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  2. Hello and welcome to our latest update post! Zombie Invasion In this new minigame you will have to fight off the hordes of the undead for as long as you can. The teleport to the minigame is located underneath the minigame teleports. Once you teleport in you will see a lobby similar to the raid's lobbies. Here you can buy rewards from the Zombie slayer, open up the keys you get from the minigame, and enter the minigame through the portal. Before starting the raid you will need to click the green star tab on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. This will allow you to create a party and see your points/loot from the minigame. *You are allowed up to 5 players in a party* How The Minigame works Once you have created and invited everyone to your party you can enter the minigame through the portal. The zombies will begin to spawn from this area. Each wave will get harder and harder until you leave, this will save the points you get throughout the game or die which will cost you half of your points. After each wave you will be given the option to get one of four keys, these keys can give you the new armors, weapons and much more! Special Mechanics -Cannons You will be able to fill these cannons by spending points. The cannons will randomly hit the zombies as they pass by. The cannons will stun the zombies for a short time. -Zombie Invasion boss The boss will randomly spawn throughout the Zombie Invasion minigame, you will need to kill it to progress, your damage will be capped at 250 while killing the boss. -Package Drop This will randomly spawn on the map for a short time, if you pick it up in time it will give you food or give you extra points. *You cannot use food from outside of the minigame* Rewards Zombie invasion gives you four different keys, as mentioned above. Basic key will give you your general loot The Undying Key will give the new Undying, which is tier 8 gear Undying Gear Undying Staff Undying Sword Undying Bow The Deathless Key will give inactive Deathless, which is tier 11 gear. You will need to dissolve Undying to make the inactive Deathless into the wearable gear. This will be the same for Cursed deathless except you need to dissolve Deathless to get a Cursed Totem. How to dissolve gear *Activating Inactive Deathless* Deathless Gear Deathless Staff Deathless Sword Deathless Crossbow Deathless Melee Shield Deathless Range Shield Deathless Mage Shield The Cursed Key will give the new Cursed Deathless, which is tier 14 gear. Similarly, to the Deathless gear, it will be dropped as a inactive item and you will need to activate it with dissolved Deathless gear. Cursed Deathless Set Cursed Deathless Sword Cursed Deathless Staff Cursed Deathless Crossbow Cursed Deathless Shield Reward Shop You can spend unspent points on things such as new pet which can be made into a new bis pet and soulsplit buff tokens! You can access this store by talking to the Zombie Slayer. Gravecreeper Pet-Always keep at least 100% of points when leaving, even on death Zombie Hand Pet-25% more points Monkey Zombie Pet-About 20% better chance at receiving undying, deathless, and cursed keys Strongbones Pet- AoE with all attack styles (radius = 2 and maxhit is divided by 5 for surrounding npcs) This only works in the minigame! Zombie Slayer Pet (New BIS)- This has all of the perks of the pets above NOTE: These pets can not be spawned during the minigame. You must spawn them before entering! Making the pet You need 3 of the Cursed Deathless Totems, you can get these from dissolving Deathless gear. AFK System Changes: - Removed the old account linking system - Removed all requirements for any AFK activity. Only thing that matters now is your AFK Olympus Rank - AFK Olympus Rank will either be equal to or greater than your actual Olympus Rank. Never less. - Points/AFK rewards will now only go towards the account that is afking - Players can give up to 3 of their alts an AFK Oly rank. To get started type ::afkmanager You can view your AFK accounts in this window. - To add an account AFK Account select one of the boxes in the AFK Manager interface and add your afk account name. - If your Olympus Rank on your main account goes up, use this interface to update the rank of your afk accounts. - To transfer points from your afk accounts to your main, right click the account name, and select Take Points - An account with an AFK Oly rank higher than it's actual Oly rank cannot use the ::updateafkrank command - To view your AFK rank, you can type ::myafkrank - The loot you get from the AFK Tree (i) at ::afkzone will depend on the rank you are. The higher Olympus rank you are the more damage boosts you get. You no longer need to be in the Olympus zone to get this benefit. The commands above only work for accounts that share the same IP as you 1B/1T Shop Rework We have revamped the 1B/1T shop to take up to tier 10 armor and weapons at a lower price than you would get on the POS, but you cannot buy from the shop any longer. This way we will be able to keep the eco going with the new shop! Miscellaneous changes - Slayer masters will now tell you up to what tier you can get assigned when getting a task -Burn rate when cooking AFK fish has been decreased
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  5. congrats to everyone !
  6. cant wait to grind this out till i get my set
  7. [email protected] has been promoted to Trial Global [email protected] has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Demotions @Clumsy has decided to step down from his Server Support position.
  8. awesome updates ❤️ love this server
  9. Can't wait to see the first owner piece from the vault xD Nice update good work team.
  10. Welcome back to AthensPS monthly staff feedback thread! (May) We want to hear your feedback & opinions on our current staff team. Please feel free to leave any constructive criticism or any in-game experiences with the said staff member. Help us improve! Be sure to include every staff member within your post. Please be descriptive, comments such as "Great staff, very talkative" will not be counted. The top 3 people that reply with the most accurate and full feedback that matches the below requirements will receive a reward of 25 Telos Boxes in-game from Royalred56 or Martial God. Feedback Requirements: YOU MUST properly and fully fill out feedback to be eligible for the reward. If you do not know/see a staff member simply put N/A We will have monthly feedback threads to make sure we continue positively serving the community! You may copy & paste the format below: Head of Server Ogre Community Manager Martial God (Dono Manager) Content Manager Nate (Dono Manager) Forums Manager Pantiez (Dono Manager) Forums/Beta Manager Royalred56 Managers Delicious Global Administrator Trojaneh Trial Global Administrator Administrator Veng Trial Administrator Kushroller79 Global Moderator Jeremiah Trial Global Moderator Request Moderator Trial Moderator Maxime Dylande13 Server Support Panda Rsps Banshee 44 Tudor Notorious Trial Server Support Lord161956
  11. Owner Escanor Head of Server Ogre Head of Development Mycenatch(fahq) Community Manager Martial God (Dono Manager) Developer Content Manager Nate (Dono Manager) Forums Manager Pantiez (Dono Manager) Forums/Beta Manager Royalred56 Managers Delicious Global Administrator Trojaneh Trial Global Administrator Administrator Veng Trial Administrator Kushroller79 Global Moderator Jeremiah Trial Global Moderator Request Moderator Trial Moderator Maxime Dylande13 Server Support Panda Rsps Tudor Notorious Trial Server Support Lord161956 Kyler
  12. Promotions @veng has been repromoted to Administrator. @lord161956 has been repromoted to Trial Server Support.
  13. Hello and welcome to our latest update post! Vote Event After every 30 votes, the vote event will be triggered (This may change as the server grows) 1. Three random Well Bonuses will be activated for 2 hours (::customwell) 2. Three to Five Wet Wizard Bosses will spawn (::ytzone) 3. The Treasure Vault will be activated for 1 hour (::treasurevault) 3. Muttadile will spawn 5 minutes after the 30 votes are reached (::muttadile) 4 Once Muttadile is killed: - A 5 minute Chest Rush Event will begin shortly after (::enterchestrush) - One of each Dono boss will spawn 8 minutes later (gives time to do the chest rush first) Note: Unfortunately, we decided that we'll be stopping player count events. These Vote events will act as a replacement. Staff will still be holding other type of events with the community but no longer revolved around reaching a certain player count. Treasure Vault This is a brand new Minigame that will be activated for 1 hour after every 30 votes. The minigame is pretty straight forward. Simply click the active chest and obtain loot. The active chest will change every 30 seconds. ::treasurevault In order to participate, players need to acquire minutes. 1. Every $25 Donated = +5 minutes - Only in increments of $25, $40 will still give 5 minutes. $20 will give 0 minutes. - Any donation throughout the day will count towards this - Not Including Donations prior to this update 2. Voting = +30 seconds What's so special about the Treasure Vault? Apart from the consistent/free loot you get from opening the chests... it's the only possible way of obtaining Tier 16 Owner Items! Owner cape and accessories have made their return into the game as Tier 16 items! The rate to obtain owner items is about 1500 active minutes at the Treasure Vault. So yes, they will be quite rare to obtain! Quality of Life/ Bug Fixes - Removed Charges being used at global bosses - Easter Event has been disabled - Quest Tab has been organized a bit - Raid Interface no longer overrides the Quest Tab (overrides bottom right achievement tab now) - Players can now filter perks by npc (click "search NPC" again to remove the filter) - Vote Minigame now has only one troll per room - Fixed Issue with a ton of noted items unable to be disassembled - Removed Baby Muttadile Boss - Raids will no longer disable your prayer - Raids will now restore prayer points and hp - Noots Custom - Weapon - Tudors Customs - Scythe, Wand, Cape, Helm, Plate, Legs - Added announce to Diamond Casket Super Rare table - Added Collector Effect to Blood Necks - Made Blood Boots, Gloves and Cape Tradeable - Added Tiers to Athens Supreme Crossbow, Athens Longsword - Edited length and costs for the custom well bonuses - Added Telos Raids multiplier to the custom well bonuses
  14. Amazing update Time to grind out the new sets and drop rate 🙂
  15. Lovely update, super unique approach and very well thought out!
  16. Hello and welcome to our newest update thread! This update has a lot in store for you guys! We have been working hard to give everyone some fun Easter content, and we're excited to share what we've been working on! Easter Event! There will be 3 Components to this event! -The Easter Bunnies -Easter Mass Boss -Easter Egg Hunt Easter Bunny The Easter bunny is located at ::upgrade he will give you all of the information you need to teleport to each part of the Easter Event. You can also trade 3 different kinds of Easter Eggs (3k of each egg) this will give you a permanent 25% drop rate boost, 250% max. Easter Eggs are obtained from the ::easterhunt Info Option Easter Bunnies You can get to the Easter Bunnies by typing ::easterzone / ::easterzone2 / ::easterzone3 / ::easterzone4 / ::easterzone5 Every 5 bunnies killed = +1 roll at the boss loot table Every 10 bunnies killed = +1 minute at the easter hunt Bunnies drop table As you kill the bunnies, you will periodically get easter boss loot rolls and x amount of time to hunt easter eggs Easter Mass Boss You can get to the Easter boss by typing ::easterboss As mentioned above you need to kill Easter Minions to get the ability to roll a drop on the boss's drop table. Boss drop table Easter Gear (Tier 10) Easter Carrot Lance (Tier 9) Easter Egg Launcher (Tier 9) Easter Staff (Tier 9) NOTE: The Easter set is a variant of omni gear. So it will also inherit all Omni set bonuses. Easter Egg Hunt You can get to the Easter Egg Hunt by typing ::easterhunt As mentioned above you need to kill Easter bunnies, this will get you a chance at adding time in the Easter Hunt room. In this room, you will get all 3 eggs you need to trade in to get a permanent 25% DR boost (up to 250%). There will be one pile of eggs hidden within all the piles of fake eggs. Once you find the real pile you can click the pile until it disappears and spawns in a random location. There is a slight chance that the eggs will not spawn! The first player to loot the egg pile will have a small chance at receiving an Easter Box. After your time has run out you will receive this message in-game and then be teleported home. Easter Boxes The Easter Box can be purchased from the Store for $5 or can be obtained from the ::easterhunt The Bunny mask is a brand new Tier 14 item that can only be obtained from Easter Boxes! QOL/ Bug Fixes - Disabled Auto-Retaliate while fighting Heph Easy - Soulsplit will now work at Barrows - Added a ::threads command that will now take you to the guide directory on the forums.
  17. Promotions @Pyrall has passed his trial phase and is now a Server Moderator. @Maxime has been promoted to Trial Moderator. @Dylande13 Has passed his trial phase and is now a Server Support. @Notorious Has passed his trial phase and is now a Server Support. @Request Has passed his trial phase and is now a Server Support. @Snowman has been promoted to Trial Server Support. Demotions @Vape has decided to resign from his Administrator position.
  18. Bronze Casket - $1 Silver Casket - $5 Gold Casket - $10 Platinum Casket - $25 Diamond Casket - $50
  19. Set Bonus Rework We've reworked set bonuses so that they are more dynamic and allow for more combinations Donation Caskets We've released 5 brand new caskets to the Store! Please note that the new Donator Ranks provide benefits for these when opening. Bronze Casket - $1 Silver Casket - $5 Gold Casket - $10 Platinum Casket - $25 Diamond Casket - $50 Other Changes - Changed Sell Bonds at bond store to Sell Drachma - Fixed Tectonic/Incursio/Justiciar Slayer Helmets - Removed Damage from Elite Iron Sword - Added Icy Santa Hat to Tier 10 (Somehow was missed) - Added Tudor's Custom and Blaxin's Custom - Removed Announces from Infernal Box - Disabled Claim X Bond Dailies - Removed Announces from Store Box - Added Tradable to Vulcan Shards from the Item Grinder - Added some commands for raid reqs - Lowered Respawn timer for Iron Mass Bosses to 20 secs from 30 secs - Removed Telos Scraps from Lesser Telos and Added it to the Greater Telos Box - Increased Lesser Omni Bosses / Lesser Telos HP by 2.5x - Fixed Slayer Superiors from being able to AOE - Changed Incursio Boss / Tectonic Boss / Justiciar Boss HP - Changed Fall Guys HP and added a Damage Cap - Fixed Vorago Ring forge - Renamed 25% DR Ring and 50% DR Boots - Fixed Crystalline Branch custom - Removed Electric Scroll from Coll Logs - Removed Automated donation deal spam - Slayer Helms went over to include them in proper set bonuses - Athenian Scroll from Stream Box now gives Rank of Athenian if you didn't have it - Removed Owner Boxes from all sources (Can trade in the ones you still have)
  20. Welcome back to Athens, I hope you enjoy your stay
  21. Hey everyone! My In-Game Name is: Trey Morgan I'm 25 years old as of January 23rd, 2022, I've been a fan of Runescape since about 2004. I use to play from 2004-2012 12-18 hours per day & would find myself wandering off to find private server fun in 2008 on-ward. Just the thrill of being able to get exp even 3x the amount of Runescape's experience rate, was something that I'm sure has a lot of us on here "Athens PS" today! I still do play Runescape 3 (Original Runescape) & of course the old-school Runescape return, however I do find myself constantly grinding "Athens PS" as there seems to be an endless amount of content. Just as you think you are reaching near end game an update usually come's out with some serious content to get your grind on further. I have found since I started back in the early months of 2021, that the community was always super active & that's honestly one of the first things to attract me to stay here. Out in the real world not everyone has an easy time making friends, and to have a place to escape away to like "Athens PS" and to know that the community will be of help when you are clueless on what to do next or to just chat and do some slayer etc. makes this place a one of a kind & truly feels like you are at home with your family. I've just returned a few weeks ago from a pretty long break as I make music & have been super busy in the studio, however I been finding myself playing a lot and It feels good to reunite with a lot of the community and continue to help out others as I want everyone to feel loved here. That being said, I won't be going anywhere anytime soon & will be around the server a lot of the time, so if you need a friend just pm me or if you need help with a question you can also pm me. I am pretty active in the help cc, and usually only off for 5-7 hour's a day, so feel free to get at me if I'm around. Have fun & thanks for taking me in as apart of the community ❤️ Key Lows - Yak Boys (Aesthetic Edit) "My Music"
  22. Q&A Why was the open beta so short? Prior to announcing the open beta the content team has been consistently testing and making adjustments. So just because the open beta only lasted one day, it does not reflect our entire testing process. Additionally, we did not get the amount of participation or feedback we were hoping to receive. This is understandable due to the small number of active players at the moment. The best feedback is always right after an update. Why are drop rates so much higher? Previously there was a cap on all drops of 10%! That cap has now been removed and your full Drop Rate will take into affect when rolling for drops within the DR Cap in the tier of NPC you are fighting. Why is my maxhit lower? All weapons and armors are now based around a tiered system that has been balanced to the new NPC tier system. This allows for a more streamlined progression within Athens. What happened to Forgotten Abyss? We disabled the minigame due to many issues it has. We will be replacing it with a new Survival Minigame that will be released soon! Why did you nerf Soulsplit? We have made Soulsplit to be less relied on due to it being so overpowered. This ultimately allows developers to allow for correct progression in the future. To compensate, we have buffed the Armor and Defense bonuses to rebalance Soulsplit. Why is human pet disabled? With all the combat rework we've been doing, a lot of the code for human pet was broken. We plan to go back and fix it all soon but getting this update out was more important. If KC requirements are being removed, will I be assigned a Slayer Task I can't do? The way Slayer will now work is you must kill an NPC at least 10 times before it will be assigned to you What happened to Owner Items? Owner items have been replaced with Vorago, Telos, and Telos Elite gear. This was a move to get progression back on track for how Athens is currently and in the future. Owner items will be there, but will no longer be obtainable in game. The conversion for the Owner Items are as follows: Owner Necklace - Vorago Necklace Owner Raids Necklace - Telos Necklace Owner Ring - Vorago Ring Owner Raids Ring - Telos Ring Owner Cape - Vorago Cape Owner Raids Cape - Telos Cape Owner Boots - Telos Boots Owner Raids Boots - Elite Telos Boots Owner Gloves - Telos Gloves Owner Raids Gloves - Elite Telos Gloves.
  23. New Armors Blood Elite Set This set will be tier 9 You can make this set by using two identical Blood pieces on each other to make an elite item Vorago Set This set will be tier 11 This is obtained by forging Blood Elite, Vindictive, and a Vorago Scrap together at ::upgrade. You can get the scrap from Vorago Raids Telos Set This set will be tier 12 This is obtained by forging Omni with a Telos Scrap at ::upgrade, you can get the Telos Scrap from Telos Raids Telos Elite Set This set will be Tier 13 You can make this by forging Vorago and Telos pieces together
  24. New Donation Ranks & Caskets The only way to obtain these Ranks is by donating. The total of your purchase will contribute to this rank. The Donation Store is currently being reworked and Caskets have NOT been implemented yet. We will make an announcement on Discord once this part of the update is functional! We do not ever plan to lock any content behind Donator Ranks. Inherently, your Olympus Rank will always be better. However, there are some major bonuses from these ranks that will supplement your Olympus Rank progress. Donator Rank Requirements: Bronze - $10 Silver - $50 Gold - $100 Platinum - $500 Diamond - $1000 Bronze - 5% DR Cap Increase - 10% Chance at getting an additional 5 Drachma when opening a Bronze Casket Silver - 10% DR Cap Increase - 10% Extra Drachma - 10% Chance at getting a free Bronze Casket when opening a Silver Casket Gold - 15% DR Cap Increase - 15% Extra Drachma - 10% Chance at getting a free Silver Casket when opening a Gold Casket Platinum - 20% DR Cap Increase - 20% Extra Drachma - 10% Chance at getting a free Gold Casket when opening a Platinum Casket Diamond - 25% DR Cap Increase - 30% Extra Drachma - 10% Chance at getting a free Platinum Casket when opening a Diamond Casket What are Caskets? Work In Progress....
  25. Rank Changes Your Olympus and regular dono rank will be combined upon login. You can type ::olyranks to view the new rank progression. You will not be losing any benefits from this swap, aside from some older benefits that no longer have a use. New Olympus Rank = (Old Olympus Total x 5) + Normal Total Donated Olympus Rank will also no longer be considered a “Donation” rank [Click Here] to get a proper list of Olympus Rank Benefits We have also replaced Bonds with Greek Drachma. All existing bonds in a player's bank/inventory will be 5x and from now on every shop, drop table, etc are replaced with Drachma.
  26. Invention Invention is a brand new skill for Mid-End Game players that involves disassembling gear for benefits. This skill is entirely optional and only serves to supplement and give you additional bonuses! To begin training invention, please locate the Invention Workbench in the western part of the home area near the Telos Portal. You will also be able to click the Invention skill to teleport to the workbench You must also purchase an Invention Toolkit along with a Charging Torch from the Skilling Shop next to the Invention Workbench or at ::shops. You will be needing them to charge/uncharge items. Disassembly All Tiered items can be disassembled into either Materials or Invention Shards. You can open the disassembly interface by opening your Invention Toolkit or by using the Invention Workbench at home. Disassembling items into materials will not give you any invention experience. You must use the materials to create perks which will then provide exp. Disassembling shards will give you instant exp but at a lower rate than creating materials. What are "Shards"? Invention shards allow you to boost the attack, defense, and damage stats of any tiered item by 25%! You can store the your Invention Shards in the Charging Torch. Then you use that torch on the items you want to charge. Perks Materials obtained from disassembling gear will allow you to create perks. Perks are boosts to your account that have a limited lifespan. There are a total of 10 Perk Tiers, the higher the tier the better bonuses it will provide. Any material can be used to create any tier of perk! The amount of material required will increase if the material is lower than the perk you're trying to create. In contrast, if you use a material that's greater than the perk you're trying to create, the perk will generate a higher lifespan. There are a ton of different scenarios to try out when creating perks. Deciding which is best will be left up to you. NOTE: The type of perk you receive along with it's attached npc's will always be randomly generated Dissolving Materials will grant you a fraction of the Shards you would normally receive from that associated tier of gear. While training Invention you will probably get a lot of lower-tier perks you may not want, so you can type ::destroyperks (perk tier) it will destroy all perks from that tier. WARNING: You will not get any shards from this command
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