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    Welcome to the Athens Ironman Progression thread 2.0. Here I'll explain through-out my knowledge being an Ironman. Firstly as a fresh account set your account to an Ironman; (Make sure the box is ticked to the right gamemode.) Also set your Pin (Do not tell anyone or even Staff your Pin you've selected, write it down remember it as you login you will have to enter your Pin number from time to time to access your account). Note; As an Ironman you'll be restricted from trading other Player/s, Staking & Looting other items off the killed Player/s or off the ground by other Player/s that have killed the NPC, you will only get your own drops. Skilling PvMing & from ::shops, this game mode is a love/hate challenge. That's where having the Starter items will help you gracefully though-out your journey as an Ironman. The Starter Boxes & Kickstarter Box will be obtained through some of the game time that you Play. These boxes will help when the time comes. Okay, let's get started! As you accept the Ironman mode let's then head to the Bank first at ::home you will see the Banker; Equip you Starter equipment; you will get Starter Sword & Shield, Starter Staff, Starter Crossbow, Starter Helmet, Starter Platebody, Starter Platelegs, Starter Gloves, Starter Boots & Starter Cloak. As well as 10 Attack, Strength, Defence Potions. If need more Options/Food go to the Healer & ::home next to the Well Master to purchase noted or unnoted items. 10 Super Restores, 200 Manta Ray/s 10m Coins, coin drops you can right-click add your coin pouch just under your XP (Experience Bar), 100 1b tickets. 500 Atrox bolts. Equip the whole set & have the Bolts also equipped. You can set your inventory & equipped items to begin with like below then we can then get into some good stuff. Now we're equipped with Starter Sword & Shield we've some armour & our Bolts on hand let's head to::train At ::train there is 5 Floors ranging from 1 being the Starter Monsters to Floor 5; (Note in Athens if you die on any account other then a Hardcore you won't lose Status or your items, nor will you Lose you Bank) Just simply come back to ::train Let's start off at Floor 1; The Combat Lv-114. You can right click any NPC & it will "Show Drops". Ideally as starting at the Floor 1 you want to get a hold of the Mystery Boxes as well as get your main stats from Lv1 to Lv99 as soon as possible, you can change attack styles from option 1 being Attack exp, 2 is Strength & the 3rd is Defence, then get into the next zones, as Ironman you wanna collect all given drops, get some bones that the Mystery Boxes offer you as a chance of reward; Now you want to head to ::altars "Use" the bones onto the gilded Altar for bonus experience. Right click the bones "Use" on the Gilded Altar; Right-click on the bones "Make all" once you've collected some bones & gained some Prayer experience & gained some Levels; Let's then switch to Curse Prayers. Where a lot of people like to use Soul Split You can also get starter NPC Tasks by tapping onto the Quest Tab > Tools > Starter & NPC Tasks Some of these monsters on NPC Tasks are on ::train & also some Kill Requirements are too, ideally you want to get 99 Prayer for Curse Prayers. Pray at this Altar to change to Curses If your Prayer is low take 1 dose of Super Restore or Prayer Potion/s. Your Prayers been changed to Curses, should look like this; Ideally you want to get 92 Prayer for Soul Split, but most aim for 99. Each Prayer has a different effect; Hover your mouse over the Skills in-game to see the affect & status. Then we've 99 Prayer, let's get into some Kill requirements; to see Kill Requirements you can type ::thread 5531 in chatbox then tap enter, this will open a new tab with the thread on a webpage that goes through all you need to kill before you get into some better content for yourself. Let's get into some Easy Slayer tasks from Vanakka (Easy); To get here you can either go to ::home run North, or you can also teleport to your Slayer Master once your task is done by taping onto your Slayer Skill in Skills. To see where the monster is tap on the "T" just under your mini map. Get into ::vote as soon as possible it does help the Server & does help you out in the long run with ::voteboss the Muttadile at 40 votes is a good way to get some Boxes, Task Scrolls & possible chance of the Vote Hat & other good rewards. As well as voting points to spend for yourself. That's where coming to ::shops comes in handy, King Lathas actually has multiple features if you right-click him, for now tap onto Vote Rewards; Let's try getting the first Collectors Necklace. Collectors Necklace from Voting Store; Which is only 200 Vote Points on x2 Vote Points Event it is only 24 hours, every ::vote is 12 hours before voting again, without will only take a few votes to get this Collectors Necklace that will help you a lot in the future by picking up items that you've killed from NPC's or Bosses, also you can toggle items you don't want picked up by right-clicking onto the Collectors Necklace *Manually entering names of items* that you don't want to be picked up off the ground can be left behind. Now that you've got this Collectors Necklace. This get into some Pest Control 1. You can teleport around the game by using the teleport button next to the world map that shows the "T" Tap onto Minigames Pest Control Pest Control Mini-map From here you can see the Void Knight & the rewards; From here you can do the minigame from entering the Boat a little South across the Plank into the Boat, to start this mini-game you will need 3/25 Player/s, to get the minigame points you need 10,000 Damage & to kill all the Portals before the time ends. Ideally you want to get into some Pest Control for some items, as you want to get it all as Ironman but you can upgrade into these elite items. You want to get the Void Staff first the Magic Weapon that costs 250 Pest Control points, after that I would suggest into the Custom Void pieces. Once you've the Void Staff & the 1 piece of each Custom Void. Let's get into a style you want; Note Melee & Sword is not the best to get from here. Range is not bad, the Magic route is going to be good for later on. As you can solo through your kill requirements later on ::thread 5531 you will need 1,000 Pest Control points for all pieces you need, also you will need 1 Crystal to use onto 1 piece of Custom Void. Once you've 1 style of all the same example all Magic that's 1 Magic Power Crystal, you can then aim for all the 3 styles, Melee, Ranged & Magic to make into the Elite version of Void but most don't as it's not worth but as an Ironman it is worth getting. You can also get into the Custom Void Ped (Elite) that gives Damage Boost to your style that you're using, it has a hidden effect. Once you've some nice gear get into some more Slayer & Kill requirements get some 1b tickets for later on. For example Slot Machine; Based on your Donation Benefits on ::thread 13 you can see how many daily spins you can get. The higher the benefit the more spins you get & better Rewards. Okay so now you've Collectors Necklace. Now you can either do more Slayer or get into the ::iron Boss Salvation Warrior. Here is so many benefits for your Ironman it's not gonna be fun, it's worth the long grind & once you're satisfied after a weapon drop you got to come back sort of Boss. As you need the Power Crystals for everything worth at ::upgrade Type ::command to see a list of commands, so let's use ::iron come to the bank you'll see a Portal. Now let's use our 99 Prayer, use our Soul Split & damage the Salvation Warrior , normally there's some people here to help you. You'll need 10,000 damage against the Boss to get a reward. Here is a drop list of what drops from the Salvation Warrior; Once you get a Weapon you can leave & find something else to do that's where the ::thread 5531 comes in handy go get those kill requirements done, start at the first Monster/a, then work your way down the list, it does open up better content for yourself & working yourself into Prestige Slayer. For now as you've some of the Kill requirements done, let's still focus on Duradel. You can take a look at ::thread 5530 which is the Slayer Guide, explains what Master/s you ideally want to get into, ranging from Vanakka (Easy), Duradel (Easy, Medium, Hard), Prestige Master Kuradel (Easy, Medium, Prestige) & eventually Sumona (Boss Slayer) Now if you're running low on Ammo, take the Super Boxes you got from the Salvation Warrior, sell off everything to the 1b shop at ::ckey or ::gkey you will see a guy in the corner near the Slot Machine, Gamble guy. You can get into those Slots & have some good chances at Mystery Boxes that gives Ammo Boxes that helps you out a lot. There's 2 shops here that will buy most items, the items not selling are dropable items, or you can keep into your Bank. As you Play the game you will get a lot of Bonds, whether it's from upgrading Limey Bows into $10 Bonds, Rainbow Miniguns into $25 Bonds or getting lucky from the Super/Ultra or Supreme Boxes for the $5, $10 Bonds, Slayer Boxes are also a good way to get into some money. That's where Superior Monsters comes into Play. The Slayer Points Shop at the Slayer Master/s right-click "Trade" you can also Block certain tasks but for now don't block anything. From this Slayer Shop you want to get into the Superior Gems, the 5, 10, combine the 5, 10 to make the 15, then get the 5, 10 again to make a total of %30 chance of more Superior Monsters. From Slayer you will always get based of a chance of a Superior Spawning, a lot of Superiors drop a range of good items & rewards, from 1b tickets, to even getting some Bond drops, Slayer Boxes also drops & some small, medium or large cash caskets. You can get after this if you wanted to the Melee, Ranged & Magic Bloodshot Slayer Helmets, you will need x25 Monster Blood/s of Melee, Ranged, Magic. Ideally you want to get the style you're currently using after the Gems you've gotten. Once you've a bit more money from Slayer & into some better Slayer, got some Bonds, let's use our Donation Points onto Unlimited Prayer Scroll that will be extremely nice for you not having to use Super Restores or Prayer Potions anymore at ::shops That's where this NPC comes in handy. From the Donator Store from the Bonds you've collected from Boxes, or as a drop. It's $5 per 3 Donator Point/s, so the points enough to get what you will need will eventually come. The Unlimited Prayer Scroll will be the best first item to get from here. Now once you have this, let's get into some better ticket items, such as the Infinite Overload, the Infinite Overload will cost you 12 Darklord Tokens, because as an Ironman we rely on our drops, not off Players, let's go to ::darklord you will see an NPC called Kaylee a little South of the ::darklord teleport, from here let's grind out some Darklord. Or we can get on Duradel Slayer Tasks so we get more benefits as drops from Slayer, Superiors & into some Darklord Token drops. So what's next? Let's take a look at some other items you want to get into before you start ::upgrade items. You want to get a hold of the Collectors Necklace (i) to make this upgraded version of the Collectors Necklace regular you want to get these 3 items in your inventory. Use the Sinew from the Boss Point Shop Use the Sinew onto the Ring of Devotion that's a ring drop from To'kash the Bloodchiller. Chance of fail is only loss of your Sinew that's 350 Boss Points. Once you make the Collectors (i) we can then attach 3 of the same Power Crystal e.g Melee, Magic or Ranged onto the (i) Collectors Necklace to make it a style you want. By using example the Melee Power Crystals you will get the Melee Collectors Necklace Use the Magic Crystals onto another (i) Collectors Necklace will give you Magic Lastly using the Ranged Power Crystals will give you Ranged Collectors Necklace Getting all the 3 styles Once you've all 3 styles you can combine at ::upgrade for a small cost of 25t with a 100% Success Chance; When you've the Elite Collectors Necklace Let's then work onto the Ring of Devotion Elite. Similar way of the Collectors Necklace, but instead with the Ring of Devotion. By using the 3 Power Crystals onto the Ring of Devotion itself will change it's style. Go to Accessories; 3rd option Now let's go back to ::upgrade let's get the Ring of Devotion (Elite) Now last item to do before you set your journey onto big ticket items; Let's lastly get the Drop Rate %50 Boots. Note; this is where it becomes tedious as you will need to grind more Ring of Devotions, but this is the most efficient way to get your Elite items let's go back to To'kash the Bloodchiller. Combine 3 Power Crystals onto 1 pair of the %50 Drop Rate Boots. Magic, Ranged, Melee, combine into the Elite Dr50 boots Double Slayer Points Ring (Elite) Have 3 Double Slayer Points Ring/s same way again as the Collectors Necklace, Ring of Devotion & the Dr50 Boots Elite. Attach 3 Power Crystals onto the Double Slayer Points Ring. To make the Elite We can get into a better upgrade from here which it is the Final Elite item you want to hunt down is the Ring of Devotion (s) It will cost 100t for a 100% Success Rate to make into the Ring of Devotion (s) which is a Ring of Devotion & a Double Slayer Points Ring into one, which you won't need to switch Rings on the very last Kill of your Task/s, you can just simply Kill all without no worry switching Rings. Now! That we've all these Elite items, let's finally get into the last bits. You can upgrade your Infinite Overload into (i) & then into the (i)+ which the (i)+ gives a bonus 5% Damage Boost to any style you're using. I will explain the upgrades; From the one we got using the 12 Darklord tokens it will cost 10t for 20% Success Chance to make into the Infinite Overload (i) which the upgraded by chance it will auto sip doses every level it drops from 125/124 it will go back to 125. For the upgraded version of the (i) Overload the (i)+ it will cost 500t for 100% Success Chance where the 5% Damage Boost & it will always stay 125 on your Stats Level, but also boosts your damage by 5%. Later I will show you more upgrades, but for now this guide is basically set for you guys to get into the half way threshold for your Ironman. You can decide your own routes, but in this Guide I've run down some of the basics, Thank you for taking the time in reading my Ironman Progression Guide. You can add me in-game; Rep I can guide you more throughout your journey, you've any questions can add me, send me a message or ask anything in help clan chat as it's part of what we do here at Athens. Let's get grinding!
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    Welcome to this installment of updates for Athens We have a big update for all of the Ironman out there! We have added a new Ironman specific group boss: The Redemption Warrior, located at ::iron, with some amazing new rewards. The requirements for Redemption is 20 prestige, 250 oreo kills, 250 angelic warrior kills Redemption is the next step in ironman progression giving ironman more options of how they will progress. With the new redemption armor there will be both an elite version of Redemption along with adding an Elite Salvation armor now by combining two of the same piece to make an elite equivalent. The elite versions will give a % Damage buff: 1% per piece of helm, plate, legs, gloves, boots + 5% set bonus if all 5 of these are equipped 2.5% per piece - shield, cape *Normal Redemption set* *Elite Redemption set* *Elite salvation* *Making Elite* Now introducing the reworked Telos Raid Telos has has been reworked into a Raid now and will have the similar mechanics to Vorago raids. Telos can now be accessed by using the teleport interface under minigames along with the rest of the raids. First wave (will have different spawns depending on team on the first two waves) Second wave Final wave Along with the rework of how you will kill telos there has been a new drop table made for telos raids. Last but not least, some miscellaneous updates: _Slayer helmets have been fixed for mage and melee -Fixed negative xp bug when trying to prestige -Fixed multiple boss spawns in instances (Mostly) -Fixed logging into other peoples instances -donator roofs have been fixed -Fixed some problems with the Possible Loot interface -owner darts added to dono shop -Fixed slayer master not showing dialogue of new task -Blood/Hope raids will now show raid completions after each raid -Removed overload pot delay -Reduced delay after upgrading/forging items -Leaving/teleporting out of raids lobby while in a party will now not force you back to lobby -Fixed Chest Rush
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    Welcome to this installment of updates for Athens! April ------- We have created a easter boss to celebrate easter holidays!! To Enter the instance you must type ::easter, it spawns in hour intervals or on staff command. Along side the easter boss we have also added a easter box! (Obtained through donation) These are the stats on the full easter set along side the 3 different style of combat Melee - Range - Mage - We have introduced the Owner Dart Boss to the game! This is by far going to be one of the most exciting installments of this update with the drop tables as seen below! You are only able to attack these bosses with Owner Darts. This NPC has 21470000000 HP. Drop table is as follows: Owner Kite This can now be purchased through Smash for $2,500 It has a 150% DR bonus and has the same stats as the other owner items. The owner gear has been recoloured Box Of Luxury This box can only be obtained through donation cost price is 150$ New Omni Boss Boxes! The Omni box is obtained through the Forge option at ::upgrade Or through the ::store or through donation deals with Smash New Sun Santa -Drop Rate Bonus: 115% -This item is purchasable for $1,000 Damage Buffs: Icy / Sun Slayer Helm Additions! To make the new Icy Slayer Helm and Omni Slayer Helms in the game you need to have the Omni Slayer Helm and an Icy Santa Hat or a Sun Santa Hat The Forge is done at ::upgrade Icy Slayer Helm: The Icy Slayer helm will give you an extra 30% Damage while on a Slayer Task Sun Slayer Helm: The Sun Slayer helm will give you an extra 35% Damage while on a Slayer Task New Raids scrolls have been added to Athens! - Please note that all of these items will work in the "Scroll Bag" - x2 Hope Raid Multiplier Scroll: This item will give you a x2 Multiplier at Hope Raids at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $200 - x2 Hope Raids Drop Scroll This item will give you a x2 drop while at Hope Raids at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $200 - x2 Blood Raid Multiplier Scroll This item will give you a x2 Multiplier at Blood Raids at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $400 - x2 Blood Raids Drop Scroll This item will give you a x2 drop while at Blood Raids at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $400 - x2 Rago Raid Multiplier Scroll This scroll can will always give you an x2 Rago Multi at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $800 - x2 Rago Raids Drop Scroll This scroll can will always give you an x2 Rago drop at all times. - This Item can only be obtained through donations for $800 New Custom Orders that have been added to the Game: Dings Amara Gear: Amara Orb: Beans Custom Cape & Aura: Cashapp Predator Gear: Olympus Ranks now have a Damage Boost! The Damage Percentage for the ranks will be: Athenian Donator - 2% Olympian Donator - 3% Titan Donator - 5% Primordial Donator - 10% All these damage buffs do stack to give you a total of 20% Damage Boost when you are at Primordial Donator Donator Shop changes: You can now Sell and Buy Olympus Bonds from the Donator Shop. Rates for the Normal Bonds: $5 Bond: Sell to shop for 14k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 17.5k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $5 added to your donator rank and 5 points added to your Donation Points amount. $10 Bond: Sell to shop for 28k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 35k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $10 added to your donator rank and 10 points added to your Donation Points amount. $25 Bond: Sell to shop for 70k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 87.5k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $25 added to your donator rank and 25 points added to your Donation Points amount. $50 Bond: Sell to shop for 140k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 175k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $50 added to your donator rank and 50 points added to your Donation Points amount. Rates for the Olympus Bonds: $5 Bond: Sell to shop for 28k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 35k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $5 added to your donator rank and 10 points added to your Donation Points amount. $10 Bond: Sell to shop for 56k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 70k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $10 added to your donator rank and 20 points added to your Donation Points amount. $25 Bond: Sell to shop for 140k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 175k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $25 added to your donator rank and 50 points added to your Donation Points amount. $50 Bond: Sell to shop for 280k 1B tokens and you can buy from the shop for 350k 1B tokens If claiming the bond you will get $50 added to your donator rank and 100 points added to your Donation Points amount. Miscellanious Changes and Fixes: - The prestige bosses have been nerfed by 50% with the cash drops that they have been giving. - Uber, Deluxe & Vip boss have all been fixed so multiple people will get drops now. - The Owner Santa has been Buffed to 30% Base Damage and now has a 25% Damage Increase on Slayer Task to give you a total of 55% Damage on Task - The Hellfire Dragon damage has been nerfed by half. - Omni Bosses Defence has been equalised so there is no extra defence depending on the combat style you are using. - Bond prices have been adjusted to match. - Claiming time for treasure keys / treasure crystals and olympus bonds have been significantly lowered. - UIM players that have a looting bag will now be able to deposit owner items into it when raiding. (You will not be able to access the bag within raids anymore) - A few items have been changed in price at the upgrade stone. - Double Slayer Points have been added to the Vindictive Ring - The Collector Necklace effect and the Ava affect have been added to the Vindictive Necklace. - Cost to cancel slayer task has been changed from 1 to 250 slayer points.
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    After playing for a month or a bit more I've realized I skipped over one of the best moneymakers in-game. This method is great for all beginner-advanced players, it becomes more profitable as damage per second increases along with drop rate bonus increase. Considering the new influx of cash in-game, ganodermic warlocks will be an outing and could potentially help people spend their stacks of 1b tickets. A guide is almost pointless for such an easy task; however, potential loot tables and my experience may be able to help describe why it's such a beneficial method. First of all I'd like to describe which locations are best for Ganodermic Warlocks (ranked worst to best): Ganodermic Monster tele: (4) Donor Zone: (3) ::lzoneold: (2) Ext Donor Zone Old: (1) To display some sense of what you could get as loot I will display my loot from 20 minutes: My drop rate and gear (not great): Loot after 20 Minutes with x2 Drop scroll and 100% Drop rate scroll: Yes, the loot may not seem worth it at first; however, this was only 20 minutes... If you multiple each by 3 to give an approximate per hour rate, you would have over 12k mboxes, 300 ultras, and 60/70 supers! Just thought I'd remind those of us wanting to grind something other than prestige monsters and regular slayer tasks. Thank you!
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    Welcome back to AthensPS monthly staff feedback thread! (March) We want to hear your feedback & opinions on our current staff team. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or any in game experiences with said staff member. Help us improve!. Be sure to include every staff member within your post. Please. Every person who replies with feedback that matches the below requirements will receive two vote packages. Feedback Requirements: YOU MUST properly fill out feedback to get reward. You will NOT be rewarded if you put N/A (anything of similar content e.g: "not seen them in-game" etc.) or leave out feedback on more than 3 staff members. We will have monthly feedback threads to make sure we continue serving the community in a positive way! You may copy & paste the format below: At the end of your feedback, please leave your opinion on who deserves, "Staff of the month" Community Manager Draoder Smash Global Administrator Munjeezy Blitz Trial Global Administrator Wiki Manager Ogre Donation Manager Beansfham Ding Dong Ho Event Team Rebel Gareth Gim Manager Lindgren Suggestions Manager Leo Administrators Cashapp Veng Trial Administrators Queen Bee Global Moderator L V Slaya Trial Global Moderator Hob Chadsta Moderator Neck Ziossa Trial Moderator Royalred56 Rep Server Support Echoes Gotbaconeh Trial Server Support Mageownsu1
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    Community Manager Draoder - After having my account rollbacked Draoder messaged me out of the random to see if it was fixed, after talking to him personally I am honestly gonna say all nice things to Draoder, thank you & Munmun aswell as Escanor for the help. Smash - Smash is a good guy deep down, but again don't piss off Smash if you wanna keep peace. Honestly a great guy does a lot the community. Global Administrator Munjeezy - Munmun, after what's just recently happened Droader & yourself I can only say nice things about you boys went out of your own ways to see if everything was okay, honestly great guys, do a lot for the Server. Nate - Nate has helped me a lot & still does, ever since I come into the Forums team I've had nothing but kind words & walkthroughs with Nate, really a good man. Blitz - Lately I've seen Blitz online a few times, but I know he's around. Trial Global Administrator Wiki Manager Ogre - Ogre is a great guy, been a busy man recently, but has helped me a lot in game with stuff I needed help with when no one else was around at the time. Donation Manager Beansfham - Ohhhhhhh Dev Man. Beans after his promotion has stepped up a lot in game & all round, genuine guy but same as Smash don't piss him off. Ding Dong Ho - Ding since being promoted has stepped up to the plate, great guy that has helped me out a lot of the time in situations I needed help with. Event Team Rebel - Rebel ❤️ only kind words for the guy. Honestly hands down one of the most genuine guys I've ever met, goes out of his own way for us, I will never forget Rebel. Gareth - Gareth! I haven't seen around lately, but the time zones all different for all staff members, but at the points where Gareth has stepped in to help me out on a number of things. Gim Manager Lindgren - Lind, honestly appreciate the guy. Works his butt off on his Gim & when you need him he'll pop outta no where, only kind words for this man. Suggestions Manager Leo - I don't see much of Leo. But in the times in need he is always around. Administrators Cashapp - Cashy, I didn't know Mr.Cashapp a lot, but recently we've talked a lot. Artemis - Bernie introduced me to the team & I won't forget what Bernie has done for me, honestly a good guy. Veng - Vengy! Mate, we never talked much, but now we don't stop. Trial Administrators Global Moderator Queen Bee - Bee I don't talk too much lately. But I know She's busy. Slaya - I miss my Slaya man. Trial Global Moderator L V - L v is a good guy, does a lot for the community & when you're in need L v is generally the first one to be there when he's online. Moderator Neck - I don't see Neck too much as time zone difference. But I know & have spoken to a fair amount of times. Trial Moderator Mickey - I never knew Mickey until I seen log in & in voice chat a lot of the time. Welcome back Mickey. Hob - Hob I've seen online a lot of the time when I just log in, always around when I need help & others too. Ziossa - Zio, since your promotion man you've stepped up a lot. I really happy to speak to you a lot of the time. Chadsta - Chad, was the first one to say 'Give back his ss ya rats' I respect that hardcore, Chad has been there for a lot of people & also the way he talks to people that are new is like an Angel. Server Support Rep - Won't say anything about myself. Royalred56 - Royal, working with Royal I could've asked for a nicer person, Royal steps up a lot when no one else is around & honestly does in a lawfully manner, the kind guy. Trial Server Support Gotbaconeh - Bacon since his promotion has learnt & stepped up a lot. Helps a lot of people in need & I'm really happy to of met Bacon. Echoes - Echoes, since your promotion into Server Support you've stepped up a lot & go out of your way to help a lot of new people, I only got kind words for this guy. "Staff of the month" This Month I'm gonna give everyone the Staff of the Month, it's been a rollercoaster for us all but as a whole Staff community has been there when everyone needs, so I think everyone needs to be thought of as all our hard work doesn't really go as one person, I believe all of us as a whole deserve to be Staff of the month for April.
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    Very interesting idea will be sure to bring it up
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    Hi All, I would just like to leave some positive feedback for Gobaconeh, I am new to the server and ended up bombarding him with questions he remained professional and offered me help with all issues that i had and directed to the people that could help me with queries he could not help me with on his own. he's seems to have a good knowledge of the game and an understanding for a new players needs. he is a valuable asset to your staff team. many thanks, llus
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    Mate you are a champion excellent guide, cannot wait to see what else you got in store for us.
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    This guide is INSANE!!! Nice work Rep
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