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    • Name: In-Game Username:Leo Age:22 Country & Timezone (Include GMT): Mountain Time , Canada  Average time played per day? since im back at work now 2-3 hours a day on the weekdays 6-8 hours on the week ends What days of the week are you available to play? i try to play everyday whenever im not busy at the office  What is your previous experience with being a staff member in an online community? i was admin in a couple servers when i was really into rsps's but no other server caught my attention like this server has hence why im still playing    Why do you want to be a Athens staff member, and why do you feel you deserve this rank? (200 words minimum) I just really enjoy playing athens ngl, thats why i decided to apply to become a staff member helping out players and helping out the staff team with updates, testing, coming up with ideas and introductions of new events bosses content in general you know? and the staff teams vibe is insane yall like family and i would love to be apart of it.   What are the top 5 qualities that you think an Athens staff member should have? Have you ever been infracted (Muted/Jailed/Banned)? Honesty no matter the severity of the punishment that will be given, Respect is the key to life, Patience dealing with people who ask for help but in reality they really dont want ur help they just wanna complain lmao, Being open minded in general looking at all sides of the situation to figure out whats fair Professional being professional in all situations   If you answered yes to the above question, what was the reason: tbh i have but its prob cause i was being trolled by smash or sumthin lmfao    If you received this rank, would you devote hours of free time to play? definitely this is my escape from irl stress   Tell us about yourself (hobbies, occupation etc): Project Manager for a Masonry company, I also have my own company that im working on getting smaller jobs to keep workers going while covid is still a thing, Hobbies have taken a break due to covid sadly but when its over again i play rugby , ngl my hobbies are lowkey depressing bro i dont do shit but work lmfao   Post a Screenshot of your In-Game "Time Played"    
    • We are sad to announce that @Blossom has stepped down from his staff role due to irl circumstances, we wish him the best of luck and hope all is well. Some good news @Jack has re-joined the staff team as a server support.
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    • Athensps Official Price List CAUTION IF YOU SEE PRICES THAT ARE IN THE POS THAT ARE WAY ABOVE THESE PRICES DO NOT BUY THEM!! In order to find a specific item do cntrl + f and type the item name. This thread will be monitored by staff and will be updated accordingly  Weapons Seismic bow/wand/maul (u) - 8 - 10 quad (bow is most) Seismic bow/wand/maul - 6 - 7 quad K’ril Staff- 1.4 - 1.6q K’ril Scythe- 1.2 - 1.4q K’ril Sword- 750-950t Vorkath Bow- 1.1 - 1.3q Vorkath Crossbow- 1.3 - 1.5q Custom Blood Twisted Bow - 800-900t Custom Sanguinesti Staff - 800 - 950t Custom Scythe if Vitur - 700 - 800t Custom Ghrazi Rapier - 350 - 500t Blood Twisted Bow - 300 - 400t Sanguinesti Staff - 350 - 500t Scythe Of Vitur - 300 - 400t Angelic Maul - 20-30t Athens Warhammer - 150-180t Athens Longsword - 60-90t Athens Supreme Bow - 200-220t Hope Staff - 300-350t Hope Crossbow - 175 - 250t Hope Sword 75T to the 1B shop(80t to players) Electric Battlestaff - 40-45t Animal Bow- 60-70t Infernal Minigun 20-30t Hellfire Shadow Sword - 22t(to 1b shop) - 35t to players Hellfire Battlestaff - 10-12t Rainbow Minigun - 10-12t   Shields Godly Hell Defender- 2.5 - 3q Texturized Hell Defender 1.1-1.3q Godly Shield - 1q - 1.25q Angelic Shield (elite) 460t - 580t Hellfire Spirit Shield- 280-320t Texturized Spirit Shield 280-320t Angelic Shield (Range/Melee/Magic)- 150-180t Custom Avernic Defender - 150 - 250t Avernic Defender- 75-90t Angelic Shield (Clean) 80-110t Tome of Chaos - 40t   Armour Icy Santa- 6.5 - 8Q ($500) Omni Helm/Plate/Legs - 5-6q ea Vindictive Set - 4-4.5q (1.3-1.5q a piece?) K’ril Melee Body/Legs - 2-2.5 K’ril Melee Helm - 2-2.2q K’ril Melee Head - 1.8-2q Crystal Body & Legs - 900t - 1.3q ea Crystal Helm- 800 - 1q Vorki Head - 800t Kril melee head- 1.5-2q Zami head-1.5-2q Omni slayer helm - 4-5q  K’ril mage top/ 1-1.3q K’ril mage bottom/ 1-1.3q K’ril mage hood/ 800t-1q Elite angelic plate/legs/helm/shield 450-525t  Angelic clean plate/legs/helm/shield 100-140t  Angelic mage/rng/mele plate/legs/helm/ 150-190t Tectonic Elite Helm/body/legs  500-600t per piece Justiciar Elite Helm/Body/Legs 300-400t per piece Incursio Elite Helm/Body/Legs 300-400t per piece Tectonic Helm/body/legs  300-400t per piece Justiciar Helm/Body/Legs 100-175t per piece Incursio Helm/Body/Legs 100-150t per piece Oreo armour pieces 10-15t ea   Scrolls   Omni Scroll 22-24q 200% Drop rate scroll- 4.8 - 5.2q Unlimited prayer scroll (Range,Mage/Melee) 3.6 - 4.8q 100% Scroll- 900-1.2q 50% Scroll - 400-480t Unlimited Prayer Scroll - 120-140t   Owner Items Owner Santa - 39q-48q ($3k, dono only) Owner Plate/Legs - 39q - 48q ($3k ea, dono only) Owner Helm - 26q - 32q ($2k, dono only) Owner Boots & Gloves - 6.5-8q (dono/box only) Owner Neck & Ring - 3 -3.5q Owner Cape - 1.5 - 1.7q   Pets. Infected brute - 500-600t Vorago - 900-1.2q Mimic -1-1.5q Superior mimic- 5.5-6.5q Human pet - 700-800t Superior Human Pet- 2.8-3q Omni Pet -10-12q Vindictive pet - 8-10q   Drop Rate Items. Ring Of Devotion (Elite)  140t - 150t Ring Of Devotion (s) 100-150t Slayer Ring (Elite) 50t ish (common from slayer superiors) Collector Necklace (Elite) - 130-150t 50%DR Boots (Elite) 175t - 190t Darklord Cape (Elite) 415t - 490t Roseblood Gloves - 120-140t Roseblood Gloves (Elite) - 475t - 535t Paper Sack 40t - 50t Darklord Cape  125-150t 50% DR Boots 20t - 25t Ring Of Devotion 10t - 12t   Misc. Power crystals (meele) 7-9t Power crystals (range) 11-12t Power crystals ( magic) 12-14t Darklord Tokens 4-5t  Limey Bow 4-6t Vote scrolls - 500b-1t Owner darts - 10-12t Book of omens - 5-5.5q Dragon minigun - 2.5-4t   Box Prices   Store box-  100-135t (based on dono points) Owner box- 7-9t Seismic box-7-9t Survivors box- 7-9t Kril melee box- 7-9t Kril mage box- 7-9t Vorkath box- 7-9t Drop rate box- 500-600b Ultra box- 200-300b Supreme box- 300-400b Slayer box-350-500b   Limited Time Items Halloween Owner cape - 3.2q (3-3.5q)   Halloween Plate body - 2.5q (2.3-2.7q)   Halloween Plate Legs - 2.5q (2.3-2.7q)   Halloween gloves - 240t (250-300t)  Halloween scythe - 2.2 (2-2.4q)   Halloween shield - 450t (400-500t)   Halloween boots - 240t (250-300t)   Halloween helmet - 1.8q (1.6-2q) The flying pumpkin- 1.1q (1-1.2q) Halloween Darklord Cape - 500t (450-550t) 14,000 tokens 25b ea. Spooky pet - 225t (200-250t) 8.8k tokens 25b ea. Spooky scythe - 450t 17k tokens 25b ea  Spooky helmet - 250t 10k tokens 25b ea  Spooky plate - 350t 12k tokens 25b ea  Spooky platelegs - 350t 12k tokens 25b ea spooky gloves - 275t 9k tokens 25b ea  Spooky boots - 275t 9k tokens 25b ea Easter bunny pet(Super limited) - 700-800t Easter bunny mask(only one in-game) - 5-6q (Very Similar to icy santa)
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