 Owner Items! Owner cape and accessories have made their return into the game as Tier 16 items! The rate to obtain owner items is about 1500 active minutes at the Treasure Vault. So yes, they will be quite rare to obtain! Quality of Life/ Bug Fixes - Removed Charges being used at global bosses - Easter Event has been disabled - Quest Tab has been organized a bit - Raid Interface no longer overrides the Quest Tab (overrides bottom right achievement tab now) - Players can now filter perks by npc (click "search NPC" again to remove the filter) - Vote Minigame now has only one troll per room - Fixed Issue with a ton of noted items unable to be disassembled - Removed Baby Muttadile Boss - Raids will no longer disable your prayer - Raids will now restore prayer points and hp - Noots Custom - Weapon - Tudors Customs - Scythe, Wand, Cape, Helm, Plate, Legs - Added announce to Diamond Casket Super Rare table - Added Collector Effect to Blood Necks - Made Blood Boots, Gloves and Cape Tradeable - Added Tiers to Athens Supreme Crossbow, Athens Longsword - Edited length and costs for the custom well bonuses - Added Telos Raids multiplier to the custom well bonuses
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