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    • Has your suggestion been suggested before?  Not that I know of Will this suggestion create an eco issue? No. Is this Suggestion able to be abused? No. What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? QOL, especially for ironmen What is your suggestion? Bring back, or bring another way, to receive monster bloods. As an ironman, farming a boss is something I don't mind doing for weeks. However, coming to find out that if I want to use the omni head I received as a drop, I need to do a lot of slayer to get this turned into a slayer helm. Why this was changed, I can understand, but its very detrimental in my opinion - and moreso, very demotivating. I would really like to see another way to receive these monster bloods, as so far, this has been the biggest (unnecessary) grindwall for a single item that I've perceived. And as a big lover of the server, I'd like to see this changed. Either use some kind of other points in shops for purchasing these bloods, or getting them from any kind of mob, would already be a huge difference. For now, I will not be doing any more slayer - I feel a little defeated and rather demotivated.   Thanks for hearing me out, I hope this brings some light to these bloods - and some kind of QOL can be created.
    • Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)  NoWill this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)  NoIs this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)  NoWhat do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? HelpfulWhat is your suggestion?    Add a slayer attachment to the ring, cape, or necklace that allows you to get a new slayer task without needing to talk to the master. Don’t feel that this is too overpowered as it only saves a few seconds. Maybe a possibility of adding them into the different slayer boxes with a high rarity.  
    • Head of Server  Smash   Solid lad, seems to actually listen to what the players want, and delivers. +1 keep it up.   Community Manager  Rebel Rebel is super dope, always helpful and always doing his job interacting well within the community.  Donation Manager  Beansfham You keep doing you my guy, don't have anything negative to say.  Global Administrator   Munjeezy Munjeezy is a nice guy, helping out as always. I don't have too much interaction with him but similar to Beans, I have nothing negative to say. Keep it up 🙂  Ogre Ogre I really don't see too much, I may just not being paying too much attention, or we just have different time zones.  Veng I see veng on the most for sure (Out of the Admins) You've always been very laid back, and quite helpful. If I ever have an issue that requires more than a Moderator to deal with, I'd for sure reach out to you first. Trial Global Administrator     Forums Manager  Royalred56 The forums don't seem to be as much of a hot spot these days, but I've never seen any spam/bot topics so you're all doing a great job there. I think the amount of resources on the forums for new players, including myself is super nice. I'm not sure how much you had to do with that, but regardless keep it up.   Gim Manager   Lindgren I believe you are promoted to the mighty Global Admin now, so congratulations on that! You also fall into the category of very king and helpful, so good luck ❤️ Administrators  Queen Bee I haven't seen you a whole lot this month, but I know you're a good staff member. Hope all is well.  L V Also haven't had a whole lot of interaction with you either, i've only ever heard positive things about the Staff team and you fall into that group as well. Hope all is well, and maybe I'll shoot you a message one day.  Snowman My man snowman was excluded from the staff list (I smell a conspiracy of someone tryna keep him away from Staff of the Month) Anyway... Snowman is as with the rest of ya, very kind and helpful.    Trial Administrators  Roll a zoot Congrats on trial admin, ill sure you'll be a regular noob admin very soon.  Global Moderator  Hob It has become quite the theme that I haven't had much interaction with most of the staff teams. There are a LOT of you. I have not heard anything negative about you either though, so keep doing you. Trial Global Moderator   Moderator  Mageownsu1 I don't believe you are staff anymore? May be wrong -- N/a  Gotbaconeh Same as above --N/A  Reward Congrats on your recent promotion, the theme with all the staff members above you is, just continue to be kind and helpful :).     Dalerith n/A Trial Moderator   Server Support  Viniarskiam I see you quite often, always helping, always there. Keep it up and I bet you'll be promoted very soon. Good luck.  Cinematic N/A  Kudisai I see you quite a bit too. Same as Vini, just keep doing what you've been doing, and a promotion is in the near future 🙂 Trial Server Support  Yogi  I definitely feel like you have passed your trial. Just keep doing what you're doing and try not to burn out xD    Blueberry1 I've seen you quite a bit this last week as well. Good luck and keep helping!  Pantiez You're a mod now I believe, so congrats! Hope you guys are learning a lot and having a good time!  Heythere You as well, congrats! Same notes as Pantiez!      My vote for Staff of the Month would have to go to  Kudisai.   
    • Introduction Hello and welcome to my feedback to staff! Little introduction before going on, all the feedback is personal and only from my point of view, which might not match with other players, especially as in seeing any staff member less or more. This is not personal or some kind of "hate" when I write that I'd like to see someone more, it's just because we probably aren't in same timezone and therefore we can't even see each other as much.   Feedback  Head of Server   Smash Like last month (June), so is now. Smash has been on the picture a lot with all his events, hosts, being constantly active in-game and interacting with community. And of course representing highest staff list in the game too, so I find that it gives all players the feeling that even owners care about players. He is very quick when it comes to any issues, responses etc. For example in the last update (slayer update) I had some concerns in feedback and he got back to me in very short time after submitting the feedback. So all in all I find Smash very good part of the staff / community overall.    Community Manager   Rebel As another month has passed by I still find Rebel probably one of the most actives, if not the most active staff member in the whole server. The amount of time he puts into the server and towards the community is huge. It's crazy how fast he can answer you, if you have any question, doesn't matter if you write him on Discord or in-game, response comes in always quick, if he's not asleep of course but that's reasonable. Also Rebel loves to grind with community, hosts constant events, helps streamers with everything etc. His contribution towards Athens and Athens' community is just amazing and I respect him for that. Amazing person!     Donation Manager   Beansfham Beans has been hosting some amazing deals with Smash of course, like buy 1 get 1 or buy 2 get 1 etc. Very suitable person for his role, moreover, he doesn't spam these deals 24/7 or annoy players with it, he just reminds from time to time that if anyone wants some deals they can write him on Discord (or Smash) etc. Moreover, Beans has still proven himself being very calm and reasonable person for as high rank as he has. Great addition to community and staff list.    Global Administrator   Munjeezy As in June, same is in July, Munjeezy is by fast biggest grinder in the whole Athens community, yet he is also very quick to response and help everyone in need. Munjeezy is probably one of the most respected players and staff members in Athens' history.  Ogre To be honest, I've seen Ogre couple times but not too much, however, I've talked to him more on Discord and I find him taking his role very seriously and being there for players, even if he's not currently online. Moreover, I think I would see him more, if I played by US times or some different times. Ogre has earned my respect though.  Veng I've seen Veng on several times but haven't had any chance to talk to him nor grind together or something. Unfortunately he's almost all the time has went to sleep too when I came online or vice versa, so that's a bit sad. Although as much as I've managed to interact or see him, I can say that he is a good Administrator and he's playing a lot and gives his contribution to the server.    Trial Global Administrator  I left the rank in for future.     Forums Manager   Royalred56 Not gonna lie, I haven't see Royalred much in the past month, not in forums, nor in-game, unfortunately. All I know though was that he was serving his role well for the time being and was very kind and helpful person who responded rather quickly. Would love to see him return.    Gim Manager   Lindgren Lindgren is probably the biggest grinder when it comes down to GIM accounts / players. He has shown that he has 60m+ afk pts, amazing gear, amazing team and they are not burnt out. Moreover, he still works hard to make GIM interesting for everyone and he's also very helpful overall. I think GIM is representing his role well, especially by being a perfect example for every GIM player there is. I'd like to thank him for all the help and contribution!    Administrators   Queen Bee I still find Queen one of the sweetest members of the community who is always helpful and kind and I have never seen her denying and help request etc. Sadly I haven't managed to see her a lot during this month (I think again due to different timezones), however I've seen her more in the past days, and she is insanely respected towards all players and I think the very kindness and being as helpful has earned her the respect. Hope to see her more and more.  L V L V or Group Carry, doesn't matter which one of his names you have on friends list, he is always online either one or both of his accounts and grinding a ton. Especially with his GIM acc (Group Carry). Also perfect example for all the GIM players out there, along with Lindgren. Moreover, L V has been responding very quickly throughout the month and everytime I pm'd him in-game he always answers within seconds. Also he has all the answers when it comes down to some question about update / server. Amazing administrator!    Trial Administrators   Roll A Zoot First of all, big congratulations and well deserved Trial Administrator role! I find Zoot one of the fastest learning and helpful player in the whole community. He's also very fun person to talk to, especially if you feel a bit down, he is always there to raise your mood, even without trying to do so. He just has this good and warm feeling whatever he does or whenever he's online. Massive Vorago raids grinder and example that hard grind pays off (both by getting trusted by owners to earn Trial Administrator and getting Book of Omens drop).    Global Moderator   Hob I've seen Hob quite a bit, especially during the last days of July and as all staff members above, he as well, is very kind, helpfull and has this quick response time. Always there when you pm or ask for help in help cc. This kindness is also motivating.    Trial Global Moderator  I left the rank in for future.    Moderator   Mageownsu1 To be honest I haven't see Mageownsu1 as much as I saw him last month, but I hope it's just due to timezones, not sure though. All in all I know he's still a nice person and good mate to talk to.  Gotbaconeh I've seen Gotbaconeh online several times and seen him grinding quite a bit. Although I'm not completely sure if he is still staff member or not to these days, however, still a good guy who helps as he can.    Reward I haven't see Reward almost at all during July unfortunately, however, with Reward I know for sure the timezone matters a lot since even in June he always came on when I went to sleep and vice versa. However I hope to see more from him in the upcoming month. Also highly respected staff member in the community.  Dalerith Dalerith is probably most seen Moderator there is currently and definitely well deserved. He is always online, always helping, always there when you ask for help. He's working hard both on his account and on helping everyone in need. One of my favorite staff members currently just because I feel that he is very easy going and takes things professionally.    Trial Moderator  I left the rank in for future.    Server Support   Viniarskiam Vini has still been there and seen him from time to time and I have to admit that he is very kind person who is very helpful and I find him as good addition to the staff team.  Cinematic Not gonna lie, I haven't see Cinemtaic this month as much as I'd like to too. Pretty much as last month, I'd personally like to hear more from Cinematic and have him more in the picture.    Kudisai One of the biggest grinders in the whole server, I think Kudi is another amazing example for all the players in Athens' community about how hard grind and hard work eventually pays off and I think Kudi has definitely deserved his rank.    Trial Server Support   Yogi Not gonna lie I've seen Yogi online and active and I was a bit in shook when he got deranked. I don't know whether he left himself or what happened, but all I can say is that Yogi is or alteast has been grinding a lot on his account and been probably best example there is for ironmen. Moreover, very nice person to talk to and assist you in need.  Blueberry1 I've seen him quite active and help people here and there. Haven't managed to talk to him as much as I'd like to of course but still I find Blueberry as a great player and amazing support.  Pantiez Pantiez is player who I've seen the most from supports during July and I think he has well earned his role. Insanely active, helping, being basically everywhere at the same time. Like it's impressive how much can one person do and achieve in such a little time. I truly hope he won't burn out and carries on. Amazing support team member and staff team member.  Heythere Heythere is second most active support player atleast in my eyes currently or well during the July. Perfect example for every player in Athens once again and very kind and helpful. Love to be around him and talk to him. He knows how to push players to achieve more and do more.   Conclusion I still find that all I have to say or atleast in the most cases is just good things. This is reflection from me that Athens' have everything in place and everyone server their role well. Of course I understand that some people come and go, some burn out, some get personal issues etc and that's perfectly fine. What I'm impressed about is that how every single staff member still can fit into their role, no matter if they're new member of the staff team or more experienced one. I am amazed how postitive and helpful the whole staff team is and how much they all grind in-game as well. Thank you all for all the help and positivity you give to this community!   "Staff of the month" In my eyes "Staff of the month" title in July goes to  Rebel, he is a person who is always online, always helping and I've never seen him reject any question nor ignore them. He gives his all from day to day to make every single player in Athens happy and be sure everything is fine within server. He doesn't hesitate to turn into higher staff members and reacts towards any situation. Moreover, he helps even with topics that are not within his field, he just either sends you to the person responsible to get the best help possible or even try to help you as much as he can. The contribution to Athens community throughout the time is just insane and especially in July  Rebel has shown why everyone trust him and why he is as respected as he is! So yeah, definitely my choice for July "Staff of the month".   Thank you all for your attention and time for reading this feedback! I hope that resizing and adding some sort of "topics" to the feedback made it easier to read and catch up. I appreciate you all and looking forward to all great things coming up in August! F2p fatty
    • See below all the information on slayer and hopefully the below can give you some guidance on reaping the benefits of Slayer! Most of the Slayer masters can be found north of ::home: The 5 different slayer masters are: Vannaka - Easy Tasks Duradel - Easy Tasks x2 | Medium Tasks Kuradel - Prestige Tasks Sumona - Boss Tasks Bravek - Olympus Tasks (only found in the Olympus Donator Zones)   What this means is that if you get a task from Duradel for example is that the quantity of an easy task will be doubled, In this guide we will be going over what prestige slayer is, how to unlock it, and what you can expect from prestige slayer. You will be able to select your slayer master based on your slayer Range: In this case, we will select Kuradel to get prestige slayer tasks. Please note that you will need the requirements of the NPCs below in order to get them as a task. Dark Warriors Infernal Rangers Oreo Warriors Angelic Warriors Overlords Rammernaut Dreadnaut Harlak Ballak Yklagor   To see the requirements of these bosses please refer to the KC requirement guide:     All teleports to the monsters listed below are in the Teleport Tab under the map > Bosses (you can also do Ctrl + T!):   Slayer Boxes will drop throughout your tasks. The rate of drops for the Slayer Boxes will differ based on the HP of the NPC you are tasked with. Throughout your task you may encounter a slayer superior which will drop rewards for you based on the difficulty of the slayer master. Prestige slayer NPCs and Superiors will drop Prestige Slayer Boxes. Prestige slayer has some of the best cash per hour of any content in the game, and the boxes are no different.     Don't forget to pick up your slayer gems from regular slayer, as this will also increase the spawn rate for prestige superiors!   You will gain prestige slayer points for killing superiors and completing tasks. These points can be used at the prestige slayer shop to buy some awesome items Rewards from the Prestige Slayer Superiors: The following rewards are for superiors that spawn under 250 prestige: You will also receive 250 Prestige Slayer points for killing the superior that spawns.   The following rewards are for superiors that spawn at or above 250 prestige: You will also receive 250 Prestige Slayer points for killing the superior that spawns.     Thank you for taking the time to look at this thread. Please PM me or another staff member if you have any questions.    
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