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    • Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be focusing on a massive quality of life update.     QOL -Reduced the task amount for beginner slayer. - Buffed fishing rod drop rate for hero & legend fishing spot. -Void selections changed to 25k each at the Niles store. -Forge for damage tokens has been changed from 1x to 10x - Removed drachma announcements from telos box - Removed 2x treasure crystal announcement from all bosses - Removed drop announcements from justiciar, incursio, tectonic & angelic warriors. - Added a banker at the starter zone. -Allow the 7ds materials to be looted to the currency bag -Added Escanor accessories to the Accessories Grinder -Removed Bolts, Dragon Bones and the coin stack on a new account -The Kickstarter box will now have 100 Hero Swordfish in it when starting a new account -Kickstarter box timer has been reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes to open for new accounts -The owner chest will now take 100 darts per chest instead of 10. -Added the slayer boss key fragments to be looted to the currency bag -Added an examine to the Slaughter and Exp bracelets to describe what they are for. -Adjusted item upgrade chance for T6 equipment from 25% to 50% -Fixed a bug with item upgrades for vorkath, kril, zammy legs giving incorrect sin parts -Changed the upgrade chance from omni pieces from 5% to 25% to receive a Sin Frag New Season Boss will be a Turkey   New Customs Added - Icy Scythe Ornate Crossbow
    • Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be introducing four brand new sets along side set bonuses for both sets, a elizabeth drop table rework. Weapon upgrades from t14-t15 alongside a new monthly season pass. Easy Elizabeth Drop Table Easy Elizabeth now drops a liones weapon stone which allows you to add it onto a t14 7ds weapon to turn it into a t15 varient. Along side a armor stone that turns a elizabeth piece into a escanor piece. Along side what's shown on the drop table above. Medium Elizabeth Drop Table Med Elizabeth now drops a sunshine stone that when used on a escanor piece makes it a +1 piece along side what's shown on the drop table above. Hard Elizabeth Drop Table Hard Elizabeth now drops cerebrus items that along side escanor +1 items can be formed into a dragoon item. Cerberus items is t16 where as dragoon is t17. This items can only be obtained from hard elizabeth. Set Bonuses Escanor +1 Cerberus Melee  Cerberus Range Cerberus Mage Dragoon Season Pass Boss This season consists of halloween themed pass bosses, below is a screenshot. The drop table will remain the same. 
    • Owner   Escanor    Head of Server   Trojaneh    Head of Development   Mycenatch(fahq)    Community Manager   Jordan  Bernie  Rebel  Dale    Content Manager   Nate      Forums/Beta Manager   Royalred56    Managers   Pantiez          Discord Manager       Global Administrator       Trial Global Administrator       Administrator       Trial Administrator       Global Moderator       Trial Global Moderator       Moderator   Chandelure    Trial Moderator   Twitch      Server Support   Gwdwarrior  Request    Trial Server Support 
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