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    • Hello and welcome to our latest update post!   Zombie Invasion In this new minigame you will have to fight off the hordes of the undead for as long as you can. The teleport to the minigame is located underneath the minigame teleports. Once you teleport in you will see a lobby similar to the raid's lobbies.  Here you can buy rewards from the Zombie slayer, open up the keys you get from the minigame, and enter the minigame through the portal. Before starting the raid you will need to click the green star tab on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.  This will allow you to create a party and see your points/loot from the minigame. *You are allowed up to 5 players in a party*   How The Minigame works Once you have created and invited everyone to your party you can enter the minigame through the portal. The zombies will begin to spawn from this area.  Each wave will get harder and harder until you leave, this will save the points you get throughout the game or die which will cost you half of your points. After each wave you will be given the option to get one of four keys, these keys can give you the new armors, weapons and much more!   Special Mechanics -Cannons You will be able to fill these cannons by spending points.  The cannons will randomly hit the zombies as they pass by.  The cannons will stun the zombies for a short time. -Zombie Invasion boss The boss will randomly spawn throughout the Zombie Invasion minigame, you will need to kill it to progress, your damage will be capped at 250 while killing the boss. -Package Drop This will randomly spawn on the map for a short time, if you pick it up in time it will give you food or give you extra points. *You cannot use food from outside of the minigame* Rewards Zombie invasion gives you four different keys, as mentioned above. Basic key will give you your general loot The Undying Key will give the new Undying, which is tier 8 gear Undying Gear Undying Staff Undying Sword Undying Bow The Deathless Key will give inactive Deathless, which is tier 11 gear.  You will need to dissolve Undying to make the inactive Deathless into the wearable gear.  This will be the same for Cursed deathless except you need to dissolve Deathless to get a Cursed Totem.   How to dissolve gear   *Activating Inactive Deathless*   Deathless Gear Deathless Staff Deathless Sword Deathless Crossbow Deathless Melee Shield Deathless Range Shield Deathless Mage Shield The Cursed Key will give the new Cursed Deathless, which is tier 14 gear.  Similarly, to the Deathless gear, it will be dropped as a inactive item and you will need to activate it with dissolved Deathless gear. Cursed Deathless Set Cursed Deathless Sword Cursed Deathless Staff Cursed Deathless Crossbow Cursed Deathless Shield   Reward Shop You can spend unspent points on things such as new pet which can be made into a new bis pet and soulsplit buff tokens!  You can access this store by talking to the Zombie Slayer.   Gravecreeper Pet-Always keep at least 100% of points when leaving, even on death Zombie Hand Pet-25% more points Monkey Zombie Pet-About 20% better chance at receiving undying, deathless, and cursed keys Strongbones Pet- AoE with all attack styles (radius = 2 and maxhit is divided by 5 for surrounding npcs) This only works in the minigame! Zombie Slayer Pet (New BIS)- This has all of the perks of the pets above NOTE: These pets can not be spawned during the minigame. You must spawn them before entering! Making the pet You need 3 of the Cursed Deathless Totems, you can get these from dissolving Deathless gear.   AFK System Changes: - Removed the old account linking system - Removed all requirements for any AFK activity. Only thing that matters now is your AFK Olympus Rank - AFK Olympus Rank will either be equal to or greater than your actual Olympus Rank. Never less. - Points/AFK rewards will now only go towards the account that is afking - Players can give up to 3 of their alts an AFK Oly rank.  To get started type ::afkmanager You can view your AFK accounts in this window. - To add an account AFK Account select one of the boxes in the AFK Manager interface and add your afk account name. - If your Olympus Rank on your main account goes up, use this interface to update the rank of your afk accounts. - To transfer points from your afk accounts to your main, right click the account name, and select Take Points - An account with an AFK Oly rank higher than it's actual Oly rank cannot use the ::updateafkrank command - To view your AFK rank, you can type ::myafkrank - The loot you get from the AFK Tree (i) at ::afkzone will depend on the rank you are. The higher Olympus rank you are the more damage boosts you get. You no longer need to be in the Olympus zone to get this benefit. The commands above only work for accounts that share the same IP as you 1B/1T Shop Rework We have revamped the 1B/1T shop to take up to tier 10 armor and weapons at a lower price than you would get on the POS, but you cannot buy from the shop any longer.  This way we will be able to keep the eco going with the new shop!   Miscellaneous changes - Slayer masters will now tell you up to what tier you can get assigned when getting a task -Burn rate when cooking AFK fish has been decreased        
    • congrats to everyone !
    • cant wait to grind this out till i get my set
    • [email protected] has been promoted to Trial Global [email protected] has been promoted to Trial Moderator. Demotions @Clumsy has decided to step down from his Server Support position.
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