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    • Welcome to the latest Athens update. This update will be heavily focused around Prestige Slayer. Updates should be a bit more frequent in the coming weeks, we have a few content team meetings coming up one of which is starting tonight. I want to apologize for the lack of content in the latest few updates and we will work at getting bigger updates going soon.  We have made the following changes to Prestige Slayer: -Added new Prestige Slayer NPC's to add to the Prestige Slayer List.  -Changed the Drop Tables of all existing Prestige Slayer NPC's -Changed the Prestige Slayer Shop Prices -Adjusted the loot from the Box of Luxury (Prestige) Prestige Slayer NPC's and their new Droptables: Cobalt Spider: Prestige Requirement: 2 Tier: 3 Blood Spider: Prestige Requirement: 4 Tier: 4 Green Shade: Prestige Requirement: 4 Tier: 4 Rammernaut: Prestige Requirement: 4 Tier: 5 Purpleshade: Prestige Requirement: 4 Tier: 5 Dreadnot: Prestige Requirement: 20 Tier: 6 Orange Shade: Prestige Requirement: 20 Tier: 6 Harlak: Prestige Requirement: 80 Tier: 7 Edimmu: Prestige Requirement: 80 Tier: 7 Soulgazer: Prestige Requirement: 110 Tier: 8 Ballak: Prestige Requirement: 110 Tier: 8 Cobalt Elemental: Prestige Requirement: 150  Tier: 9 Yklagor: Prestige Requirement: 150  Tier: 9 Seeker: Prestige Requirement: 200 Tier: 10 Blood Gulega: Prestige Requirement: 200  Tier: 10 Kalger: Prestige Requirement: 250 Tier: 11 Merc Leader: Prestige Requirement: 250  Tier: 11 Blood Rager: Prestige Requirement: 500 Tier: 12 Stormbringer: Prestige Requirement: 500 Tier: 12 Deathslinger: Prestige Requirement: 500 Tier: 12 Darkest Beast: Prestige Requirement: 1000 Tier: 13   Prestige Slayer Shop Pricing Changes:  Ranged Urn (Med) - Previously: 1000. Now: 500 Points. Melee Urn (Med) - Previously: 1000 Now: 500 Points. Mage Urn (Med) - Previously: 1000 Now: 500 Points. 1 Prestige Lamp - Previously: 2000 Now: 1000 Points. 5 Prestige Lamp - Previously: 8000 Now: 4000 Points. 50% Dart - Previously: 8000 Now: 2000Points. 10 Prestige Lamp - Previously: 15000 Now: 8000 Points.  Owner Dart - Previously: 16000 Now: 4000Points. 25 Prestige Lamp - Previously: 35000 Now: 25000 Points.  Slayer Gloves Attachment - Previously: 250000 Now: 250000Points. Box of Luxury (Prestige) - Previously: 60000 Now: 60000 Points. Hard Box - Previously: 5000 Now: 2500 Points. Small Cash Casket - Previously: 100 Now: 100 Points. Medium Cash Casket - Previously: 250 Now: 250 Points. Large Cash Casket - Previously: 500 Now: 500 Points. Prestige Extend Scroll - Previously: 20000 Now: 20000 Points. Box of Luxury (Prestige) Changes: All rates inside the box have not changed, we have however removed some of the junk from within that box which ultimately increases your chances at better things as there are now less items in its drop table: Before:  After: Prestige Slayer QOL: -Superior Spawn rate while on task has been increased. -Prestige Slayer Boxes will now drop more frequently throughout your task. General QOL: -Fixed all Slayer Helms to work at Skeletal Cerb and Hephaestus to apply the Correct Bonus Slayer Damage while on task. -Turned off the Summer Event / Spawns Customs added: Tudors Masterwork Set Custom Iron Stas Custom - Skull Orb  
    • finally can complete my sets in the bank good update 🙂
    • Welcome to the latest instalment of updates for Athens. This update will be a smaller update just to tidy up a few things along with some small changes! ZI Accessory Additions: Undying Ring: Undying Necklace: Deathless Ring: Deathless Necklace: Cursed Deathless Ring: Cursed Deathless Necklace: All of the above items have been added to the Zombie Invasion Shop for the following prices (Please note these items are untradeable): Undying Ring: 50,000 Invasion points Undying Necklace: 50,000 Invasion points Deathless Ring: 180,000 Invasion points Deathless Necklace: 180,000 Invasion points Cursed Deathless Ring: 750,000 Invasion points Cursed Deathless Necklace: 750,000 Invasion points With the addition of the new accessories, you will now have a chance to complete the full 8 set bonus of Invasion Gear. Pet Grinder and Instances: We have added more pets in the Pet Grinder (Tier 9,10,11) These additions will require you to grind a pet of the same tier to enable use of it in an Instance. Zombie Slayer Pets, and Owner Pet is not affected by this restriction Tier 9: Each pet Grinded in Tier 9 will give 240 Points Per Pet. Pets: King, Ban Diane. Tier 10: Each Pet Grinded in Tier 10 will give 360 Points Per Pet Pets : King (Superior), Ban (Superior), Diane (Superior) Tier 11: Each pet Grinded in Tier 11 will give 540 Points per Pet Pet: Goddess Elizabeth Pet. Please note: To be able to use the Goddess Elizabeth Pet in instances, you will need to only grind One Tier 10 Pet to enable Goddess Elizabeth Pet it in instances along with 2700 points. Owner Pet: We have now added an Owner Pet to Athens. This is the BIS Pet obtainable. It can be obtained through the Diamond Donator Caskets as a jackpot item at a 1/1000 rate. The Owner Pet can be used anywhere and is not locked behind Instance Requirements. Droprate: 500% All Damage Bonus: 50% Added Buttcheeks Custom - Sword of Nunoboku QOL: -Fixed the Justiciar Teleport Location -Added 7DS Pets and Broken Slayer Helms to their respective Collogs -Added the Slayer Helms and Slayer+ helms in their respective ::sets interface (Visual only - Set affect bonus was already there) -Added the ability to use any Santa on Owner Slayer Helm or Owner Slayer + helm.  
    • Another awesome update 👏. . Pogger. Thank you for all the afford that u have put on the update. Ty for the content to all staff members 
    • Hello and welcome to our latest update thread! In this update, we have added new slayer helms up to tier 14, a new Santa hat to go along with it, 7DS Pets, and added 500 and 400% DR Scrolls.     Changes to 7DS Boss' Drop Table You will now be able to get broken 7DS Slayer Helms and pets from their respective boss. King Easy King Hard Ban Easy Ban Hard Diane Easy Diane Hard The 7DS Helms can be repaired at the forge with an Omni Slayer Helm, the Broken 7DS Slayer Helm, and 6.3m 1B Tickets. These helms can also be made into a + variant similar to the slayer helms before these by using their respective helmets on them. You can also forge all 3 of the + or non + together to make an Elizabeth Slayer Helm   7DS Pets As mentioned above the 7DS pets are now added to the 7DS Boss' drop tables.  These pets can be upgraded into a superior version, and those superiors can be forged into the Elizabeth Pet, which will be the new BIS pet. Superiors Elizabeth Pet   Sin Santa You will now be able to get Sin Santa Shards from the item grinder by grinding after you get the shards you will need to use them on an Icy Santa. A Vulcan Helm  Vulcan Slayer Helm King Helm King Slayer Helm Ban Helm  Ban Slayer Helm Diane Helm Diane Slayer Helm You can use this Sin Santa on both the Vulcan Slayer Helm and the Elizabeth Slayer Helm.  The sin Santa will give 5% more all damage bonus than the Icy   New DR Scrolls We have added a new 400% and 500% DR Scroll, you will be able to obtain these through the upgrader.   Miscellaneous Changes -The Elite Slayer Store cost for items has been reduced by 25% on all items - Oly ranks Demigod and after will now give a point bonus for elite slayer points.  Demigod 2% bonus Typhon 3% bonus Olympian 5% bonus Titan 10% bonus Primordial 20% bonus - Owner and Escanor Slayer Helm variants have been slightly buffed to fit the new progression with the t13 and 14 slayer helms. -The crystal hatchet will now 1.5x your afk points - Owner darts can now be used on a chest (you have to have 10 regular darts to use the chest and 2 50% dart to use the other chest) to recieve the same loot you would get from owner dart boss.  The rates are exactly the same.  -Telos Keys now have open options 10 at a time or 1 at a time  
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