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    • Just wanna say this & have been since the beginning of you Christian & Royal, you both been droppin' some really really straight forward & ideal Guides & just wanna keep saying to you boys that the work, the effort you all boys do, I can't put words together. Keep the Guides & information coming, great works guys.   Can I get a hooiiiyahhh? 
    • The Pet Grinder The Pet Grinder is a new addition to Athens which introduced allowing pets into instances. Today I will be showing you how it works and what is needed for each tier in the Pet Grinder.   The Pet Grinder can be found at ::ckey in game it is the right click of the Item Grinder. The Pet Grinder has 8 tiers currently I will go over them separately later in the guide.   To gain pet points you must grind pets at the Pet Grinder each tier of pet grants more and more points the higher you go. You must also grind a pet of that tier to be able to use it in instances.   Tier 1 Tier 1 grants 1 point per pet grinded and requires a total of 5 points for you to be able to use them this tier consists of: Blood Hound  Shaman Defender  Hulk  Darklord   Tier 2 Tier 2 grants 3 points per pet grind and requires a total of 15 points to use these pets in instances this tier consists of Blood Hound (elite) Shaman Defender (elite) Hulk (elite) Darklord (elite) Lucid Warrior Oreo Custom Void Pet   Tier 3 Tier 3 pets can be grinded for 5 points a piece requiring a total of 25 points to bring them into instances this tier consists of Lucid Warrior (elite) Oreo (elite) Angelic Overlord Hope Devourer Custom Void (range) Custom Void (magic) Custom Void (meee)   Tier 4 Tier 4 grants 10 points per pet grind and requires a total of 50 points to bring them into instances this tier consists of Angelic (elite) Overlord (elite) Vorki Zami Greater K'ril Human Salvation   Tier 5 Tier 5 grants 20 points per pet grind and requires a total of 100 points to use instanced pets this tier consists of Blood Ranger Vorago Telos Custom Void (elite) Hope Devourer (superior) Salvation (superior)   Tier 6 Tier 6 grants 40 pints per pet grind and requires a total of 200 points to bring these pets into instances this tier consists of Vorki (superior) Zami (superior) Greater K'ril (superior) Blood Ranger (superior) Vorago (superior) Human (superior) Redemption Mini Mimic   Tier 7 Tier 7 grants 80 points per pet grind and requires 400 total points to use the pets in instances it consists of Telos (superior) Mini Mimic (superior) Vindictive Redemption (superior)   Tier 8 Tier 8 grants 160 points per grind and requires a total of 800 points to bring into an instance it consists of Omni Pet            
    • We will be looking into this I have brought it up to other staff will be bringing this up at the next staff meeting thank you for your suggestion
    • this has been brought up to the dev thanks for your suggestion
    • this is already in game once you hit uber + in rank you get slot boxes to add it to lower ranks would be unfair to the older players thanks for the suggestion
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