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    • Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be introducing a revamped Free For All Event, alongside this months version of the season pass superiors. Free For All Event Free for all will be the first wave of our PVP related content releases.  This event will be started by staff.  We will have three different gear set ups, these include dharok, pure & hybrid. Below are the screenshots of the gear set ups. Hybrid setup   Dh setup   Pure setup   How it works Once the event is started type ::ffa - Once you have done that you will be moved to the waiting area.  After 2 or more people have joined the event will start in 50 seconds. - Then you fight to the death!  *If you don't move within 20 seconds you will be kicked from the event* - The winner of a fight will have their spec, stats and inventory replenished for the next fight. - If you are the last alive you will be awarded with 5m cash or more depending on the staff running the event.   Season Pass Npcs   This month will be the month of the chickens.  The undead chicken and giant chickens will be the superiors for this months pass. This seasons icon will be an ear of corn.      
    • WOW well that is alot to take in for sure. The idea of creating a fresh world for 3 months that merges with the main game is a great idea, I've wanted to try starting out on a new account for sometime to experience things differently and this opens up a whole lot more then what I would expect. Can't remember much about the FFA events, could have been sometime while I wasn't too active but none the less it sounds like quite the fun event to hold. Lastly the defense buff seems absolutely great, Being in Elizabeth working towards full sara has been quite the grind alone, so getting into more nex raids etc with some more defensive ability would be lovely. I personally don't stay on a server because staff spoils me, I get free bonuses/rewards, or it's super easy to progress. I stay around because I know the people in the background care and the community is something I like to take part in time to time. So thanks for sticking around and making this one of my favorites.
    • Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be introducing Escanor Accessories along side set bonuses + Changes to Amythest/ Diamond caskets along with a brand new 7DS Box + other quality of life update. Escanor Acessories You will be able to get these accessories from Escanor selectors, below is the screenshot of the stats + the set bonuses they give. 7DS Boxes  We have now added 7ds boxes into the game the way you are able to obtain them is through the forge at ::upgrade. You can find potential rewards for the new 7DS Box in the possible Loot Interface: Donator Casket Changes We have made large improvements to both Amythest & Diamond caskets. Loot for both caskets can be found below:   Amythest Casket Diamond Casket QOL Changes Changed base loot for Chestrush Minigame Old Chestrush Minigame: New Chest Rush Minigame Loot: Changed base loot for vote Minigame Old Vote Minigame: New Vote Minigame Loot: You can now convert GWD key halves into the opposite key half at a rate of 2-1. You may also now make 3 of the same key half into a full key at a rate of 3-1.   Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue with Elizabeth's respawns for all difficulties. Fixed an Issue with Fight Caves Saving. Slightly nerfed melee NPC's Inside the cave. Fight Caves Jad will now have correct intervals between animations.
    • Section 3.) An entirely new system of defense that would allow your tier of gear having a chance of mitigating special attack damage dealt by NPCS. (This would be dependent on the tier of gear you are wearing. The higher the tier of gear the more likely you are going to ignore/mitigate any damage dealt to you from an NPCS special attack specifically. As of right now NPC special attacks ignore defensive bonuses and armor stats.)
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