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    • Has your suggestion been suggested before? NoWill this suggestion create an eco issue? NoIs this Suggestion able to be abused? NoWhat do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? QoL update for Human Pets that don't teleport with you.What is your suggestion? Until you are able to make Human Pets follow you through teleports, change the Default Left Click on the Summon Icon to Call Familiar so we dont have to right click, or go to the summon tab every time.
    • Community Manager Draoder - Very nice when online, see him less than most staff but still responsive.  Smash - Obviously OP staff member, online more than most people are awake. Normally respectfully responsive.     Global Administrator  Munjeezy - Plays the game well, makes a good Admin, has the wide in game experience.  Nate - I've seen nate online a bit, also a pretty goofy person. VERY active on forums.  Blitz - I've seen blitz online at random times, each time he's online he answers questions rapidly.     Trial Global Administrator     Event Team  Rebel - Helped me when I first started. Honestly, Rebel is the reason I stuck around on the server. I got confused fast, his help kept me willing to learn.  Gareth - Goofy dude. Normally less serious than rebel but still very responsive and willing to help.     Suggestions Manager  Leo - Average activity online, normally responds to in game questions pretty well. Also a non-computerized sense of humor.     Administrators  Cashapp - Haven't spent much time talking to Cash. He's extremely responsive but not out and about like others.  Lindgren - Always hidden in the corner somewhere Lindgren just sits. 🙂 Pretty nice and responsive.  Artemis - Also a nice guy, pretty funny from what I've seen. Makes the game a bit more enjoyable.    Trial Administrators Veng - First confrontation was veng as a mod, did answer a couple of my questions. Helped me when no other staff was online.     Global Moderator  Ogre - Haven't seen much of Ogre, I've seen his name pop up in game a few times, haven't had any social interaction.       Trial Global Moderator       Moderator  Harte - Only seen online a few times, haven't had any confrontation.  Queen Bee - Online a TON, normally pretty responsive, willing to help even if it's away from in-game playing.  Slaya - Also online a TON, I've had a lot of interaction with Slaya, mainly he's just at random monster teleports grinding out slayer. Awesome player, always out there to help.    Trial Moderator       Server Support  Mickey - Kind of active, is definitely knowledgeable of the game.  Ding dong ho - Plays the game hard, I've seen him actively playing the game to keep the eco sane.  Viniarskism - VERY ACTIVE! - Normally semi-robotic but still pretty happy to be online.  L V - VERY ACTIVE! Also slightly robotic when communicating, lacks enthusiasm in responses to new players.  Hob - Also plays a lot, very very nice guy. Willing to take time out to explain things and just chill.  Neck - VERY ACTIVE! Haven't had any in depth conversations with Neck, but I see him playing the game hard and semi-answering questions when active!     Trial Server Support  Chadsta - Haven't seen online too much, probably a different time zone. I've done a couple of minigames and such with Chad, strong player, haven't had any meaningful confrontations with him though. 
    • Congrats on the promotions!
    • Good to see you here mate! Enjoy your stay, always a pm away if you need any help btw.
    • Hey guys! Brand new to the server, just started today, already loving the content and freedom to do pretty much whatever on the server. Fun events and lots of PVM content! Really happy to give this a go 🙂
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